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April 19, 2011

I'm planning a trip to Gokarna with 3 other friends. Will be there from the 6th May to 8th May. I'm looking for hotels or clean shacks. Budget per night for double occupancy would be maximum Rs 800. Suggestions on other things to do apart from going to the beaches? Over-all budget for the trip would not exceed more than Rs 4500.

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April 20, 2011

Bikash's answer about where to stay and eat in Gokarna


It's nice to hear about your trip to Gokarna. It is an attractive small coastal town in Uttar Kannada with the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other.Gokarna is also a famous Hindu pilgrimage destination known as "Kashi of the South".

Since you've asked for recommendations on budget accommodation  I'm going to give you three suggestions which i think would most suit your requirement and follow that up with  few activities . But before I begin I'll give you a brief overview on the kind of weather you can expect so that you'll be well prepared.

Gokarna - Sunset Rocks (Source: Abhijit Shylanath) 

For more information you can visit this website .


The months between March to May are both hot and dry .The temperature range between 19°C to 40°C.

Weather is warm and pleasant with temperatures averaging 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit). April and May are hot summer months, and the temperature easily reaches 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) then.

Gokarna Beach Travel Guide(Source: Gokarna Weather)

Things to See

There are several  lovely  and unspoilt  beaches located in south Gokarna.You must see Kudle Beach, OM Beach, Half-moon and Paradise Beach.Most of the beaches are less crowded.There are simple thatched huts to relax and small eateries for gastronomic pleasure.You can try out delicious sea food too!

Apart from going to the beaches,there is  one thing that you can do in Gokarna.Visit ancient temples.Gokarna is full of Hindu temples.Unfortunately I could not find sufficient online reviews on these temples but the word on the street is that all of them are worth visiting.

Gokarna - Entrance to Om Beach (Source: Abhijit Shylanath) 

Mahabaleshwar temple is one of the major temples at Gokarna .This ancient  Shiva Temple dates back to 1500 years. The main deity is 'Atmalinga'.The stone linga is six feet tall long encased in brass,and placed on a coiled stone serpent.Devotees can view the deity once every forty years.Now one can see the tip of the Linga through a key-hole in the Peetha.There is also an ancient idol of Lord Ganesha. A giant tortoise engraved delicately on the floor of the front hall .

Mahabaleshwar Temple

Old Mahabaleshwar Temple (Source: Vikas Rana) 

2. Kotiteertha (Recommended)

This is a  beautiful man-made lake  located near the Bhadra river .There are many temples surrounding the lake.Vara­deshvara Linga, installed by Sage Agasthya lies to the southern end of the lake.  Devotees perform ritual bathing and idol immersion in this lake.The major attraction is a small platform built in the center of the lake.


3. Kumta

Located a distance of 32 kms from Gokarna ,lies another coastal town.It is famous for intricate sandalwood handicrafts.There are several old temples in Kumta likely Salt Ganapati, Sri Kumbheshwar,Shankar Narayan temples,and Shantika Parameshwari.


Living free (Source: Nishanth Jois) 

4. Maha Ganapathi Temple

This temple was built in honour of child incarnation of  Lord Ganesha, who deceived the demon Ravana.During Shivaratri (held annually in the month of February) ,the gigantic chariot of Lord Shiva starts the journey near the Maha Ganapati Temple.Thousand of pilgrims assimilate to witness the spectacular event.


Only few budget hotels are available as Gokarna is fairly less commercialized when compared to other beach towns across the country.   

Here's a list of three hotels that I thought you might find most appealing for your stay. 

1. Hari Priya Residency (Recommended)

Contact : Anand Venugopal Nadkarni

Address: Ganji Gadde Gokarna

Mobile :9480604196/9379568673

Landline : 08386 - 257203

e-mail : info@haripriyaresidency.com


Nightly rates: Rs. 250 ($6) (single room) onwards!

Hari Priya Residency is a homestay that has been highly praised by travelers. Here are some testimonials:

The lovely lady of the house brought us a welcome cup of tea as we settled in. As we checked out in the morning (after enjoying a lovely home-cooked breakfast) our hosts couldn't have been more helpful. They called the station for train times. Booked a rickshaw for the evening to get us to the station on time, looked after our luggage until that time & welcomed us into their home on our return to wait for the taxi, again offering us a refreshing cuppa. Nothing too much trouble, this is definately the place to stay in Gokarna.

 (Source: Hari Priya Residency (Gokarna, India) - TripAdvisor) 

Thankyou both for making my stay in Gokarna so relaxed and enjoyable. The room was fantastic,
the best I have stayed in during my 3 months in India, and was spotless. I would wholeheartedly
recommend this home stay to anybody.
Thankyou again
Jenny, Cumbria U K

 (Source: Haripriya Residency) 

To book, call or mail the owner!

2. Namaste Cafe (Recommended)

Address : Near Om Beach,Gokarna.

Contact  Number : 08386257141, 09448153643.

Rates : Rs.600 - Rs.700. ($13 -$16)

Here are a few reviews to help put the hotel in perspective.

The overall experience was pretty satisfying as we had made a booking before-hand which is the best thing to do as this place is very much in demand by the foreign tourists and is always full. I had booked a double room with attached bath which was clean and spacious. The only problem was there are no other amenities like a TV in the room. Otherwise it was good in the sense that it's a hut-type cottage accomodation which essentially gives you a overall feeling of being very close to nature. All in all a pretty nice place to stay if you are in Gokarna and specifically on the Om beach.There are even single rooms available with common bathrooms.

reviews (Source: Holidayiq

Well, it is a very good place if you want to stay near to a beach. This hotel is right on the 'OM' beach. Natural surroundings, access to beach and low cost are the best part of this hotel. However, it comes with very basic facilities.

(Source:  Review of Namaste Cafe, Gokarna, India - TripAdvisor) 

Book your accommodation through this website .

Address :Main Road, Kumta Taluk,Gokarna, Uttara Kannada.

Contact Number : 08386-256622/ 848, Fax : 08386-256848.

Email : hotelgokarn@yahoo.com

Rates : Rs.300 - Rs.830.($7 -$19)

Hotel Gokarna International is on the main road and is approved by the tourism department of Karnataka. It has a restaurant that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies!

Here are a couple of  reviews from Tripadvisor for you, have a look !

Step out of hotel and you are on beach ; No more hush hush of crowd. This beach resort is one of good resorts I had been to. Very much value for money. Food was bit of average but considering the rooms facing beach + room service + location - I would surely say go for it.

reviews (Source: Tripadvisor)

The best moment was the morning when it was raining heavily and the view to the beach from the room's balcony was sublime.
 The stay there was a real joy since it was something we so rarely experience - the beach at your footstep, great food and some very good music while giving you the impression of being miles away from civilization!

 (Source: Hotel Review - Hotel Gokarna International - Gokarna hotels) 

Book your accommodation through this website.


There are  several small eateries in this temple town.Most of them serve tasty vegetarian food at very economic cost.

Here's a few suggestions on places to eat in Gokarna.

1. Namaste Cafe (Recommended)

Where: Near Om Beach

Namaste Cafe is one of the most famous eateries in the town. It is located at the Om Beach. It serves Mexican, Israeli & Indian food. The sizzlers have been highly praised by

Here is a review for you have a look at.

Another place we tried eating was at the Om Beach, Namaste Cafe. Namaste Cafe serves most of the international cuisines in addition to the Indian delicacies. Food is of very good quality and quantity and not very expensive.

Road Trip to Gokarna - the Coastal Temple Town (Source: Where to Eat)

The restaurant or the Namaste cafe is one of best restaurants in Om beach. The food and service is great. Try their fixed breakfast and lemon sugar crepes, they are delicious. You can also sip on your juice or coffee with a great view of the beach.

 (Source: Namaste Cafe (Gokarna, India) -  TripAdvisor) 

2. Pai Hotel

Where: Temple Road. About 1 km from Shiva Temple

Contact Number : 08386-56633.

If you like south Indian food, you should go this place. The thaalis are especially well known. Also do try the Leaf Idli and Upma!

3. Shree Shakti Cold Drinks & Restaurant

Address : Car Street Main Road.

Contact Number : 08386 257836. 

This popular restaurant is running for the past  thirty years. It is famous for sweetmeats.

A Must Try : A tall glass of chilled Lassi.

So that's my list of suggestions. If you need any further help figuring out local transport or more things to do during your stay, let me know and I'll be glad to help you out.

Until next time.



Answered by I am a travel bug who loves to explore both regular and off beat places on a shoestring budget. Bikash Kundu

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