Best places to observe sea turtles in Sri Lanka

May 18, 2012

Where do see turtles ? Which is the best place ? The less turistic one ?

May 19, 2012


Baby Turtle (Source: Aidan Jones)

Sri Lanka is on of the best places to visit for turtle watching. The sea water of Sri Lanka has five out of the seven species of sea turtles and it makes it the best and ideal place for those who love sea animals. Turtles are shy creatures and they get nervous once they are exposed to crowd, you can watch them when they start laying eggs, because it is the only time when they are not afraid of the spectators. Here I have selected three best places to enjoy turtle watching. Have a look and enjoy your trip.

1. Tropical Villas Beach Hotel Sri Lanka - Beruwela

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Tropical Villas Beach Hotel Sri Lanka - Beruwela is an affordable option to enjoy the turtle watching in Sri Lanka. The hotel organises evening programmes to enjoy the magnificent view of turtles. Marine turtles are extremely beautiful and shy, so make sure you don't disturb or harm them. Just enjoy the beauty of nature and make your Sri Lanka trip memorable with turtle watching.


Tropical Villas is situated in Beruwela, a fishing village in the Southwest coast of Sri Lanka, with alluring surf washed beaches just a walking distance away, where flowing rivers wind their way to the sea. At Tropical Villas, guests can retire to the peace and seclusion of their own private villa's overlooking a cool and refreshing swimming pool.

 (Source: Tropical Villas Beruwela, Beach Hotels in Sri Lanka)

Location :  Beruwela  

Category :  Beach Hotels in Sri Lanka
Distance from Colombo : 50 Km (1.30 hour drive) 
Distance from Airport : 80 Km (2.15 hour drive) 
Price Guide : USD 68

2. Rekawa – Turtle Observation Camp

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Rekawa Turtle Observation Camp is an ideal place for those who want an escape from the busy city life in the laps of Mother Nature and want to enjoy turtle watching. Rekawa Turtle Observation Camp has two private cabanas facing the beautiful beach, and it is best for couples as well as a small group of friends. The lifetime experience of turtle watching and exploring the hidden treasures of sea turtles. 


Sri Lankan Expeditions works closely with the TCP (Turtle Conservation Project) in their Turtle Watch programme on the Rekawa beach where visitors can observe the ancient ritual of turtles coming ashore and laying eggs. This pioneering conservation programme was started in 1996 to protect sea turtles in their natural habitat while providing an alternative source of income to people formerly dependent on the illegal collection of turtle eggs. Five out of the seven species of marine turtles that are familiar (but endangered) come to nest in this part of the Sri Lankan coastline, making it an ideal location to marvel at one of nature's most fascinating processes!

 (Source: Rekawa Turtle Observa Camp)

Location :  Rekawa  

Category :  Luxury Camping in Sri Lanka

Distance from Colombo : 190 Km (5.30 hour drive) 
Distance from Airport : 220 Km (6.15 hour drive) 
Price Guide : 263 USD onwards

3. Kalpitiya luxury Beach Camp Sri Lanka

sea turtle 1 (Source: deeje)

Kalpitiya luxury Beach Camp is the place which will give you the beautiful feeling of watching turtles in Sri Lanka. At a distance of 6 Km from Kalpitiya is the Sri Lanka Turtle Point Lodge and Diving camp and it is in a small fishing village of Kandakuliya.  The lodge is located at a place away from the city hustle bustle and to enjoy the complete rustic feel, instead of electric lamps, oil lamps are used. To enjoy turtle watching, take a walk down the deserted beach where turtles come to the shore to lay eggs. 


A night at the lodge wouldn't be complete without a walk along the deserted beach to look for the sea turtles that come ashore to lay eggs - an unforgettable experience that is not to be missed!

 (Source: Turtle Point Lodge and Diving Camp)

Location: Kalpitiya  

Category: Beach Hotels in Sri Lanka
Diving Resorts
Luxury Camping in Sri Lanka
Distance from Colombo : 160 Km (5 hour drive) 
Distance from Airport: 130 Km (4.15 hour drive) 
Price Guide: 263 USD onwards

Closing Notes


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I hope the suggestions provided by me were helpful. For more information on stay, things to do, places to visit, night life and information on restaurants feel free to ask.

Here I have request for you, please help in saving the beautiful marine turtles:


  • Don't kill or eat turtles or turtle eggs
  • Don't buy "Turtle shells" or marine turtle products
  • Don't disturb the nesting turtles
  • Don't expose the marine turtles with light disturbance during night
  • Don't throw garbage or trash beach or rivers or sea



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