Best places for budget shopping in Antalya

March 10, 2012

Which are the best shopping areas in Antalya?

Antalya  •  Turkey
March 13, 2012


A dream come true for Shopaholics, Antaliya is a great place to shop for anything from the traditional Turkish carpets to designer clothes and jewelry. Here you’ll have great fun shopping, as Antalya has a lot in store for the shopping freaks.

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1. Migros Shopping Center

With more than 100 stores and an eight screen cinema, Migros Shopping Center is the best place in Antalya for shopping and catching up with some of Hollywood as well as Turkish films. It consists of stores such as 5M Migros, Zara, Mudo, LC Waikiki, along with a Turkish department store specializing in garments and perfume called Boyner.

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Here is a review:

The Migros shopping center is a mall includes many fine shops like Zara,toysRus,Perfumerie shops,electronics,computers and much more... Fun is ewerywhere recommended for wisitors of the city.

 (Source: Antalya Shopping - Reviews - VirtualTourist)

Address: Migros Alis veris merkezi, Meltem Mahallesi, 100. Yil Bulvari No:155, Konyaalti

Phone: +90 242 230 11 11 or +90 242 230 11 10

Fax: +90 242 230 11 22

2. SheMall Shopping Mall

Chic Boutiques and elegant stores at SheMall, offers an array of choices that meets every shoppers taste. More than 70 shops including Turkish as well as international brands such as United Colors of Benetton, Ipekyol, LC Waikiki, Polo, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Swatch, Saat & Saat, Nine West, Steve & Madden, Boyner etc can n be found are available here.

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Here is a review:

Shopping malls or larger supermarkets located in Antalya are; *Deepo Outlet Center *Laura Shopping Center G-Mall *SheMall Shopping Center Real,- Shopping Mall Kipa and the best shopping malls I have put a star next too..

 (Source: Tips brands & addresses for quality clothing - Antalya Forum - TripAdvisor)

Address:  Alanya yolu Havaalani karsisi, No. 371 Altinova, Antalya Town Center

Phone: +90 242 340 54 70

Fax: +90 242 340 54 71

3. Deepo Outlet Center

The largest outlet center in the country, Deepo Outlet Center, is located very close to the airport. It consist of, 80 stores, 15 restaurants, a theater, and huge parking space. Popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Koton, Hotic, Vakko, Mavi Jeans, Colins, Miss Sixty and Faik Sonmezhave their stores here. There are fun rides for kids as well.

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Here is a review:

Built on 70000sqm plot of land,single storey,with 27000sqm indoors area,and has an architecture likened to a street and a square. More than 80 national and International factory sales-shops. Discounts 365 days in a year.

 (Source: Antalya Shopping - Reviews - VirtualTourist)

Address:  Alanya yolu Havaalani karsisi, No. 371 Altinova, Antalya Town Center

Phone: +90 242 340 54 70

Fax: +90 242 340 54 71

Hope the suggestions were useful.Click Here for some more information on shopping in Antalya. Anything else please do let us know.



March 31, 2012


Hi there,

Glad to know about your trip to Antalya, the fastest growing city in Turkey. Antalya is not just about beaches, its also about rocky mountains, gushing waterfalls, soaring canyons, and lush gardens so one can indulge in lot of outdoor activities like biking, hiking, cycling, canyoning, rafting, wreck diving, golfing, and even skiing!

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Antalya could well be the most deserving choice for shopping in Turkey; because Antalya is one of the biggest and developed cities in Turkey.

Here is a little insight to shopping in Antalya:

Shopping in Antalya can be an exhausting, but exhilarating experience. In Antalya textiles, cotton clothing, traditional pottery and wood carvings, ornate meerschaum pipes, carpets, prayer rugs, gold and copper work, leather goods and souvenirs, local jams and jellies made from a variety of fruits and vegetables are very popular. In Antalya shops, excellent quality gold, silver and leather goods are to be had at prices considerably less than abroad. You can find local and imported textile, in local shops, and or special shops like Calvin Klein, Lacoste and more.

 (Source: Antalya Turkey. Antalya, Kemer, Belek, Lara, Side, Alanya information, pictures, attractions.)

1. Antalya Bazaar

A visit to Antalya Bazaar is a must for some local market experience. It is a historic market place  with just a roof  covering is kind of a flea market selling a wide variety of handicrafts, jewelry,  footwear, Turkish leather goods and Turkish foods such as Halva, Baklava, Apple tea, Locum, Pines honey, Spices and more.

The bazaar is a paradise for these small but cheap souvenirs

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Here is a review by a recent visitor:

The old quarters cover a huge area so you need a few hours to stroll around the streets there where you can admire the Ottoman mansions and pensions and hotels, shop from A - Z and eat in one of the fish restaurants there or even take a boat trip. Just make sure you haggle for more expensive items like carpets and bargain down on the textiles and shoewear offered there in the shops. Nowadays this area is much improved at visitors are not hassled like in the past due to civilian police controlling the area day and night, NOT because of crime, but to avoid tourists being hassled which is something they complained about a lot in the past. This area is very safe indeed.

 (Source: TripAdvisor)

2. Migros

Migros is a Swiss international malls chain in Antalya. It is a huge shopping mall with 96 department stores, 8 movie theaters and a 700 people capacity Food Court area. The place has well known international brands like Zara, LaCosta, Boyner, Nike, Adidas, Reabok, ToysRus, perfume, electronic & computer stores and many more. There are also great selection of stores to buy  local souvenirs.

Address: 100 YIL bulvari,Arapsuyu mevki.Antalya

(Source: davidbenito)

And here are some facts about the Market:

The 3rd link of Migros Shopping Centers Chain opened in Antalya which is one of the biggest touristic cities of Turkey, on June 6, 2001. The center founded on 85.000 square meter land using 50.000 square meter closed area and 25 million dollars investment and got 120.000 visitors on its opening day.

 (Source: Migros | Deepo | Shopping Centre | Shopping Mall | Antalya)

3. Kaleici

They say if you want to indulge in shopping in Antalya then you must head to Kaleici also known as the old city near the city walls. It is considered to be Turkey's little gem! Cumhuriyet, Gulluk, Ataturk and Isiklar are the main shopping avenues here.

Almost all travellers have raved about their experience in this small historic area of Antalya which has a large market, at least two hammams, dozens of pensions, harbour, and magnificent gates and walls.

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Here is what a traveller says about shopping in Kaleici:

The warren of shops in Kaleici is a must for the shopping lovers. Be prepared to bargain as it is expected. I found this difficult at first but soon became an expert. Offers of tea or little gifts of lucky charms from shopkeepers could be considered an enticement to buy or just local friendly attitude (we took it as the latter and found it charming) Just wish I had taken an empty suitcase to bring back all the bargains that were on offer. Venture beyond Hadrian's Gate and you will find the busy shopping streets which lack the charm of Kaleici but still offer amazing bargains. Many tours are available if you wish to explore further afield - but for a relaxing, stress free week's break ,Kaleici could be just what you are looking for.

 (Source: TripAdvisor)

4. Terra City

Terra City in Antalya is a fabulous shopping Mall opened in 01 June 2011 and has gained the title of “The Largest Shopping Center of Antalya” that has a mix of national and international brands and stores, and the food court with its 830 people capacity including restaurants and cafes. It has become the most attractive living center of Antalya with 150 stores and 30 restaurants, which brings a new dimension into shopping concept.  

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 Here is a visitor who seems to complain about its lack of adequate number of coffee shops, though I do not see that as a reason why you should not visit this iconic shopping mall:)

Terra City is great for shopping. A good mix of shops and generally not too expensive. The only downside is that the food hall is a disappointment. I found it had no atmosphere and hated all the plastic seats. They have lowered the ceiling and it had a claustrophobic feel to it. The planners should have included more coffee shops - only a Starbucks - which for the size of the place is ridiculous. Obviously they don,t understand the concept that women like to shop and then have coffee and then shop some more and have maybe another coffee!

 (Source:  TripAdvisor)

Closing Notes

There you have my suggestions on where to shop at Antalya. I hope you find them useful. Please bargain with the shopkeepers in the outside bazaars and markets thought I am sure like everywhere else, you cannot so that in shopping malls.

If you also need help with things to see or where to dine in Antalya then please write back and I shall be happy to assist.

I hope you have a fabulous time shopping!


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