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October 17, 2011

I am looking for somewhere just outside Bombay no more than 2-3 hours travel, preferably beach to the north, for two days over the republic Day holiday in January, I need to be able to travel back easily to Bombay to catch a flight.

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October 17, 2011


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Welcome to the bustling city of India - Mumbai. While this city that does not sleep, has its own coastline and some major landmarks and attractions along the same, a trip to the calmer Norther beaches is definitely a good idea. As you go along the Arabian Sea to the north of Mumbai, you will see nature come alive. January is a good time to go beach hopping to the north. Winter is waning away and it is'nt too hot nor too humid - just the right weather to enjoy some water and soak up the Sun.

I have picked three beach destination to the North of Mumbai - all within 3 hours of road travel.

1. Dahanu Bordi

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Head 145 kms north of Mumbai to this 17 km stretch of quiet and unspoiled beach, in the Thane district. Dahanu Bordi is lined by lovely Chikoo (Sapota) trees and was, in fact, inhabited by the Iranian settlers in its early days. Now, it is a hub for the Zoroastrian community (Parsis).

Key Attractions:

  • Bordi beach - great for swimming as well as very safe as the water reaches only waist-level here
  • Dahanu has various temples that are a must visit - each with its own charming tale of myth and belief.
  • Dahanu Fort built during the British Era and with a fascinating history of its own
  • The Mecca of Parsis at Udvada. The Udvada fire temple has a fire that has been burning since centuries

Here is an interesting review - 

There is something special about Bordi beach and that is its simplicity. The beach is situated in the backdrop of tree orchards specially that of a fruit called CHIKOO. Calm but well connected,

unspoiled and refreshing, you have your privacy but you need not worry about the connectivity from the city or any other kind of amenities.

Another best thing of this beach is that there is no artificial make-up unlike other famous beaches, it comes under the custody of Woods preservation dept. of Maharashtra and hence it's natural face is untouched. But here you won't find white sand, the sands here are bit sticky and blackish, but then it is natural. Another best thing about the beach is that you can go inside the sea up to several kilometers and the water would be just waist high; as the slope is gradual hence it is one of the safest beach.

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There are plenty of resorts and hotels available in Bordi, including a popular one called Tapovan Retreat. You can get more information on the same by clicking here.

Reaching Dahanu Bordi

  • AC taxis are available from the Mumbai Airport to Dahanu or Bordi and they charge at least INR 7 per km. It takes around 1.5 hours by road to reach Dahanu
  • Trains are available from Mumbai like the Pune Veraval express that stop at Dahanu station
2. Palghar

mumbai to palghar map

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A 3 hours journey takes you to Palghar around 120 km north of Mumbai. The place offers some serene beaches including the lesser known Shirgaon and Kelva beaches. The beaches also, offer a bit of history .

Key Attractions:

  • Shirgaon beach is known as a Fisherman's beach and offers the relics of the Shirgaon fort - built during the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji
  • Kelva beach, deemed as the most beautiful part of the Thane beaches, offers a lovely beach experience, coupled with some tradition in the form of the famous Sheetala Devi Mandir and the Kelva Fort
  • Kelva Dam offers a lovely evening outing with a small garden around the water reservoir.


You can find plenty of options at Palghar . Click here to get a list. Of the same, I would recommend Kelva Beach resort.

Reaching Palghar

  • Road transport by way of AC cabs , are available from the Mumbai airport. It takes around 2 hours by road to reach Palghar (85 kms from Mumbai) and the trip may cost you approximately INR 2500 (USD 50) one way.
  • Palghar train station is around 8 kms from the Palghar city center.There are plenty of trains available from Mumbai.
3. Daman (Recommended)

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Daman is an amazing combination of nature and fun. Influenced by the Portugese invasion, this city is divided into two parts - Moti Daman and Nani Daman - each part offering something different in terms of attractions.

Key Attractions:

  • Fort of Nani Daman and the Church of Our Lady in the Nani Daman part of the city 
  • Fort of Moti Daman and the Cathedral of Bom Jesu in Moti Daman.
  • Jampore beach for its serene beauty. It is ideal for picnics and swimming
  • Devka  Beach is popular for its amusement parks and musical fountain. This is extremely popular amongst the tourists

Here is an interesting review - 

Overview of the destination
This place is small and cute.It still has that old Portuguese charm to it.Very picturesque place.
Food, sight-seeing and shopping
You cam visit the sea shell museum and there are many temples and churches you could visit here.

Activities & things to do
Water sports

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc.
We went by car.Nice roads.

Portuguese charm (Source: Portuguese charm) 


Click here for stay options. There are numerous resorts and hotels to choose from and my pick from those would be the Devka Beach resort.

Reaching Daman

  • 190 kms away from Mumbai, you can take the road to Daman. There are taxis available from the Mumbai airport and they would cost you INR 3000 (USD 60) for a 3 hour, one way trip. 
  • The nearest railway station to Daman is Vapi and though the connectivity between Mumbai and Vapi is good, it would be a 12 km distance from the main Daman city.

Once you have zeroed in your choice of place, do let us know. We would love to help you out with some stay options, shopping places, restaurants and more.

I really hope you have a great trip.


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