About Us
Anshuman Bapna
Anshuman co-founded and sold RightHalf.com while in undergrad at IIT Bombay. After his MBA at Stanford, Anshuman spent two years in Google's Strategic Partnerships team negotiating Adsense deals with large travel partners.

His biggest recent realization: running a travel startup is the best way to ensure that your traveling days grind to a halt.

My trips: Ladakh, Thailand, Cambodia, United States

You can reach Anshuman at anshuman at mygola dot com
Prateek Sharma
After graduating from IIT Bombay, Prateek joined a telecom startup called Tejas Networks. At Tejas, he has contributed significantly to the engineering and the marketing teams, helping the company go from 80 to 750+ employees and the revenues grow by 20x.

My trips: China

You can reach Prateek at prateek at mygola dot com
Kadam Jeet Jain
Previously at Webaroo (India's twitter), focused on web mining algorithms and building scalable and high performance web-based applications. Computer Science graduate from IIT Roorkee.

My trips: Bhutan

Deep Singh
Previously building online backup service at EMC2. He has many years of experience in frontend tech and won many awards in robotics. Graduated from IIT Guwahati.

Made the biggest contribution to mygola by getting our foosball table. Still awaiting the robotic beer dispenser that he promised us last year!

My trips: Tawang

Sneha Vachhaney
Travel and all things bright, cheerful and fun! Sneha has traveled every time the opportunity came her way and always with her trustee sidekick - the camera. And of course that extra duffle bag tucked away just in case her shopaholic tendencies kick in!

My trips: Himachal Pradesh

Nitin Pande

Nitin has in the past worked in different roles as a developer, designer, and product manager with various software startups including UberMedia (Idealab), Atlantis Computing, LRN and RedBus. He loves trying out new ideas which has got him into doing some cool stuff including a kickass mentoring platform (Mentii.com), a outsourced product development firm (Dev42), exhibitions to sell trendy clothes (kuchaur.com) and mentoring design students at a French design school. He did his undergrad in Product Design from IIT Guwahati.

Shobhit Jain
Senior software engineer at mygola. One of the first engineers to join mygola team . Since then he is contributing towards the development of mygola. He loves to play foosball, loves travel, stamp collection, coin collection and loves to build quick hacks around all kinds of stuff.
Bodhisattwa Debnath

A photographer, designer, artist and a traveler. Has traveled long and far and prides himself as the proverbial vagabond. Survived engineering in Information Technology and now is a travel writer.

Blogs, curates and analyses at mygola. Delves in photography, quantum physics and the making of gastronomical delights. Takes work here as a pleasure.

Bharath Moro
Formerly with Google's search quality team, he likes to travel on trains and visit strange places not on many people's maps. He started one of the most popular blogs on the Indian Railways, and has many stories to share of his times on the clattering wheels as he roamed for months at end around the country.
Devang Paliwal

Devang obtained his masters from BITS, PILANI. In the past, he worked with companies like Cisco, Pramati where he was involved in developing state of the art web products.

He specializes in front-end engineering and has deep interest in UX. He likes exploring new front-end technologies and read technical books on topics related to web-development.
Gaurav Jain

He comes from Ajmer, one of the famous travel spots of India, and did his bachelors from DA-IICT.

These 3 C's describe him the best-- Coding ... cooking ... nd cricket :D. Currently, He is trying out his hands at fooseball @mygola. He's our go to guy when it comes to minting the web.

Loves fashion, had a short stint as a fashion writer as well.

Love kids, is a self proclaimed beach-bum and lives for music.

Her daily dose of entertainment comes from watching the most outrageously absurd and funny people on youtube!! Try Arab on a treadmill.


Officially a psychologist and criminologist (the University of Sheffield made Criminology seem progressive and saucy, and for some obnoxiously naive reason, she believed that post her Masters, her workplace would be like a CSI lab or an FBI training centre!), her obsession with criminal psychology has now been limited to watching Dexter and The Killing.

Loves fashion, writing and sketching for her blog - Miruvor-Mirrormere, Audrey Hepburn movies, Russian literature, the Tolkien mythology, graphic novels, belly dancing, scrabble and brandy - not particularly in that order.

Samyak Jain

He is a small town boy from Banswara, graduated from Vellore Institute of Technology... in love with Code and a compulsive problem solver

Loves to socialize, dancing, spends a lot of time on the foosball table, plays cricket and table tennis.

Dreams to travel the world with his dream camera.


Did his MSc in Information technology from DA-IICT, Gandhinagar

Loves watching series, listening to music, writing poetry and reading when he is not working hard churning out code


Prefers threadbare soles to heels, has travelled long. Moved from corporate affairs to finance, and then drifted back to first love; writing. Combines that with travel and it does not get any better!

Fiddles with language and grammar while at mygola, loves literature, has an uncanny Brit attitude, complete foodie, and reads voraciously.

Trishya Kumari

A happy-go-lucky 20 something who always feels like a two year old :P Is also a book worm, dog – lover, closet poet, armchair philosopher, and dreamer. Carries a junkyard in her bag, and her heart on her sleeve. Doesn't ride nor own a vehicle, but loves being on the road nevertheless! Firm believer in the goodness of all things ‘Food’; enjoys visiting kitschy eating places, and wishes to have her own restaurant one day.

Ashish Mishra

Ashish is a passionate engineer. He is obsessed with all things data, hacks, APIs, music, travel and beer. At mygola, you will mostly see him trying to get his head around some API or doing some number crunching and cooking some growth hack.

Rajaram Kakodiya

Rajaram is a graduate of IIT Roorkee where he majored in Computer Science. He is passionate about programming and facing new challenges in life, He can be seen spending most of his time in front of his laptop. Loves to watching movies, listening music, cricket.

Anubhav Agarwal

Did his B.Tech from IIT Roorkee, just excite him and he has wonderful stories to tell you about his graduation that would shame the script of 3 idiots. He is passionate about T.V. Series, Books and Quora , oh and ofcourse coding too. He is a die hard fan of Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Quora, just quora best questions of Harry Potter and read his amazing answers there.