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June 8, 2012

I'm planning a 9 day trip in June to Shirdi. I need suggestions for what all I should see, I've been here before, give me only offbeat & local stuff. Things I like - temples.
I need help with hotels.
I am traveling with parents - 50 is their age, and are very dedicated towards workshipping.

Shirdi  •  India
June 9, 2012

Things to See

June to August is around the best time to visit Shirdi. Literally thousands of people come every day to this rural town to seek the blessings of Sai Baba and it is best to visit the temple during the week. Thursday is considered to be Sai Baba's day so there are even more devotees visiting the temple on this day and is generally avoidable unless of course you specifically want darshan on this day.

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Apart from the main temple, there are several small places around like the Chavdi and Laxmibai's house which are popular with devotees to the shrine.

These are replete with history and associations with Sai Baba and are worth a visit after your darshan at the main shrine.

1. The Temple of Saturn

Around 70 kms away from Shirdi is the famous town of Shani Shingnapur which has a temple dedicated to Lord Shani or Saturn. A big black rock which is bathed in oil by its devotees, this temple receives lots of devotees every day  especially those whose life is affected by presence of the planet Shani in their horoscopes. The speciality of this place is that none of the houses in this village are locked. 


Singnapur Gaaon Jag Se Nirala [Full Song] I Shani Mahamantra

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Here's what some devotees had to say:

 Shani mandir... True to the spirit of the lord... The temple is absolute transparent and clean. Amazing purity. No need for any agent or any frills.

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 Make sure you 'buy' the Parsad here,barfis are sweet and tasty. Rest of the commercialization repels me.

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2. Temple Town

This ancient temple town on the banks of the river Godavari was visited by Lord Ram and his entourage at Panchavati and you would do well to spend a night in this town which is  only 75 kms away from Shirdi. There are lots of other temples too - the Shiva Temple at Trimbakeshwar further south ( which is one of the 12 Jyotirling temples), as well as several little temples along the river banks.

nashik temple (Source: KEVINETSAI)

At Nasik you could actually visit Panchavati ( the place of the five Banyan trees) and see the Sita Gumpha, the home of Sita from where she was abducted by Ravana. Or you could also take a dip in the Ramkund closeby where Lord Rama is said to have bathed.

You could also visit the Kalaram Temple in the vicinity or the Naroshankar Temple further down.

There are literally lots of temples to see so it would be worth spending a night in Nasik.

3. An important Jyotirlinga

If you make the trip to Ajanta & Ellora, it would be worth making a slight detour to the village of  Velur (which is 30 km West of Aurangabad) to see the temple of Grishneshwar This Shiva temple is one of the  12 Jyotirlingas  which every devout Hindu would like to visit , and has  been constructed by Ahilyabai Holkar on the ancient site. 

Grishneshwar Temple in Daulatabad (Source: sowri)


Here's what a visitor had to say:

one among the highly prayed 12 shiva jyotirlinga temples. Temple is surrounded by walls and adds upto the security due to its significance. Has huge crowed on the shivratri day as well month of marathi calender shraven months. Leather in any form is not allowed inside the temple so advisable to be kept outside the shops or in your vehicles....

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4. Cave temples

Since you are spending 9 days at Shirdi, it would be worth making an overnight trip to Aurangabad which is a three hour drive away. With Aurangabad as your base, you can visit the Ajanta and Ellora caves which  are among one of the wonders of the world and classified as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO.  There are 29 cave temples carved out of sheer rock at Ajanta and around 34 rock temples at Ellora .

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The Ajanta Caves (अजिंठा लेणी), Maharashtra, India are 29 rock-cut cave monuments which date from the 2nd century BCE. The caves include paintings and sculptures considered to be masterpieces of both Buddhist religious art (which depict the Jataka tales) as well as frescos which are reminiscent of t
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Here's what a visitor had to say :

Excellant work Reviewed 1 June 2012 Ajantha Caves are one of the best sculptures we have seen. There are 30 rock cut caves dating back to 2nd century. They are one of the best exhibitions of Buddhist art in India. The painting are mostly damaged due to human abuse but what remains are worth spending time to view. Today we are gungho about 3D movies and... More

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Further south are the rock temples of Ellora chief among them being the spectacular Kailash temple which is carved out of one rock! The only word to describe the temples carved out of the mountain is "Amazing"!

Kailash Biggest Monolithic Temple in world 770 AD (Source: amanderson2)

Here's what a visitor had to say:

learn the Architecture of the past Reviewed June 4, 2012  the Kailash cave ( no. 16) is world class architectural beauty of the past. The place is 33 Km from Aurangabad. One can stay at aurangabad and take car or city tour. Dont leave ur vehicle at parking. u can take it close to group of caves. Walking on foot is tiring otherwise. For hindus one of the jyotirling is around 1 km from the caves. Aurangabad is having Taj replica known as Bibi ka makbara. Its worth and has close resemblance to Taj Mahal.

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5. Adul Baba Cottage and the Ashram of Upasni Maharaj

Adul Baba Cottage is the home of one of Sai Baba's ardent devotees. Today this houses several memorabilia associated with Adul Baba and Sai Baba and people who visit recall feeling His presence .

Here's what a visitor had to say :

quite original and untouched Reviewed June 8, 2012  When I entered , I felt as if i am entering a place which is at least 70-80 years old. Family members of Abdul Baba were there to give the blessings, the place had old items placed over there with old pics depicting the period of early 1900. It was quite spiritual to see and feel the place. Over and above , it gave a multi-religious essence and experience and thats what India is all about. Worth Visiting , thats one of the few untampered places left at Shirdi. 

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Address : Adul Baba Cottage, Ahmednagar District, Shirdi 423109

The Ashram of Upasni Maharaj :  Around 5 kms away from Shirdi at a place called Sakuri, you can visit the ashram of Upasni Maharaj who was one of Sai Baba's prime disciples. Meherbaba is one of Upasni Maharaj's disciples. 

Shirdi and around

I hope you take advantage of your long stay in Shirdi and make these side trips to Nasik and Aurangabad. We would be only too happy to help you with accommodation options in these two towns, so do write back to us.


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Answered by Sunita Rajwade

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