Edna's, Oklahoma City


Nightlife in Oklahoma City

Famous for its "lunchboxes" Edna's bring you a place to be. its for the young and energetic who love diverse crowd for company. Apart from partying, eating. boozing it is also place where you can buy t-shirts, hoodies, lip balms, bumper stickers, cards etc. It also has a friendly neighborhood.   Reviews: " You have to order a LUNCH BOX at Edna's! This dive bar is so much fun! They have a pool table and a great heated outdoor patio. It is very smokey inside, so if you do not like smoke, this may not be a good place for you. If Edna is there, make sure you play Great Balls of Fire on the jukebox and she will get on the bar and dance!" " Younger crowd, packed smoky bar. I don't recommend staying there all night, but if the line isn't too long, zip in, everyone in the group buy a round of lunch/doc boxes and then leave before a frat boy tries to talk to you about 'swag' or something. Be warned, the lunch boxes aren't that great, it's just a tradition, and it's meant to be slammed, not sipped. Remember to warn everyone in your group that there is a shot glass inside the beer glass so their teeth don't get chipped!" Address: 5137 N. Classen Oklahoma City, OK. 73118 Phone: 405-840-3339 E-mail: Tammy@ednasokc.com