Imdb Graph Search
Natural language search for movies, like the facebook graph search. You can search Movies directed by Clint Eastwood and actor Matt Damon and of genre Fantasy (http://imdbgraph.com/search/actor/Matt-Damon/director/Clint-Eastwood/genre/Fantasy). You can search by director, actors, genre, release year and a bunch of other parameters. You can, of course, use these parameters in any order and combination that you care for.
Winner of the Bangalore::Hack 2013 (Web Track category)!
Fake My Trip
You have always wanted to take a trip to that fab destination. But while you have been stuck in this town, your friends have been globetrotting, and gloating about it on facebook! No more. It's payback time. Get fakin'!
Winner of the Yahoo Open Hack 2011 (Most Fun) category!
Use Google Checkout to pay for your trip
If you have trouble using Paypal to make the payment, you can choose to make the payment using Google Checkout. Just decide what you want to pay for and click on the "Buy" button.