Bike tour to Ladakh and Kashmir - best places to rent bikes

March 28, 2012

any contacts where can I hire bike for ladakh & kashmir trip ? planning in may plz RT
am travelling with a friend. just 2 of us. no plans yet. obviously not a typical touristy style of trip
I'm based in Bangalore

March 29, 2012

Bike tour to Ladakh and Kashmir

Biking around Ladakh and Kashmir is the best way to see both places, and a very adventurous one at that!

There are three places you can get bikes from - Delhi, Manali, and in Leh. Now, these are all local shops so you probably won't find them listed on any website. I have found out the names of the areas in each of these cities where you can expect to find good bikes. Rates are negotiable.

Monaci a Nyoma, Ladakh (Source: Mopop)

1. Bike hires in Delhi

Delhi is the center for bike trips to Manali, Srinagar and Leh. Bike rentals are aplenty, but this also makes frauds harder to spot. And there are many of them. So make sure to check your bike thoroughly before you hire any.

Some good rental agencies are Tony Bullet Center (only for Royal Enfields), Stonehead Bikes, and Smart Motors

Tony's charges you the following rates for a Bullet (rates may vary):

  • 12 Days - Rs.8500/-
  • 20 Days - Rs.12,000/-

royal enfield (Source: asebest)

2. Bike hires in Manali

The Model Town area in Manali is the best place to hire bikes. There are many shops here. Caution is advised though, and, as always, it's good to be on the safe side and have a complete check of your vehicle.

TripManali (Tel.: 09816024288) is an online site that helps you with rentals.

Another good option is Life Adventure Tours. You can get in touch with them at  01902-253825, 01902-254494, 01902-250239.

Yamaha (Source: Santosh Kumar GM)

3. Bike hires in Leh

Finding bikes on rent in Leh should be easy. Many tourists who come to Ladakh wish to hire bikes here, so you'll probably find a variety of them for choice. Royal Enfields still rule the roost though.

Leh Market is a good place to go bike hunting. There is one particular shop called Himalayan Tamers on Changspa Road, close to the market, which avid bikers swear by.

To the sky (Source: Waypoint-zero)

4. Taking Care

Here are some important things to keep in mind while you are on the trip:

- Obviously, check the brakes before you get the bike. And also check the head lights, indicator lamp etc.

- Choose a bike with a large fuel tank and good mileage. There are not too many petrol pumps outside Leh (infact to my knowledge there are only 3 petrol pumps. Two in Leh and one at Karu some 35km outside Leh), so make sure that you have enough fuel to last a 500km round trip. Better carry a 5-liter container for carrying extra fuel.

- Although the guy lending you the bike may say otherwise, it is important that you carry some sort of rudimentary puncture repair kit. There are no mechanics outside of Leh and being stranded on the road at altitudes of over 4500m is not something you would like to do.

- Wear good sunglasses. It is imperative as you are most likely to traverse many snow covered passes. And the light at that altitude is bright enough to cause temporary snow blindness.

- Depending on the season, carry warm clothes. Good gloves and wind proof jackets are essential. It rarely rains in Ladakh, so it might be ok to leave your rain gear at home.

some practical tips to motor-biking in Ladakh (Source: Biking Ladakh)

Hope these suggestion help you on your trip. Do write back and let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. Accommodation, or an itinerary with the best road routes? Until then,

Have a happy trip, and stay safe!


India J&K Ladhak : Leh (Source: Miran Rijavec)

Answered by Trishya Kumari

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