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January 18, 2011

Me and my friend are going to be in Hyderabad from 21st Jan 2011 to 24th for 4 days for a friends wedding - during these 4 days we want to visit all the street food joints specially the non veg eating places. can you recommend some famous places to eat authentic Hyderabad food and few places to drink

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January 19, 2011

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Hyderabadi food... hmmm... enough to bring water into anyone's mouth! I have heard about some scrumptious dishes from the place. Though the cuisine boasts of both vegetarian and non-veg delights, we'll be mostly sticking to your requirement of typical Hyderabadi non-veg fare in this session.

The Charminar, Hyderabad, India (Source: Krisnendu Sar) 


The city of Hyderabad is renowned the world over for its exotic cuisine, ranging from the spicy lip-smacking Hyderabadi Biryani to mouth-watering kebabs, and even vegetarian options like the Baghare Baingan (a spicy dish made with eggplants) eaten with fluffy Kulchas! Top it all with Payasam, a rich pudding made with milk and rice, as well as with a dose of an elaborately flavoured paan... nothing can beat this experience while you're there! 

So, based on your request, I have compiled a list of street-food joints serving both veg and non-veg options, some famous places serving authentic Hyderabadi fare (easily affordable plus fine-dining) and a few bars and lounges in the city. Here we go:

1. Paradise (Recommended)

Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Hyderabad, India (another branch is located at Madhapur)

Timings: 11:30 am to 11 pm

Cuisine: Hyderabadi

Budget: Easily affordable

This place is one of the oldest Biryani-serving restaurants in Hyderabad. It's said to have lost the spark, but is as popular as ever. Besides the biryani, the falooda too is worth digging into!

Let's check out a review:

We found it best !!

We found that the Biryani at Paradise at M G Road was the best. It was subtle, the mutton/chicken was tenderly cooked and the Rice was fragrant with spices. The ambience and service was good. I would advise travellers to eat dinner here between 7.30 to 8.30 as it gets very crowded later. I would also suggest that you do not order other items but stick to Biryani or kababs. They have some other Branches, I was told, but for a safer bet I would suggest that you stick to their main place at Paradise Circle at M G Road.

 (Source: TripAdvisor) 

66, Alambad Industries Area, RTC Crossroads, Opp.Sandhya Theatre

Timings: 11 am to 12 am

Cuisine: Hyderabadi, Barbeque / Tandoori

Budget: Easily affordable

One of the most famous restaurants in Hyderabad, Bawarchi is another joint famous for its Biryani. In fact, the place is so popular that it receives orders from faraway cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and even Dubai! The most popular dishes include Veg Kadai, Tangdi Kebab and Tandoori Chicken. Certainly not recommended for vegetarians!

Here comes a review:


In Hyderabad best Biryani is served here, especially Chicken Biryani.The best part of the Biryani is the masala is little juicy and very tasty, make sure that to order "Double Masala " for the Chicken Biryani here to enjoy the real taste of this Hyderabadi Biryani. I have given a try to many other restaurants in Hyderabad, but as far as Hyderabad Biryani is concerned ,
BAWARCHI leads the road. This restaurant is situated at RTC "X" road and it is 5 km from Mahatma Gandhi bus station and 3 km from Secunderabad railway station. It has been my all time favourite and I will recommend this Biryani centre.There are 3 levels in the restaurant. Ground floor - little crowdy and congested so not advisable, first floor AC ROOM, Second floor - Garden restaurant, the later two are preferable for cleanliness and ambience.

(Source: TripAdvisor) 

3. Hyderabad House

Multiple outlets: Banjara Hills, Himayath Nagar, Chinthal Basthi, Saleem Nagar (Malakpet), Madhapur, etc.

Timings: Vary from outlet-to-outlet

Cuisine: Hyderabadi

Budget: Easily affordable

The Hyderabad House chain of restaurants serves authentic Hyderabadi food through around 23 outlets all over the city (the chain is also spreading its wings in other cities of India and abroad!). Must-try item is the Lukhmi. 

Check out an editorial review of this place:

The tenderest of mutton you will find here, with perfectly spiced mirchi ka salan to send your tastebuds straight to that big ol' biryani heaven in the sky. A regular size should fill up two moderately hungry people, but if you're ravenous, get the large and ask for extra mutton. Ooh. If you like mutton, the Rogan Josh is a great choice, too. And the king of kebabs here has to be the Mutton Shikampur, a melt-in-your-mouth creation that goes perfectly with rumaali roti.

This is not the best place for vegetarians, really, but if you're a ghaas-phoos person, skip the biryani and order their excellent Gutti Vankaya, with the perfect balance of sweet and spice. This is possibly the only thing a carnivore would eat here, and is highly recommended. For dessert we recommend their kulfi - creamy and just sweet enough. But for sweeter teeth, we recommend the Qubani-ka-Meetha (Hyderabad's classic dessert), or the Double-ka-Meetha. Ask for extra custard with the Qubani - it's too rich to be eaten on its own.

They're typically out of food by 9:30pm or 10:00pm, so plan an early dinner. And go with lots of stomach space!

 (Source: fullhyd.com)

Among the budget options, also worth trying out are the following options:

a. Shadab Hotel (Madina Circle, High Court Road, Charminar, Hyderabad -500040)

A review:


Shadab is a landmark in itself. Come Ramzan and it is filled with customers who want to have a taste of their rich and tasty Haleem. Kebabs like Hariyali Kebab and Keema Kebab are outstanding. Also immensely popular are the biryanis (Mutton, Chicken, Fish). The other popular dishes here include Pakistani Mutton, AP Mutton and Butter Paneer. Also Apollo Fish and Tiger Prawns. The Gurda Palak and Keema Khichidi. Make a wholesome breakfast. The owner assures that there are many takers for this royal morning repast! The ground floor has a typical Irani cafe ambience, while there is an air-conditioned section on the first floor. No really a fancy place, albeit relatively neat and hygienic.

 (Source: TimesCity) 

b. Cafe Bahar (3-5-815, Near Old MLA Ouarters, Hyderguda, Hyderabad - 29)

A review for checking out:


Cafe Bahar is, without doubt, one of the leading joints for authentic biryani in Hyderabad, be it Chicken, Mutton, Egg, Fish or Veg. According to Sayeed Hussain, all the spices used for making the biryanis are from Iran. They get orders from all over the country! The cafe gives a 12-hour guarantee on their parcelled biryanis. A lot of visitors to the twin cities, on their way to the airport or railway station, pick up biryani packs from Cafe Bahar for their friends and family back home. The jumbo biryani pack is enough to feed at least six to seven people. Haleem is prepared during Ramzan only. An Iranian tea called Pauna is served. You will also find Paneer Shaslik, Fish Fingers, Grilled Prawns, Mutton Boti, Corn Shaslik and Spinach Shaslik also. But visit Cafe Bahar for its biryanis.

(Source: TimesCity) 

c. Hotel Sohail (Nalgonda Cross Roads, Malakpet, Hyderabad-500036)

Coming to the review:

tep in to Hotel Sohail, a 300 seater family style restaurant located at Malakpet in Hyderabad for a one of a kind gastronomic experience. Settle with your favorite Chinese dish, savor the Mughlai fare or just go with the North Indian delicacies, you can have your fill here on any day of the week from 12 PM to 11:30 PM. Serving up its customers since the last 13 years, this tandoori food item specialty eatery has a well crafted menu featuring mouthwatering dishes that come with an irresistible appeal. Basic amenities like waiter service, reservation and take away besides instrumental music for entertainment are also available here. Well frequented by the local food buffs, Hotel Sohail accepts all major credit cards and the average price for two here comes to about Rs. 250 to Rs. 500.

 (Source: TheCityGuide.in) 


Hyderabadi biryani (Source: Karan Verma) 

Hotel Minerva Grand, SD Road, Secunderabad, Hyderabad -500003 & other locations

Timings: 10 am to 10:30 pm (differs from branch-to-branch)

Cuisine: Variety

Budget: Luxury

Perched upon the legendary Minerva Coffee Shop, another torch-bearer of Hyderabad's culinary expertise (albeit vegetarian), the Blue Fox holds a treat for almost every Biryani-lover on earth! Though even the other cuisines deserve a try at this place. 

Refer to the following review for your decision-making:

The Food
Blue Fox conjures up visions of gourmet pasta, sybaritically tickling choupsey and other steamy-smoky works of art from the land of Ming. But by the grace of God or sheer luck you might end up with one of the most luscious biryanis available downtown. From the Mughlai to the Andhra, and from the American to the Chinese, the restaurant is only too eager to show-off its expertise.

As an entre, Vegetable Shanghai Rolls can give the desi kebabs a run for their money. The main course could be scrumptious Baked Vegetables served in hot yellow sauce, and can be crowned with a Chicken Biryani. ThumpsUp goes well with the latter, though you can have a go at indigenous mock-tails, Pink Floyd and Pussy Foot.

The Verdict
Though appearances maintain Blue Fox as a delectable Chinese joint, the restaurant is not particularly distinguished for the range or choice of this particular variety of cuisine. Be well-advised to eschew the Chinese palate especially if you have an everlasting love affair with the Hyderabadi Biryani.

 (Source: fullhyd.com) 

Blue Fox

 (Source: Shashi Bellamkonda) 

9-77/3/D/4, Yousuf Tekri Complex, Toli Chowki, Hyderabad - 500008

Timings: 8 am to 12 am

Cuisine: Variety

Budget: Luxury

Famous for its Hyderabadi Biryanis and Kebabs, this restaurant will be found packed in any evening you name! 

Let's head to a review of this place:

4 seasons is known for its non-vegetarian delights. Located In the congested Tolichowki area, amidst a plethora of restaurants and kebab centres, you will find the place packed in the evenings. The restaurant specializes in Lebanese food and Hyderabad biryanis and kebabs, though the menu has North Indian and Chinese dishes too. The Samak Bil Toum, Chicken Sheesh Touk and Arabian char-grilled items are outstanding. And so are the Biryanis( Chicken, Mutton, Prawn and Fish), Panther ka Gosht Kebab, Chicken Badshah Kebab, Fish Hariyali Kebab, Gosht kali Mirch and Dum Ka Murgh. Other popular dishes include Tabouleh, Fish Touk, Arabian seekh Kebab, Garlic Fish and Grilled Prawn. Veggies are not that lucky as there are just a handful of choices. The decor is very simple and the service cordial. In all, 4 Seasons is worth facing the traffic snarls.

 (Source: TimesCity) 

Among the pricey eateries, you can also choose the following:

a. Fusion 9 (Number 4, First Avenue, Road Number 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034)

A truly contemporary restaurant, equipped with a huge bar, open kitchen and a menu comprising some delectable meals! The major attraction is its International Wine List (Sula Sauvignon being the most preferred), though Indian wines too are worth the praise! Again, speaking of biryanis, this place too is no less!

Review for your reference:

What you get - So here's a list of the nine cuisines that it offers - Indian, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Italian, American, Middle-Eastern, Vietnamese and European. Well, the number of cuisines is sure high, but the variety in each category is just about sufficient.

What we recommend from the cuisines, however, are the non-vegetarian sizzlers, the Calzone for the veggies, the delectable Pasta and the Arabic Kofta Kebab. But if you are the adventurous kind, you could choose from the other global varieties as well. Besides, the menu, they claim, is changed every two months. So if you are looking for variety, you are promised to be offered the same by Fusion 9.

With regard to the desserts, the Pancake and Chocolate-filled Crepes topped with chocolate sauce and nuts are a sure delight. The drinks served at the restaurant are also great to taste and are made just right. Kudos to the man at the counter for that!

The verdict - As far as the interiors are concerned, this place has been designed in a contemporary manner to suit the cosmopolitan crowd that it serves. Dim lights and matte finish call for appreciation during the evenings. The unobtrusive music adds to the ambiance as well.

Prices of food items at Fusion 9 are not too high. Besides, corporate professionals can flash their identity cards to avail a 10 per cent discount.

What you pay for a meal for two - Rs. 500 (without wines)

 (Source: Restaurants in Hyderabad) 

4 Seasons

Brownie at Fusion 9 (Source: Roshan Vyas) 


b. Aangan (1-8-180/B, Yatri Nivas, Secunderabad, Hyderabad -500003, Landmark: Opposite Anand Cinema Hall)

A review of the overall experience at the place:

Aangan, the multi-cuisine restaurant at Yatri Nivas, offers regular Andhra, North Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes. Though not definitely for those with a refine taste, Aangan is good value for money in terms of the quality of food served here. The Andhra-style chicken with lots of gravy is popular among regulars. The Chicken Chatpat, Apollo Fish and Hong Kong Chicken are other items you can check should you happen to go there.

 (Source: TimesCity) 

c. Persis (2nd Floor, Paradise Building, S D Road, Secunderabad - 500003)

Here is a review extract:

Offering a rare combination of authentic Hyderabadi Biryani served in a place with good ambience with good service from the staff. Also, the restaurant is centrally located so it is easy to find both public tranportation or an auto / taxi.

One thing to remember; this is a very large restaurant - that caters to many segments of customers. One section handles mostly blue collared and construction worker kind of people. There is also another section that caters to beverages and snacks. Then there is the Garden - which used to be great place earlier. But due to the pollution around this area, you should avoid it. Finally, they have Persis Gold and Persis Platinum that are more upscale.

Plus remember, restaurants in Hyderabad like big group of people. So if you turn up alone or with another person, you may feel a bit neglected.

They serve good biryani both chicken and mutton. They have a variety of kebabs(chicken and lamb) which are delicious. Some popular entrees (dishes) are dumkha chicken, butter chicken, and kadai chicken. They serve an assortment of Indian breads - tandoori roti, naan and roomali roti. Overall, stay with the standard dishes. For desserts the authentic desert is Qubani ka meeta (made from Apricots) and Double ka meeta (made from bread fried in oil, then sweetened along with Indian cheese). They are good and the taste is gold standard. This is not a place to try novel dishes - rather a place where you get to taste the authentic moghlai food.

The food is spicy with many Indian spices. However, the use of hot chilli pepper is a little mild compared to other restaurants in town. However, sample the food and make sure you can handle the spice. Most of the dishes are cooked in large volume - the ability to serve with lesser spice will be limited (even if you ask for low or medium spice).

 (Source: Hyderabad India Online) 

4 Seasons - 1

 (Source: kabab) 

6. Street Food

Now we come to the best part of the Hyderabadi culinary scene - its street food!

Here are my picks for such delights:

a. Tank Bund

The joints in this place may remind one of Bade Miya's, Mumbai, but surely not in terms of patronage. Yet, make sure you come to this place for some delicious meat served with naans! And the biggest selling point: Quick service. However, the catch is that you need a very strong digestive system in order to brave this experience!

b. Punjagutta

Head to this place, especially after midnight, for egg bhurji and spicy omelette! Yummy! You can also check out Surya Restaurant in the vicinity; it serves authentic Hyderabadi fare.

c. Masab Tank

Right next to Balaji Dept. Store, you may see a small Chinese food cart. Make a beeline for this cart anytime between 8 pm and midnight for some mind-blowing chicken dishes. If it runs out of chicken (which it does on most occasions), then settle for egg-fried noodles!

d. Madhapur

There's a petrol pump on the lane opposite Madhapur. The area near this petrol pump is lined with hordes of food carts. Pick the ones that serve Fried Chicken and Jalebi!

e. Lad Bazaar

A good stop for authentic Mughlai food - suits both veg and non-veg

f. Maharaja Chat Bandar

What's Indian street food without chaat? So, there's no chance of missing out on this one. In fact, I've added below a review of the place:

Best chat around

It's the best chat ever you can get it from 'Maharaja Chat'. Taste is very good and even though it's located in by-lanes, maintaines cleaniness. He takes order from you and delivers very quickly. Strongly recommended to try it once.

 (Source: TripAdvisor) 

I repeat, strong digestive system a must if you want to try out these options. Otherwise, there's another recommended alternative to satisfy your street food needs:

Eat Street is a multi-cuisine serving eatery, sitting on Necklace Road located at one of the banks of the Hussain Sagar Lake. It possesses a large seating capacity, yet it's packed with people, especially on weekends. The Chaat Corner here is hugely famous, so don't miss out on that one! Overall, a perfect place for enjoying fast food while hanging out with your peers and loved ones.

Let's see what patrons have to say about their experience here:

My second home....

Eat street is my second home... Firstly coz u get everything to eat, right from idli to pizza to salad to pav bhaji to jalebi to ice creams to juices and wat not... Every dam thing is available and almost all of them are excellent. Secondly, me and my friends visit there so often that its like our home. It is always the common spot to meet. And nobody asks for how much ever time u sit. So, that solves one of the biggest problem. And the lake side seating makes it very romantic. So, its a perfect place for a date or to spend time with ur loved ones. You also got a lot of games n rides for kids. So, people of any age can have fun. It is one stop for foodies...

 (Source: TripAdvisor) 

Street Food

 (Source: Sudhir Kontham) 

Another thing, highly recommended is the Karachi Bakery. Do buy the famous Hyderabadi Fruit Biscuits from this place. 


You can check out the following bars and pubs in the "City of Pearls":

BJN Floor, City Centre Mall, Road No. 1 & 10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 500034

A typical English bar, Firangi Paani has the oval barman's desk right in the center, surrounded by wooden tables. Watch the bartender doing tricks with the mixers and flaming the drinks!

A review to help you:

Firangi Paani has all the trappings of an English nightlife place. A central bar has bar stools arranged around it. There is a large dance floor and a DJ station as well. The wine list is quite exhaustive and so is the selection of spirits. Many an innovative cocktail and mocktail finds its way to the menu: Ultimate Hawaiian Volcano, Ultimate Mudslide, Firangi Paani Cafe, Mexican Cafe and Turkey Blue. If you shun alcohol, go for mocktails like Banana Berry, Summer Cyclist, Strawberry Surprise and Gold Medallist. Happy Hour offerings vary according to the days of the week: On Fridays and Saturdays, it lasts from noon to 7.15pm, on Sunday, it lasts from noon to midnight and on other days of the week from 4pm to 7.15pm. Starters like the Old British Favourited, Spicy Moroccan Eggs, Tossed Foccacia Whip and Garlic make for good accompaniments to drinks. The blaring music, which is a mix of Retro and Pop or Hip-hop, might not appeal to everyone. Tusedays and Thursdays are Ladies Nights, with free drinks being served from 8pm to 10pm. There's a cover charge of Rs.1000 per couple on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and Rs.600. Stags are not allowed.

 (Source: TimesCity) 

Firangi Paani

 (Source: Peter Gorges) 

2. 10 Downing Street (Recommended)

1st Floor, My Home Tycoon, Kundanbagh, Begumpet, Hyderabad - 500016

The haven of both the young and the elite (not necessarily confined to these sections), this place is also popular for its Karaoke nights on Thurdays and the pub lunch wherein for Rs 150 only, you are served a complete meal (Chinese / Continental / Indian), along with a complimentary glass of beer or soft drink.

Time for a review:

One of the oldest nightspots in Hyderabad, 10 Downing Street, which is popularly known as 10D, tries to live up to its very English name with its period furniture, relaxing sofas, polished wooden bar and artwork on the walls. Arguably one of Hyderabad's most happening places, 10D features a different theme every night of the week: Vintage on Mondays, Rock on Tuesdays, Ladies' Night on Wednesdays, Karaoke on Thursdays, Retro on Fridays and Desi on Saturdays. The well-stocked bar serves a wide choice of cocktails, liqueurs and shooters, besides many other spirits. The Crispy Baby Corn and Stuffed Mushrooms go well with Bacardi or beer. 10D also offers by far the best pub lunch with Indian, Continental or Chinese options at unbelievable prices, which includes a complimentary glass of beer or any other soft drink thrown in. A tongue-in-cheek humour sees the facilities aptly named as "Major" and "Maggie"! There's bonhomie in the atmosphere and everybody seems to be in the mood to chill out. Add good music to it and 10D have cracked the code for many a happy hour. Cheers!

 (Source: TimesCity) 

3. Bottles & Chimney

Old Cargo Office, Opp. Begumpet Airport, Hyd. 16; Tel: +91 40 27766464 / 27762368

Fondly shortened as B&C, this place is also great to hit the dance floor as well as for a Sunday movie brunch, plus a Rs. 99 Executive Lunch. Some other innovations by this pub include the following:

High up on the club's agenda is keeping interest peaked, so every day of the week has something going on in terms of music and events. DJ Shweth plays rock on Mondays and Tuesdays; bhangra for Patiala Night on Wednesday; retro on Thursdays and club; and house or trance on Fridays, which is also the official theme night at B&C. Themes range from James Bond to Hawaiian to Bollywood Masala. DJ Kanna makes every other Thursday a must-visit for hip-hop and R&B fans.

Bartenders here also have a couple of popular tricks up their sleeve, apart from the mint-and-vodka cocktail Caipiriojka. Flame-juggling and card tricks are a specialty here. So if you like your drink with more than a splash of the new and interesting, then head this way.

(Source: fullhyd.com) 

Review comes up now:

Enjoy the pulsating nightlife of Hyderabad, in a restaurant cum bar like Bottles & Chimney, which has became one of the inseparable parts for the party animals. With entertaining live DJ music along with laid back atmosphere and friendly staff, the resto-bar serves as an enticing resort for relaxation after a hectic day's work through its smashing numbers. Housed inside the Cargo Office Complex in Begumpet, Hyderabad, the resto-bar also serves domestic and international array of wines and liquors along with North Indian, South Indian, Italian, Chinese and Continental cuisine. Open for all, there are no entrance charges here. Throughout the week, one can move on to Bottles & Chimney from 12 PM to 12 AM. Entertaining both cash and credit card payment, the resto-bar provides seating area for over 350 people. One can enjoy the ladies night here from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM wherein ladies can get free beverages.

 (Source: TheCityGuide.in) 

I hope I have helped you out with adequate information. In case you need more suggestions, please do write back. We can also give you ideas on some really interesting shopping options (souvenirs, bargains, great grabs, et al), cool places to hang out, and sort out any other queries which you may have. It'll be our pleasure in helping you!

Take care. Enjoy. Have a Happy and Safe Journey...smiley



Answered by A writer who loves exploring new avenues and creating beautiful memories out of them Priyanka Agarwal

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