8 Day Itinerary for Thailand

September 10, 2012

I'm planning a 8 day trip in Dec to Thailand. I need help with food - little bit of both - street food & fine dining. I need suggestions for what all I should see, give me only offbeat & local stuff. Things I like - calm lazy beaches. I need help with hotels, budget for accommodation is moderate. I need help with flights - Starting point would be Bangalore, Karnataka, India - cheap cheap...

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September 12, 2012


Ayutthaya, Thailand (Source: RussBowling)


Thailand is a wonderful country in South East Asia that offers a an exotic array of holiday options for tourist all over the world. The changing landscape from North to South, magnificent temples, lush jungles, Idyllic beaches , tropical climate, fascinating culture all help to provide a out of the world holiday experience.


Phuket 2010 (Source: ruifernandes)


After landing in Bangkok start the Thailand trip with flight straight to Phuket. The largest Island of Thailand.

1. 1st day

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island in the gentle Andaman Sea. Earlier, it derived its wealth from its rubber plantations, but now the growing tourism generates a booming economy. Exciting watersports, relaxing spas, golf parks or lively nightlife- Phuket does not disappoint.

Phuket, Thailand (Source: jeffgunn)

Phang Nga Bay is a popular pick with spectacular vistas. What is amazing about it are the stunning limestone rock formations that protrude vertically out of the brilliant jade waters. It is a great place to get away from crowded touristy areas, though you will find some at the famous James Bond Island (of ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ fame) and Koh Panyee. Boat trips from Phuket are the bests ways to enjoy these places.

Phang-Nga Bay, Phuket, Thailand (Source: rajkumar1220)

Phuket FantaSea is one of Asia’s largest cultural theme parks. This park emphasises ancient Thai tradition coupled with modern technology and effects. It hosts scintillating shows by artists; it has an Elephants theatre, buffet restaurants, shopping street, Similian Adventure Centre and what not! Its carnival like extravaganza has led it to be considered as a sort of mix between Disneyland and Vegas, but ofcourse with a Thai touch.

Phuket, Thailand (Source: jeffgunn)

Then, see a different kind of history in the Old Phuket Town. This quaint town is lined with many fine 19th century Sino-Portuguese mansions where tin barons used to live decades ago. There are several shops, cafes, private and public museums and streets that are worth trying out or just trapping them in photographs.

Click here to see 14 amazing Sino-Portuguese mansions.

Spas and massages - Focussing on physical and mental well-being, spas and massages are becoming more and more significant. These are centuries-old therapies many of which had originated from the temples. Phuket offers herbal baths, steam compresses, massages at its many spa centres/ resorts.


Patong Beach and Town (Source: coolinsights)

Best nightlife option can be experienced at the Patong Beach. It has Go-Go Bars, ladyboys cabaret shows, discos and clubs, live bands and international DJs etc.

2. 2nd day

swimming (Source: Roberto Trm)

On the second day, head out to the beautiful tropical mangroves of Phuket. You would need a day to explore them, and they are a vital part of Phuket's ecological heritage.

Mangroves in the Lagoon (Source: iriskh)

The next day you could hire a motorcycle, and then head out to Rawai Beach, which is to the south. It's not a good place to swim, but it's a great place where you can hire boats and head out to islands nearby such as Coral Island or for a fishing trip. Take the half-day Phuket Island and City tour for the best way to experience Phuket. 

Wat Chalong temple (Source: Nicolas Lannuzel)

There is also a visit to Wat Chalong that is the most important Budhhist temple of all 29 temples in Phuket; finally end your day watching the sunset at Phromthrep Cape back on Rawai beach's southernmost tip, shopping for souvenirs, sarongs, batik, toys and snacks. 

Then if you'd like to, you could head for the Simon Cabaret Show (8 Sirirach Rd., Patong; 076/342011) at 7.30 pm on Patong  Beach where you can catch performances by the beautiful ladyboys. Clearly you will have to keep an open mind during the show.

With the varied nightlife in Patong, it's no surprise to find a sensational drag show here. The famous Simon Cabaret treats you to a beautifully costumed and choreographed show. There are two shows daily, at 7:30 and 9:30.

 (Source:Fodor's Travel Guides)

But alternatively, you can also head to one of the several beach bars listed here and while away the evening.

Lady Boys (Source: Adeel Anwer)

3. 3rd day


On the 3rd day you can enjoy some adventure activities.

Activities in Phuket are aplenty. Whatever the weather, there is something for everyone. Watersports and activitiesSea kayaking around Phang nga and Krabi, cruising through its limestone caves and towering cliffs is an amazing experience. Phuket is one of the world’s best scuba diving and snorkelling destinations. The varied marine life and underwater rock formations are something worth diving for. Kite surfing facilities are available for beginners as well as experts. Cable-ski and wakeboarding are some exciting and challenging sports and Kathu Waterfall is the best spot for these. There are lots other like sailing, fishing, surfing, etc. Beginner as well as expert guidance is available for most sports.

Go to John Gray Sea Canoe for details on sea kayaking and other water adventures.

Go to Sawadee Phuket for more options and help on water sports.

Here is a review on JOhn Gray:

Excellent guides, a fun evening trip. A very well-managed company that puts on an excellent afternoon/evening activity in Phuket. Everyone had a great time, they took wonderful care of their guests, the food was amazing, and the guides were especially spectacular. The point of the trip is to see the 'hongs,' or hidden lagoons inside of the islands.  Often times you have to lie down flat with the canoe, and stay absolutely still as the rocks can come down right up to your nose. The views inside and around the hongs are spectacular. We did the Hong by Starlight package, and because the trip departs later, we avoided the throngs of tourists that overrun the hongs during the daytime.

 (Source: John Gray's Sea Canoe Reviews - Phuket Town, Phuket Attractions - TripAdvisor)

CNV00023 (Source: Neil Rickards)

You can then be on the way to Koh Samui

Koh Samui

Koh Samui sunset (Source: http://snow.ipernity.com)


After enjoying  a wonderful time in Phuket, head to  Koh Sumai. It is  is an island in the Gulf of Thailand. The Island is rich with natural resources, white sandy beaches, coral reefs and coconut trees.

1. 4th day

You can begin the trip to Koh Samui by visiting the Big Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Yai) in north-eastern part . It is a major landmark with the 12m high seated statue of Lord Buddha. There is also a market with food stalls and souvenir shops. In Koh Samui’s south cast, you will find some unusual rock formations. These are the Hin Ta and Hin Yai rocks or the Grandfather and Grandmother rocks. What’s fascinating about this work of Nature is that they are in the shape of male and female genitalia. This interesting find has led to a lore explaining their creation.

Click here for a Viator tour of the island.

Big Buddha (Koh Samui) ビッグブッダ(サムイ島) (Source: jetalone)

Here's what a visitor had to say:

Nice place. Respect the traditions. Enjoy yourself and take loads of pics. Try the Namung Safari tour, they are the best all inclusive all day package.

 (Source:  TripAdvisor)

Grandfather rock (Source: RobRyb)

Situated 12km southeast of Nathan Bay, the island has its two of its most picturesque Na Muang Waterfalls. Na Muang means purple waterfalls for the remarkable purple shade of the rocks. Na Muang 1 flows into a petty natural pool and Na Muang 2 is a 30 minute walk further up the hill.

A review of the waterfalls:

Neatly packed. The entry has elephant trekking and elephant and monkey shows. There's also the sky fox canopy zip lines ride (a must try). The waterfall is neat and small. Roads leading up are poorly done (maintaining the original style) so can be so taxing to go up and down. Too many people are crowded at the waterfall and it affects the view one can capture on the camera. 

 (Source:  TripAdvisor)

DSCF0468 (Source: ozzieadria)

You have heard of mummies but if you want to see one, head to Wat Khunaram where a mummified monk has been sitting serenely for years. The monk Luong Pordaeng died in 1973 but shows little sign of decay. Out of the many mummified monks in Thailand, Luong Podaeng is the most revered one and continues to inspire Buddhists.

Mummified Monk at Wat Khunaram (Source: zhaffsky)


In the evening enjoy the vibrant night life of Koh Samui.  The World famous Full Moon Party is only a 30-minute boat ride away.Full, half and black moons are all excuses for a party on the islands.

2. 5th day

The Magic Garden or the Secret Buddha Garden is another fascinating attraction tucked away in the Samui hills, to the north east of Lamai beach. His garden has various statues of deities, animals and humans in different poses amid the verdant jungle. An old Samui fruit farmer, Nim Thongsuk started building it in 1976; in fact there is a a statue of Nim himself sitting on a rock. Getting there is a bit tricky and only a 4wheel drive jeep works best. Or better still, book a safari day tour.

Ko Samui (Source: grolli77)


Since you want to have a relaxing trip, I thing Koh Samui is a very good option for that purpose. A gorgeous island of Surat Thani Province, in Southern Thailand. It is the country’s second largest island. From backpackers staying for a month or two to the rich who fly in just for the weekend, it caters to all. The more popular beaches are Chaweng and Lamai, while the northern beaches and their adjacent villages of Mae Nam, Bophut, Bang Rak (Big Buddha) and Choeng Mon are more peaceful. But it’s not just a story of the sun, sand and sea, the list of interesting things to see here are pretty long.

Koh Samui (THAILAND/LANDSCAPE) (Source: Chi King)

Head to Bangkok



Bangkok 2012 (Source: Evoflash)


Bangkok the capital of Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in South East Asia. It is one of Asia's most cosmopolitan cities with magnificent temples and palaces, authentic canals, busy markets and a vibrant nightlife.

1. 6th day

 With skyscrapers shooting into the skies and traffics of people keeping the city busy day and night, Bangkok is one of the most urbane Asian cities. Despite that, it still stays true to its long standing culture that defines the land. It’s a city where the old and the new co-exist harmoniously. You can begin the begin the tour of Bangkok with visit to the magnificent temples and palaces.

wat arun (Source: Jahlearn studio)

Let’s start with the city’s most famous sights. The Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Arun are Thai landmarks. The Grand Palace, built in 1782, has been the home to the Thai king for 150 years, the royal court and the administrative base of the government. Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) sits in a corner of the Palace and is one of Thailand’s important temples. It enshrines the Emerald Buddha (Phra Kaew Morakot)- an image of Lord Buddha carved out from a single block of jade. Wat Arun (or Wat Cheng or the Temple of Dawn) is another famous Buddhist temple. It is situated on the west (Thonburi) side of the Cho Phraya River). Its  spires and stupa are as stunning up close as they are from a distance.

Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew (Source: edwin.11)

Then there is Yaowarat, Bangkok’s Chinatown where the Chinese settlers have shifted to and created a small world of their own. A vibrant, exotic and happily crowded area where people flock to for the scrumptious street food, for trading gold (high concentration of gold shops) or for stocking up daily needs.

IMG_1948_ (Source: hko_s)

Here is a review:

Good street food, cheap shopping, exciting. I like people watching and crowds, here it is. You can get plenty of food, on the street and in sit down places. Copies of everything including gold. I enjoy walking around there.

 (Source: TripAdvisor)

Bangkok has a red-light district called Soi Cowboy. And a famous and well-frequented one at that. It was named after a cowboy hat wearing  African-American who opened the first bar in the 70s. Neon lights, bars, go-go bars and go-go dancers, coyotes bars- a crazy experience! One of a kind.

Soi Cowboy (Source: qcom)

Here's a review:

Las Vegas In Bangkok. Soi Cowboy is an adult entertainment area located in downtown Bangkok.  it is OK to hang around in and to simply watch the parade go by. Yes there are numerous Go Go bars that cater for all manner of desires, but there are also many good restaurants to be enjoyed. If you are a single male, you will find it very easy to enjoy the company a female companion. Common sense is required when you wonder up and down the Soi, but to be honest I found this to be a pretty safe area to while away a few hours.

 (Source: TripAdvisor)

You can also check out the famous Thai boxing, Muay Thai, with its lethal punches and strikes, violent kicks and skilled swerves. It is a form of Martial Arts and the pride of the nation. Click here for information on When&Where to see Muay Thai.

DSC_0050 (Source: claydevoute)


2. 7th day

You can begin the day by visiting the  Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is the most famous of all. About 2 hours drive from Bangkok, this colorful market is at its best early morning that is right before the place starts to get crowded. There are tons of vendors buying and selling goods in their long tail boats. The floating market here is something really not to be missed.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market (Source: Atomdocs)


Head out to the Jim Thompson House -an American architect's home reconstructed from six wooden houses from various parts of Thailand. He discovered the world's best silk in Thailand and dedicated himself to all things Thai. 

IMG_3915 (Source: mollymazilu)

You can then visit the

Also, worth a visit are the Chatuchak Weekend Market (also known as JJ) which apart from being a market for all things under the sun, is, in true Thai spirit, a great place to grab some good food. As also, the various floating markets that seem to come and go from nowhere!

Aqueous transmission (Source: digitalpimp.)


Museums! Bangkok has those too! Walking distance from the Grand Palace, the National Museum showcases the rich and vibrant Thai art and archaeology. Some of their buildings are said to art works in themselves!

The Siam House in Bangkok is a great place to stop and unwind in the middle of the day; not completely free from the urban noise, however it is as close to a Thai village experience smack in the midst of Bangkok.

In the evening you can enjoy cultural  shows  Siam Niramit. It is truly  entertaining. Or you you can also check out the active night life at  many night clubs and bars in Bangkok.

3. 8th Day

Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok (Source: mst7022)


Bangkok is a shopper's paradise. There are various  kinds of markets for all your shopping needs. The Chatuchak Market is a very popular place to shop. The market is huge and you will find everything from vinyl records, beads, suits of armor to a live seahorse. haggling will help you get good bargains.

Pantip Plaza - Bangkok (Source: Vedanta Barooah)


The Pantip Plaza is the place for all electronics and computer products. The Pratunam is the place for wholesale fashion. There are various malls all around Bangkok for shopping. A whole day would seem far too less for the shopping in Bangkok.



Best Thai Food Ever (Source: mynameisharsha)

Thai food is very popular all over the world. Though spicy and pungent, tourist love to try out all the local cuisine. Vegetarian food is also popular  here as much of the population is Buddhist. There are quite a few restaurants around.  Since fish sauce is synonymous with Thai food, you can always tell not to add it in your food.

1. May Kaidee

May Kaidee is a chain of restaurants which offers strictly vegetarian Thai food since 1988.  They have 3 branches in Bangkok. Their "Pad Thai", "Green Papaya Salad" and "Pumpkin Hummus" are quite popular among the crowd.

May Kaidee Vegetarian Restaurant メイケイディーのベジタリアンレストラン (Source: taylorandayumi)

Here is what the visitors say about the place:

Everything we were looking for with regards to a cooking course and amazing food. Mai made the experience from beginning to end a fun one with lots of laughs, and a geniune sense of warmth. The food we made was divine and has left us excited to recreate the dishes again at home for our families and friends We also felt very at home and welcome in the informal atmosphere. This something I would recommend to all travellers to Bangkok. It was heaven for me as a vegetarian, and for my meat eating spouse too, who is almost a convert 

 (Source: TripAdvisor)


As a vegetarian it wasn't hard to find a decent meal in Thailand. But of course I had to try a real vegetarian restaurant. It was far more than I expected! The food was fantastic. Very tasteful and many different choices. Cheap as well, most dishes were only 60 baht. I tried both restaurants (the one near Khao San Road and the one on Samsen Road). In total I ate there four times and did the cooking course on top of it. I would highly recommend this place to people who love Thai food and vegetarian food! 

 (Source: TripAdvisor)

Address: Bangkok #1 Location: 111 Tanao Road, Bang-lam-phu, Bangkok

Bangkok #2 Location: 33 Samsen Rd., Soi 2, Bang-lam-phu, Bangkok

Bangkok #3 Location: 59 Tanao Road, Bang-lam-phu, Bangkok

Telephone: +66-(0)89-137-3173; +66-(0)22-817-699

Service Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-8:30pm.

Price Range: Inexpensive

2. Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, Phuket

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant is certainly one of the best restaurants in town. There's great variety in the menu with an exotic flavor in all the dishes .Overall its a fantastic place if you are looking for a good vegetarian meal ,a lovely ambience and flawless service.

Here is why its recommended:

our featured vegetarian eatery is a great place to explore your options as every menu is cooked to order. They have a way of preparing each dish so well that it's hard to believe that you're eating vegetarian food.

(Source:  (Lotus) Restaurant) 

Lotus Vegetarian also serves meat dishes but they have a large selection of vegetarian dishes at a very good price. Friendly staff.

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant (Source: HappyCow)

 pad thai (Source: Samat Jain) 

Address:25 Samakkhi Road (at parallel to Yaowarat, near Bangkok Hospital)
Phuket Thailand



Cuisine:Vegan and Thai

Opening Hours:Open Mon-Sun 10am-8pm.

3. Yaowarat Road

Yaowarat Road, or Bangkok's Chinatown, is famous for its street food and as night falls, the streets  are teeming with foodies and food vendors alike. The food in China Town is not just Chinese - it's a delicious amalgamation of Chinese and Thai dishes. You can try out some of the Pad Kii Mao (Spicy Ground Chicken and Rice Noodles), grilled prawns, pork from any of the numerous stalls lining the street. For street sea food, try out the R + L Seafood stall.   


 (Source: oksidor)

Here is a review:


Chinatown has a long history of being the mixing pot for Thailand's most recent big immigrant group: the southern Chinese. This immigrant group brought with them woks, new seasonings, and cooking techniques like stir-frying. Combined with Thai produce, fish sauce, fermented fish pastes, and sour tamarind, a new category of food exploded, including the ubiquitous pad thai and other rice noodle dishes.

 (Source: Travelfish)

Closing Notes

I have provided you with an itinerary for Thailand. We could offer you accommodation options if you are happy with the itinerary.



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