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January 23, 2012

Looking for some good restaurant recommendations in Kumbakonam. Not looking for anything too fancy

Kumbakonam  •  India
January 24, 2012


Nestled in Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu in South India, Kumbakonam is a temple city with numerous age old temples scattered all over the city. it lies in between two rivers, Cauvery, and Arasalar. This pilgrim city is also renowned for panchaloha idols, silk clothes, and brass vessels. Since you are interested in knowing about restaurants in Kumbakonam, here are a few options.

Temple Tower - Kumbakonam -India (Source: Balaji.B)

1. Hotel Venkataramana (Recommended)

Kumbakonam has several restaurants where you can relish traditional South Indian food. Hotel Venkataramana, located in Gandhi Park in Kumbakonam, is one of the good vegetarian restaurants in the town. The opening hours are from 6am to 9pm. They serve South Indian meals from 9:00am.

Here is a short review of this restaurant:

One of the Quality hotel inn kumbakonam Liked: Food, Atmosphere, Value

 (Source: Venkatramana Hotel)

Address: # 40, Gandhi Park North

Phone: 0435 - 2400736; +91 - 94864 33736

Dosa (Source: Salim Virji)

2. Hotel Mangalambika Coffee & Tiffin Center (Recommended)

Kumbakonam is also well known for its special coffee called Kumbakonam degree coffee, and Kadappa sambar. When you are in this town, do not miss the opportunity to taste this wonderful coffee and sambar . Hotel Mangalambika Coffee & Tiffin Center is one of the best places to get a good cup of Kumbakonam degree coffee. 

Nothing is complete in Kumbakonam without having the Kumbakonam Coffee and Kadappa sambaar.

 (Source: kolavilliramar blogspot)

Address: 99, Kumbeswarar North St

Ph: 0091 - 04352400228

3. Mami Mess

This  eatery may not have a trendy atmosphere, but the food they serve is home cooked and tasty. Actually, Mami Mess is one of the most recommended places to eat in Kumbakonam. Breakfast items include tea, coffee, milk, idli, upma, and dosa. The lunch is usually South Indian meals and is served on a plantain leaf.

My personal choice is Mami's mess. Home cooked food offering excellent breakfast,lunch and dinner. The trade off is between ambience and nostalgic old mess. Some may find it not so clean, nevertheless typical South Indian food at its best.

 (Source: kjvambu)

Address:  Off Big Street or Periya Theruvu

a Thali, famous South Indian meal served on a banana leaf (Source: Melanie-m)

Hope this information was useful. Enjoy your stay in Kumbakonam. Contact us if you need any information regarding places to stay in this temple city.



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