Nightlife in Quebec

November 22, 2011

Any tips on the best nightlife spots in Quebec? Going in December with some friends so looking for some great places to party and hang out :)

December 8, 2011

Nightlife in Quebec

Quebec city does not boast the night life of the electrifying Montreal, but there is no lack of after-dark activities, it houses classy hotel lounge bars, pubs and more alternative bars. The Grande Allée has most of the city's clubs and youth oriented bars, whereas the best of the pubs are beyond the city walls on the west end on La Rue St. Jean.

Here are my top night life spots to hang out and party in Quebec City:

 (Source: Derek Hatfield)

1. Chez Dagobert (Recommended)

Chez Dagobert is one of the oldest clubs in Quebec city and is rated as one of the best around. There is always a great party going on in this three story mansion. The entry floor plays live rock music and up a flight of neon lit staircase, is the main dance floor, where dance/ techno music is played with video screens, light and lasers all around. The third floor offers a bar with a view of the dance floor.

Dagobert would be top of the partying list for anybody visiting Quebec. Be careful with the bouncers though.

dagobert ice bar (Source: Regan Walsh)

This is what a visitor had to say about Dagobert:

our plan was to have a fun time around town during carnival hanging around the ice bars. when we we were introduced into chez dagobert it changed out last two nights completely. Clean, well organized, well designed, amazing light show, crisp chest shaking sound, great crowd, and did i say amazing light show? im not only saying its a great place, im telling you plan a Quebec city vacation around the Chez Dagobert experience, its that special.

Dagobert (Source: Yahoo! Travel) 

Address: 600, Grande Allée Est

Phone: +1 418-522-0393

Timings: Mon- Sat 11:30 AM- 11:00 PM Sun 11:00 AM- 11:00 PM

2. Bar Chez Maurice (Recommended)

Another triple tiered mansion converted into a bar, Chez Maurice is in the heart of Grande Allée, it has a very good restaurant named Voodoo Grill, a couple of bars and music, mostly Latin. During winter, Chez Maurice is known to set up a side walk level "Icecotheque" and a bar made completely of ice, ice sculptures and some roaring music. The place has a pretty fancy washroom as well. 

Maurice (Source: Carnaval)

A tourist has this to say about Chez Maurice:

My friends and I went on a trip to Qubec City for March Break 2004. While there we stayed at the Ramada Inn in Beauport. We frequented three bars. One of which was Chez Maurice. We had an amazing time there! The themed rooms were excellent. The drinks were great too. However I must say the most impressive part of this bar was the bathroom! Most bars have dirty, disgusting bathrooms that you wish you didn't have to go in. Well not the Chez Maurice. The bathrooms there were so awesome we took pictures and actually drank in there for a while!
Way to Go Chez Maurice!

Maurice Nightclub (Source:Yahoo! Travel) 

Address: 575 Grande Allée Est

Phone: +1 418-647-2000 ‎

Timings: Mon- Sat 11:30 AM- 11:00 PM Sun 11:00 AM- 11:00 PM

3. Boudoir Lounge (Recommended)

Boudoir Lounge is a very popular pub in St. Roch. Boudoir Lounge has a restaurant which offers great food everyday and a bar which offers a wide range of cocktails and martinis. It has a vibrating dance floor on B-Level, coupled with 60 speakers.

Music is played from Thursday to Saturday starting from 10 PM up until early in the morning. The best place to hang out at night in Quebec if the days you are visiting fall anywhere between Thursday and Saturday.

Boudoir Lounge (Source: Salim Fadhley)

The World Guide's review of Boudoir Lounge:

Le Boudoir

Hip lounge Le Boudoir is one of many popular bars located in the old downtown neighbourhood of Saint-Roch. Trendy Le Boudoir also hosts club nights from Thursday to Saturday with music varying from lounge to pop hits.

Boudoir Lounge (Source: Quebec City Nightlife) 

Address: 441 Rue De L'Église

Phone: +1 418-524-2777

Timings: Mon-Fri 12 pm - 3 am Sat-Sun 4 pm - 3 am

4. Saint-Alexandre

Pub Saint- Alexandre is one of the best places in Quebec if you are looking to catch a beer. This authentic English Pub, as they call themselves, offers 250 varieties of beer from all around the world and a very eclectic range of single malts.

Music is played on weekends and occasionally during the week and the genres range from Celtic to blues to rock. Better check on their schedule before you plan a visit. The Pub also serves very good food at reasonable and affordable prices, but the service is known to be slow.

 (Source: Richard Taylor) 

A tourist had this to say about St. Alexandre:

We picked this pub randomly among all the restaurant in downtown Quebec City . Initially we got really disappointed with the bad service and not pleasant waitresses. It took almost 45 mins for the food to show up and they forgot to bring the bread and butter to our table till we remind them. But once the food arrived, we forgot all the bad things about their service. The food was really good prepared and delicious. We tried the steak and also the burger and both were amazing.

Pub St. Alexandre (Source: TripAdvisor) 

Address: 1087 Rue St.-Jean

Phone: +1 418-694-0015

Timings: Daily 11:00 AM - 3:00 AM

Apart from the regular clubs in Quebec city, the city's night life also features The Grand Theatre, which offers a pleasurable experience.

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Answered by Sriram D Iyer

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