ACOBIA-DWAzoo Manatee Rescue Center, Iquitos

ACOBIA-DWAzoo Manatee Rescue Center

Attraction in Iquitos

YOU ARE WELCOME! At the ACOBIA-DWAzoo Amazonian Manatee Rescue Center in Iquitos, we welcome visitors every day. It provides us with an opportunity to share our passion for these wonderful animals with you, as well as educate and raise awareness about their current status. But it is also a vital way for us the raise funds for this important work. Although we work closely together with the Dallas World Aquarium in the US, we mostly rely on donations to be able to continue our work. HOW TO GET THERE Once you have arrived in Iquitos, getting to ACOBIA-DWAzoo is easy. We are located on the ‘carretera’ to Nauta, just outside the city and at just 4.5 kilometers from the airport. The center is currently hosted by our friends of the IIAP, the Research Institute of the Peruvian Amazon. The most common means of transportation in Iquitos is the ‘motokarro’, a motorized tricycle. You can haul them anywhere quite easily and most ‘mototaxistas’ know where the IIAP is. If not, just tell them “kilometer 4.5 on the carretera”. The ride from Iquitos should not cost more than 4 or 5 dollars. Tell the guard at the gate you have come to visit the manatees, and they will show you where to go.