Areopoli, Greece


City in Greece

Areopoli (Greek: Αρεόπολη) is a town on the Mani Peninsula, Laconia, Greece. The word Areopoli means "city of Ares", the ancient Greek god of war. It was the seat of Oitylo municipality. Areopoli was called Tsimova by the invading Slavs during the 7th century AD. The Greek War of Independence was started at Areopoli on the 17th of March 1821 by Petros Pierrakos, also known as Petros Mavromichalis, the last bey of Mani. Now Areopoli has grown into a flourishing town. Limeni is its port. Areopoli has a primary school, a middle school, a secondary school, churches, a beach, a port and a square (plateia). The beach and port of Areopoli are some distance from the town centre. There is lively open air market in the main square each Saturday, with a lot of local producers present. Media related to Areopoli at Wikimedia Commons