Bus trip from Santiago de Chile to Mendoza

November 6, 2012

Bustrip santiago de chile to mendoza on 21st Nov.
I have co-travelers - 4 persons.

Santiago  •  Argentina  •  Mendoza
November 7, 2012

Bus Travel

There are several buses traveling daily and even nightly from Santiago de Chile to Mendoza in Argentina. The bus ride crossing through Andes is scenic and it takes about 7 hours. If you include the time required for border crossing, the total time for travel is about 9 hours. The route closes during the heavy snowfall. However, since you are traveling in November that should not be a problem. 


Road from Mendoza to Santiago (Source: ActiveSteve)



Bus services to Mendoza are available from Terminal Alameda and Terminal Santiago in Santiago de Chile. They are located adjacent to each other. Click here for the bus companies that run the services between the two cities.



Terminal Alameda: directly by Universidad de Santiago Metro station; the companies "Tur-Bus" and "Pullman Bus" leave from here to all directions; 
Terminal Santiago (formerly, Terminal Sur): Alameda at Nicasio Retamales, 150 m west of Alameda terminal; all companies going to the coast and south


 (Source: Chile-Guide / Buses)


Terminal buses2 (Source: macha.cl)


You can easily get bus tickets on the day of travel at the terminal. Having said that, many people advice booking the tickets beforehand to get the best seats, which will enable you a good view of the scenery during the journey. 



I would say book in advance, you should get some seats as suggested by #1 & #2 on the same day, but not the best one. If you book in advance you can take the upper deck panoramic first row, views are amazing and it's totally worth it.
I used Andesmar and have no complains, it's easy to book with them online with your foreign credit card.


 (Source: bus from Santiago to Mendoza - Lonely Planet travel forum)


You will have to book the bus tickets after you reach the country if you are using Chilean bus companies since they do not allow online booking from outside the country. It is possible to book the bus tickets online from outside the country with Argentine bus companies. 

Chilean Bus Companies

Tur Bus

Telephone: 779 5624, 490 7512, 270 7510, 779 1582, 776 1582

Pullman del Sur

Telephone: 776 2424, 779 6254

Chi Ar Autos

Telephone: 776 0048


Telephone: 650 2113


Argentinian Bus Companies

Andesmar and its sister companies (El Rapido, Coitram and others)


Ticket on line Argentina (Source: Ticket on line Argentina)


The ticket prices are shown in Argentine Pesos.

As of today, 1 ARS = 0.209501 USD

Price Range of tickets: $26-42

Book tickets here

Telephone: Andesmar -779 683, Coitram - 776 1891

Cata Internacional

Telephone: 779 3660

Tramat SA

776 7290

Read more about bus trip from Santiago to Mendoza here.


Montañas de Mendoza (Source: fainmen)


I hope this helps! What about suggestions on accommodation and sightseeing in both Santiago and Mendoza? We could also provide you with a complete itinerary for your trip. Do get back to us.

Hope to hear from you soon!



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