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September 15, 2012

I am going to be in London. I need help with food.
I need suggestions for what all I should see.
I need help with flights - Starting point would be Los Angeles, CA.
I need help with car rentals.
I need help with nightlife.
I have co-travelers - sister.

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September 15, 2012

Things to See

London is one of the most visited places in Europe and there are many things to see and do while you are there. I have found a couple of popular attractions that you can check out during your visit. Below are my recommendations.


(Source: Tom Soper Photography)


1. Big Ben

The most famous feature outside the 'Westminster palace' is the Clock Tower, commonly known as Big Ben. Ben is the bell hanging inside and is named after Benjamin Hall, the commissioner of works when the tower was completed in 1858.A light at the top of the tower is illuminated, when the Parliament is sitting at night. If you’re very keen (and a UK resident) you can apply in writing for a free tour of the Clock Tower.

 (Source: Mark Kobayashi-Hillary)



2. The London Eye

The London Eye is the biggest observation wheel in the world. It is situated on the bank of the river Thames and rises 135 metres into the sky. An entire revolution of the London Eye takes a full 30 minutes, giving you a great, relaxed view of 25 miles around. I'd suggest you ride it either on your first day in London, to get yourself oriented with the city, or on your last day, to have one last look before you leave.

The London Eye. (Source: Jim)

3. Westminster Abbey


Kings, queens, statesmen and soldiers; poets, priests, heroes and villains - the Abbey is a must-see living pageant of British history. Every year Westminster Abbey welcomes over one million visitors who want to explore this wonderful 700-year-old building. Steeped in history, the pillars of this great vaulted hall stand on the final resting place of the men and women who built Britain. Its great Gothic hall continues to play a part in the formation of the kingdom, having hosted nearly every coronation since 1308.

 (Source: Visit Us - Westminster Abbey)

Palace of Westminster - London, England (Source: Jim Trodel)

4. The Floatworks Floatation Centre

Book yourself for some floatation tank therapy at the Floatworks, the world's largest float centre with 9 tanks! This is the only situation you will encounter where your body is completely free from the harmful forces of gravity(of course, unless you are an astronaut). Every single muscle in the body is allowed to totally relax.


Here you can book a session at Floatworks. And below is a BBC-London article with info:

 Dave Arnup recommends the Floatworks Flotation Tank Centre at London Bridge: "It's somewhere I go when I really feel I need to get away from it all and completely unwind," he says. "Flotation tanks induce a similar effect to that of deep meditation... the water is heated to skin temperature and after a short while you lose all contact with your body. The feeling is a bit like dreaming but being awake at the same time. When you leave you feel dreamily alert and wonderfully refreshed."

Hyde Park (Source: Ashley Wang)


5. Renoir Cinema

Renoir Cinema is located in Bloomsbury itself so it will be very accessible for you. It is one of London's top cinema houses. Crussh and Starbucks Coffee Company are couple of restaurants located in the vicinity in case you want to grab a bite after watching a movie. The theatre is open from 2 pm to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Renoir Cinema (Source: Ewan Munro)

Rates: USD 17

Contact: Brunswick Centre, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 1AW, Ph: 0872 148 4112

Do read these reviews:

Admittedly this is a cinema with lots of quirks, but they make it fairly unique too.

It screen great films in strange underground auditoriums. It does feel very dated but personally I think it has a lot more charm than the other Curzon Cinema's which have very swish interiors.

If you want to watch Batman (not that they'd screen it anyway) then stick to the Odeons's and Vu's. If you fancy a slightly faded modernist cinema then you'll love it.

 (Source: Renoir Cinema London - Cinema User Reviews , Bloomsbury)

I prefer to spend my movie-going pounds on independent and small chains over Vues & Odeons whenever possible, and this was a cute little place to do so. It's situated in the Brunswick centre so you have the massive Waitrose to provide some pre-cinema munchies and there's lots of restaurants around to grab something to eat before or after your show.

The screen wasn't massive but the floor had a steep pitch so there wasn't any heads blocking your view. You'll be trading the typical popcorn and nacho concession stand for a minibar, which for the type of movies they show, you're better off with a glass of wine or a G&T to get you in the mood. I didn't really realize how close it was to where I live, I'll be going back here for sure in the future!

 (Source: Curzon Renoir - Bloomsbury - London - WC1N 1AW)

You would have to take a tube from Russel Square Tube station to get to the theatre.


Closing Notes

Hope the above information was of help to you.

In case you need any further information  night life, then please feel free to write back to us. Also if you can specify your exact budget we can suggest you some of the best deals in hotel accommodations.

Have a nice day.



September 15, 2012


There is no better way of experiencing a city's charms and culture than tasting its various local flavors. London is webbed with some excellent restaurants that offer delicious food, varied menus,and prompt service. It possesses fine dining in all international cuisines, and you'll definitely have a lot of fun trying these out!


(Source: pfala)


1. A Little Of What You Fancy

Be not confused when you hear it, for it is not anything else but the name of the restaurant. If you fancy a bit of Scottish or British cuisine, then A Little Of What You Fancy is the place where you belong. Right from a nice bowl of porridge in the morning, or a huge English platter of Sausage, Bacon, Eggs and toast, This place serves 100% authentic British food. The atmosphere is very cosy and homely. The initials of the name of the restaurant spell "ALOWYF", the Brit way of pronouncing "alive". 

Full English Breakfast (Source: philcampbell)

Here's a review:

This place has a great character tucked aqay in Haggerston/Dalston on Kingsland Road. The tables are all old desks, brick and chalkboard on the walls and awesome old style cutlery and dishes. The food is some of the best cafe style food I have tried in London and is similar to the level of food you can expect in Melbourne or Wellington. Wholesome natural food that you could expect to pay double for in a fancy fussy restaurant and great friendly swift staff. Best cafe in London!

 (Source: TripAdvisor)

Cuisine: Scottish, British

Prices: Main courses £10-£15 ( $16- 25)
Address: 464 Kingsland Rd., E8, London
Telephone: 020/7275-0060
Hours/Timings: Tues-Wed 9am-11pm; Thurs-Fri, 9am-midnight; Sat 10am-midnight; Sun noon-10pm

2. Giaconda Dining Room

With Australian owners and the location in a street full of guitar shops, Giaconda Dining Room serves international cuisine, of a level that is somewhat heavenly, with the prices that are very reasonable. A decent wine list, an efficient staff and an amazing food menu, it is moulded into the perfect kind of restaurant that you would want to frequent again and again.

creme brulee at the Giaconda Dining Room (Source: purpaboo)

Here's a Snippet:

The food is enjoyable and reasonably priced. It's old-fashioned stuff, largely French in orientation, and substantial. Meat, including offal and extremities, is the most prominent feature (this is no place for vegetarians). A disc of boned pig's trotter, braised, then fried to crispness, conveys the essence of Giaconda cooking. Ditto for a deeply satisfying 'crumble' of creamed shallots and mushrooms, meltingly soft and rich underneath its crisp brown crumble. Ditto again ham hock hash: a hockey puck of meat topped with a fried egg and served with a well-dressed salad.

 (Source: Time Out London)

Cuisine: International

Prices: Main courses £11.75-£31.50 ($ 18.50- $50)
Address: 9 Denmark St., WC2, London
Telephone: 020/7240-3334
Hours/Timings: Mon-Fri noon-2:15pm and 6-9:15pm

3. Rock & Sole Plaice

What about have those characteristic London fish and chips on a nice sunny lunch in London?  Rock and Sole Plaice is the answer to it. This fine restaurant offers some of the best British cuisine there is in the city. The ambience is relaxed and you get in your own wine too. All in all, a perfect place to have a nice relaxed meal with family.

(Source: jay.tong)

 A review:

When I used to live in London this was my hands down favourite chippy in the West End. Quality Haddock and Cod, excellent chips. Just a very consistent chippy that's been doing Fish & Chips forever. This is traditional London in a nut shell. Not upscale, not cheap either, but when you need to fill that craving, this is the place.

 (Source: Yelp)

Address: 47 Endell Street, Covent Garden

Tel: 020 7836 3785

Average Price: £10-20per meal

Hours: Mon to Fri 11:30-23:30, Sat 12-22, Sun 12:30-23

4. Le Gavroche

Le Gavroche is an award winning restaurant and is a favorite among the tourists and the locals. The immaculate service and main course dishes will certainly be more than just worth it. Visit this place for a fine dining experience. You and your spouse will have a beautiful time together!

(Source: georgeparrilla)

Here's a great review!

lovely dining experience.  service was beyond excellent.  we went with the tasting menu and wine pairings.  i was simply stuffed and barely touched the last 2 courses.   the attention to detail - whether that's changing plates, glasses and flatware, wiping the edge of plates when the garnish moved in transit, or even guiding me to the restroom (for some reason, every time i went to the the ladies room...).  and they have a few original chagall's in the bar to keep one amused over a drink.

(Source: Le Gavroche - Marylebone - London)

heres nothing much to say other than superb, the service, the food, the restaurant and the man himself was there and personally went to every table and thanked us for choosing to eat in his restaurant, how rare is that! will certainly eat there again and recommend you try it.

 (Source: Le Gavroche Restaurant Reviews, London, United Kingdom - TripAdvisor)

Address : 43 Upper Brook St. | Marble Arch, London W1K 7QR, England

Telephone : 020 7408 0881

Timings : Wed - Sun 12:00 - 14:00, Wed - Mon 18:30 - 21:30

Price : $26 - $40

5. Laughing Gravy Bar & Restaurant

Laughing Gravy Bar & Restaurant is a must visit for all food enthusiasts and everyone seeking for a fine dining experience. This place serves a variety of skillfully prepared seasonal dishes with some really great beer and wines. The service is excellent and the ambiance is super vibrant. A must visit!


 (Source: ljv)


Here are some interesting reviews!



We had visited this place in November 2011 ( see previous revue ) and we were so impressed that we decided to visit again. Like the first time, the food and service were outstanding. Cant wait to be in London again.


 (Source: Laughing Gravy Bar & Restaurant Reviews, London, United Kingdom - TripAdvisor)



ood is brilliant and affordable. The staff are friendly and accommodating. I would definitely recommend!


 (Source: The Laughing Gravy)


Address : 154-156 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8EN, United Kingdom

Telephone : +44 20 7998 1707 ‎

Timings : 11 am till late

Price : Price: $2 - $49

Closing Notes

We hope you find our suggestions as useful and have a great time exploring these restaurants in London. If you need help with anything else, do drop in a query.



Answered by Hi!I believe in service with a smile. What's more, you get a happy ending!!! Cheerio!! Chitwan Deep Singh

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