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August 12, 2011

Can you help me with information on the Krakow Zakopane bus routes? I need information on booking tickets, timings and cost.

Zakopane  •  Poland
August 25, 2011


To get from Krakow to Zakopane via public transportation, you have the choice of either train or bus. The bus is actually faster as the train takes 4 to 6 hours. The scheduled travel time is 2 hours, allow for at least 3 hours to get to your destination in case if there is any delay due to some construction work on the main road.So here are few suggestions on the bus route to Zakopane.

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Get Around

It is really easy to get to Zakopane by bus. There are two private companies with regular bus services (Trans Frej and Szwagropol) as well as the state run buses, PKS leaving the bus station in Krakow.This is a well trodden route, and inexpensive (approx 12 pln or 3 Euros).Listed below are few options on the bus route to Zakopane.Pick the one that suits your requirements.

1. Zakopane by Bus,Trans Frej (Recommended)

The Trans Frej offer fast, and effective connection between Kracow and Zakopane. They run buses to Zakopane, which are cheaper but faster. The buses leave from the modern bus terminal which is behind the city’s main train station, Kraków Główny. You can buy tickets from kiosks or pay the driver.

A very good way of travelling around Zakopane is using buses.Buses go almost everywhere for a reasonable price and can stop almost everything (not only at bus stops) . Their first stop is in front of the main bus station in Zakopane. A very good thing about them is that if you are in a bigger group you can ask the driver to pick you up.


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Address:Trans-Frej,32-020 Wieliczka, Bodzanów 227

Tel:012 278 4980

To know about the bus stations of Krakow and Zakopane click here.

If you want to book a ticket you can do so by calling the ticket office(012 278 4980).TRANS-Frej - booking is not possible in other sections of ticket sales. Remember that if you do not receive a ticket 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the bus, the reservation is lost.

Cost of a ticket is 18zl($6.27).To know more about the ticket price go here.

The buses run once in every one hour.Buses run from 6:30AM to 9:30PM.To know more about the bus timings in details click here.

2. Zakopane,by Bus,Szwagropol

Szwagropol is another private company which provides convenient transportation to Zakopane by bus.Traveling in their bus gives you the advantage to enjoy a comfortable and safe journey.


The best way to get to Zakopane (from Krakow for instance) is by bus as it takes less time than by train. There are a few bus companies but I would recommend SZWAGROPOL - a bit cheaper than PKS , reliable and quite fast.

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20010908 003 Bus (Source: Sheta Chow)

30-705 Kraków
ul. Klimeckiego 14

Tel:+48 (012) 652 77 80, 271 35 50, to know more as how to contact them go here.

You can buy tickets through their website. After buying you will receive the ticket via email or SMS. In case of insufficient quantities of tickets available please contact them at the phone number: 012 271 35 50

Buses start leaving for Zakopane from 6:40AM till 10:15PM.To see the bus schedule click here

Cost of the a ticket is 18zl($6.27).For more information on tickets click here.

3. Zakopane,By Bus,PKS

The state bus PKS  leave from the main bus station (Dworzec Autobusowy) at regular intervals.You can buy your ticket in the station or pay cash to the driver before departure.If going to Zakopane, it is advisable to use either a public bus (the state-owned PKS bus) or a mini-bus. The fares are not expensive.

To and back Krakow-Zakopane way I made with bus service. Buses are quite comfortable and not expensive to use  at all (about 11 zloty one way). I catched them in Krakow bus station - very frequent schedule. Zakopane has its own bus station as well, but there are one street, where buses stand just like that, not at bus station (maybe because of different bus companies).

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PB281125 (Source: David Ingham) 

The buses for Zakopane leaves from PKS Coach Station (Dworzec PKS) which is situated within a walking distance from the PKP Railway Station (Dworzec PKP) in Kosciuszki Street.

Telephone no: 018 201 4603

Buses are available every 40min, from 4:40PM to 8:50PM.

Cost of a ticket is 11zl($3.8).for more information click here

Hope these suggestions are helpful during the trip. If there is any other information required, feel free to get back to us.



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