4 Kid Friendly Things to Do in Hayes Valley, San Francisco

April 2, 2011

What are fun things for kids under 10 to do in Hayes Valley?

April 2, 2011

Sowmya's answer about things to do in San Francisco

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San Fransisco - the city of cable cars, amazing architecture and weird crooked streets. A hub of fashion with a quirky touch of it's own, Hayes Valley in San Fransisco is a famous shopping destination. But it definitely also has a wide range of activities to do when visiting with kids.

Kids turtle activity (Source: Samuel Mann)

Things to Do

Here is a list of some fun things to do with your children:

1. Hayes Valley Farm (Recommended)

450 Laguna Street (at Fell), San Fransisco

Hayes Valley Farm, is an urban farm located in the Hayes Valley neighborhood. It offers educational farming activity for kids aged above five. This is quite an engaging activity and I am sure your kids will fall in love with the soil. Enrolling your kids for Magic Mondays can be super fun! You might be also interested in the Yoga classes scheduled during your trip (on 18th and 19th April) .

Hours: 12pm-5pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Read the FAQs and check the event calender here.

Read, what a happy mom says about Hayes Valley Farm :

My 6-year old son Max spent his two-week holiday vacation at Hayes Valley Farm's day-camp for children. He loved it. When I asked him what I should write on Yelp, he responded "Hayes Valley Farm is the best place in the whole world." Specifically, he enjoyed digging for worms, making homemade root beer, learning about plants, and eating pizza from a cob oven. Great place for kids who love to be outdoors.

Hayes Valley Farm (Source: Yelp.com)

Hayes Valley Farm

350 Garden Action Day (Source: Kevin Krejci)

2. Seesaw Play cafe (Recommended)

600 A Octavia St, San Fransisco

Seesaw is a cafe and a play studio which offers fun and engaging classes for children. It is stocked up with board games, wooden blocks, toy trains and toy cars. It's more than a play school and holds weekly story times in French, German and Korean, and also music and knitting classes. 

Hours: 7:30am-5pm on Tuesday through Friday, 9am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

You can check out their website or call on (415) 553-8070 for the event calendar.

Here are some reviews from recent visitors.

I love the idea of a tasty coffee shop that's as inviting for little ones as it is for adults. I really thought Seesaw was going to fill this void.

I've been here twice. The first time on a weekend. It was bustling with adults and kids. The play space is great. Very eco-friendly and thoughtful toys (wood blocks, dress up items, trucks, sensory balls, etc). The coffee is great - Four Barrell - and the food is pretty unique - cheese & fruit bento boxes for kids, toasted brioche with cinnamon butter or other toppings, paninis and other yummy stuff.

Seesaw - Hayes Valley (Source: Yelp.com)

Seesaw Play cafe

Kids activity table (Source: Samuel Mann)

3. Straw (Recommended)

203 Octavia Blvd (Between Page St & Lily St)

Straw is a carnival themed restaurant in Hayes Valley. It has an authentic Tilt-a-Whirl, white Coney Island pictures and vintage carnival signs. If you arrive early, you can get the Tilt-a-whirl chair (only 26 in number). A cotton candy machine, spinning clouds of orange blossom sweetness is a major draw. I am sure dining here would be fun with your kids.

Hours: 5pm-10pm on Monday through Friday, 10am-10pm on Saturday and Sunday.

It really seemed like they left no stone unturned. They thought of everything! There were cool paintings and decorations on the wall that depicted the happy go lucky carnival life. Even the menus are bound in all children's story books. Our check came out in a jewelry box. Facebook Like indeed. I really like a place that pays attention to the littlest details, and this place definitely did that. It's like throwing an 80's themed party and having that one friend that goes over the top and who actually cuts his hair into a mullet. Yeah that's the guy that decorated Straw.

Straw - Hayes Valley (Source: Yelp.com)


Tilt a Whirl (Source: Clyde Robinson)

4. Miette Confiserie (Recommended)

449 Octavia St, San Fransisco

This shop is famous for mouth-watering cup cakes and cookies. It is definitely a kid-magnet with glass jars filled with incredible sweets till the brim. A visit to this candy shop will take you to your childhood. Check their website for more delightful details.

This place is nothing but charming. It screams cute!
Definitely cliche, but you literally feel like a kid in a candy store when you step into Miette. Once you walk in, you're guaranteed to buy something. The decor just sucks you in. Candy and cupcakes. Sweets galore!
This location is very quaint. I've been coming here since the closure of the Chestnut location. I still have to venture out to the one in the Ferry Building sometime soon.

Miette Confiserie - Hayes Valley (Source: Yelp.com)

Miette Confiserie

colorful cupcakes! (Source: Ginny)

Hope, the provided information helps. There is a lot more we can help you with, may be some best and affordable accommodation options for your trip. Please feel free to drop a line, in case you need any other information.

Have a great vacation ahead!



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