Offbeat attractions and street food in Goa.

November 27, 2012

Going on a trip in Nov to Goa. I need help with food - street food.
I need suggestions for what all I should see, give me only offbeat & local stuff.
I need help with flights - Starting point would be Delhi, India.
I am traveling with friends - 15.

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November 28, 2012

Offbeat attractions and street food in Goa

Hey ! If there's one place in the country worth visiting with friends, it is Goa. This sun kissed paradise of sandy beaches, blue waters, scenic natural beauty never losses its charm. And not to forget the delicious cuisine, cheap liquor, beach parties and friendly locals. You're surely going to have a trip to remember. 

Since you've already been here and done that, here are some not so well known attractions that you can check out on this trip. 


Cliffs near Goa Beach at sunset (Source: Horia Varlan)

1. Betul Beach

Slowly and steadily most of the beaches in Goa are getting crowded and polluted. If you really want a beach all to yourself, away from the hustle and bustle of holiday makers, you need to set out and explore. For Goa, the choices are endless. One such beach is Betul beach located in South Goa, at the end of Mobor across the river Sal. 

This secluded beach is popular as a fishing beach and locales as well as tourists are seen indulging in the activity. A number of deep sea trawlers and fishing boats are also sighted here. Known for mussels, some of Goa's largest and finest mussels are to be spotted on this beach.  If you're looking to explore new beaches, you won't be disappointed. 

Here's an interesting blog I found.

Betul Harbor.m4v
Views: 484Rating: Duration: 42 secs
Betul harbor is in south Goa. This video is courtesy of Agonda White Sand beach huts on Agonda beach near to Palolem.
AgondaWhiteSand (Source: AgondaWhiteSand)

Here's a review :


The place is beautiful, untouched and lovely. You must watch the sunset at Betul Beach. The place is unspoiled and you can actually watch the fisherfolk with their families and observe their lifestyle, peaceful and unassuming. There are no places to eat so take a picnic and enjoy the ambience away from the madding crowd

 (Source: TripAdvisor)

Location : South Goa District, Salcette 403723

2. Fontainhas

Fontainhas is an old Portuguese neighbourhood in Goa. It's  colourful, vibrant and reminiscent of old Goa of the colonial era. This quaint area is filled with chapels, shrines, churches and has still managed to maintain its old world charm. A must see for any offbeat locale lover. Fontainhas is also home to the beautiful Chapel of St Sebastian which was built in 1818.

Read more here.

Famous Fontainhas in Panjim (Source: Aaron C)

Here's a review :


Colourful houses, small European styled villas and narrow lanes with chapels found at almost every corner, this is a must visit area of Goa. Just make up your mind to walk for an hour or more and you won't be disappointed. Take lanes, steps just keep walking to every nook and corner and there is a treasure to unleash. Find a cafe, drink coffee, eat some cake, munch on some patties (very different from what you find in other parts of India) and then walk again. Visit the Panjim Inn Art Gallery, if you want to purchase some art or book. The Panjim Inn building itself is quite amazing. Tip: Visit this place with like minded people who don't mind to walk to see Goa of Portuguese era.

 (Source:  TripAdvisor)

Address: Panaji, Goa, India.

3. Dudhsagar Falls

Often considered to be India's own answer to the Niagara falls, Dudhsagar Falls are the second-highest waterfall in India. Plummeting a good 605 meters, they are a spectacular sight!

The falls are just 2 hours away from Margao (and extremely close to Candolim and Benaulim beaches). Its a short train ride to the gushing falls. Click here to read a blogger's first-hand account of the falls.

On the way to Dudhsagar from castle rock
(Source: Karthik Narayan)
Here's a review of the Dudhsagar Falls -
the journey to the falls in the 4x4 is one which you won't forget either!! It is a beautiful place but can get busy with tourists..advice is to get there early..we did and were able to enjoy in relative peace and quiet..when the crowds arrive though that certainly changes! Feeding the monkeys was also amazing and unexpected..! Swiming in the base of the falls was also great fun..a recommended day trip.

(Source: TripAdvisor) 

There are jeeps and motorcycles with pilots available to take you to Dudhsagar. But if you're up for it, then a trek up to the falls would be ideal.
On the way to the falls are 2 amazing places, namely the Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary (Phone: 91-832-2612211) with its rare treasures of the exotic black panther; and the picturesque Devil's Canyon.
4. Loutolim Village

Goa is more than just a beach destination. For a real treat Head to Loutolim Village located in Salcette district of South Goa about 26 kms from Colva.

Loutolim is easily the prettiest village you will come across in Goa. At first sight it might look like just pretty villas but a closer examination will reveal the mesmerisingly beautiful Portuguese finishing to the architectural style that has been preserved painstakingly over the centuries.


Entrance to Ancestral Goa Tour (Source: AaronC's Photos

Loutolim's major attraction is undoubtedly 'The Big Foot' that houses huge life-like laterite sculptures on the ground of Hindu Gods, Goddesses and prominent figures of Indian History.  Some of these sculptures are as long as 14m. The Big Foot is India's first open-air museum and parkland. There is a beautiful mix of Indo-Portuguese culture in this quaint town located in South Goa.

Alongside simple thatched mud huts and delightful red-bricked cottages, lie architecturally brilliant Portuguese-era villas. The stately Braganza Mansion and Miranda House (owned by the famous Goan cartoonist Mario Miranda) are delightfully old-world and regal and not to be missed.

Loutolim also houses a spice farm, a distillery, a restaurant, a local arts and craft gallery with an attached souvenir shop, an aviary and a medicinal spring, thereby firmly staking its claim as one of the most must-visit places in all of Goa!


Big Foot - Ancestral Goa Tour (Source: AaronC's Photos)

5. Keri Beach

Another quiet beach worth visiting is Keri beach located north of the Arambol beach. Also known as Querim beach, it is a heavenly little paradise lined with coconut and casuarinas trees. One of the lesser crowded beaches in South Goa, this white sand beach is perfect if you're looking to get away from the mainstream crowds. 

It is easily accessible from Arambol and has few shacks and restaurants serving local fresh seafood here. You also have the option of water sports and paragliding.

Across the riverbank you can also spot the famous ancient Portuguese fort known as the Terakhol Fort. A ferry is available to take you to Terekol every 30 min, except at low tide. From the Terekol you get some fantastic views of the Keri beach.

(Source: antwerpenR)

Here's a review :

The very northern part of Goa Tiracol is wild, beautiful, unspoilt and totally uncommercialised and is one of the last idyllically peaceful spots in Goa. Nearby is an old fort, Tiracol Fort, which was captured by the Portuguese in 1776 with St. Anthony's church in the middle, is set spectacularly on the hilltop. From the battlements one can look across to Querim Beach. The beach is at least three miles long and half a mile wide. Take a picnic, a couple of beach towels and you will be in heaven.

 (Source: VirtualTourist)

Check out more pictures here.

Trees line the Keri/Querim beach... (Source: antwerpenR)


Since you mentioned you're looking for street food locales in Goa. I'm sure you're searching for local Goan delicacies. 

You will find roadside stalls all over Goa, from the markets to the beaches. Like any part of the country there's innumerable sellers and vendors selling a variety of mouthwatering goodies. Popular areas are the Mapusa Friday market and Calangute.

But they won't necessarily sell Goan fare. And if you're in Goa there are some local delicacies you just have to try. 

Here are the top three Goan street eats and where to find them.

Choriso pao: Also known as sausage bread or sausage pao. It is a combination of Goan Choriso (pork sausage) steamed or fried in pork fat and stuffed into bread. The famous Goan sausage or choriso is basically pork meat  which is cut into tiny pieces and marinated with vinegar and red chilly masala. It is then stuffed in an edible dry animal intestine and stringed together into a long tube. Although it doesn't sound that appealing it will send your tastes buds screaming.

Where to eat : Any of the stalls at Agassaim-Pilar while traveling Margao-Vasco to Panjim on NH17.


Chorizo at the Mapusa Friday Market (Source: Extempore)

Croquette : This Spanish delicacy is made of  a small, deep fried, finely ground beef roll coated with rava or bread crumbs. The beef is usually seasoned with green chilies, ginger and garlic. The way to eat is to choose a fat croquette dipped in egg white and coated with breadcrumbs before frying.

Where to eat  :  Dom Pedros, Margao

Croquette (Source: kimubert)

Ros-omelette or rus omelette: This popular delicacy has people lining-up for it. A fluffy yellow omelette filled with finely chopped coriander and onions, is topped with thick spicy brown coloured Chicken coconut curry and sprinkled with lime juice. You must inquire for the best rus omelette gaddo in your area. It is also available in a mutton gravy variant. 

Where to eat :

Ulhas Gaddo: Located next to Bank of Baroda, Margao.

Sandeep Gaddo: Next to Singbal book shop, Panaji.

1. Monica's Beach Shack

Monica's Beach Shack on Candolim Beach in Goa is quite popular with travelers looking for fresh sea-food coupled with a wide range of spirits and chilled beer. This shack offers a extensive menu to tickle your taste buds with the amazing flavours created and the portions given are pretty decent. Popular dishes include Onione Bhajji, Chicken masala and Shark masala.


 Fish Curry (Source: Ron Dollete)

Here's a review :

Just wanted to put a report on for MONICA's shack NOT Monico's shack as there is a little miss understanding as to which is which. Monica is a lovely lady who does the cooking with her daughter, and husband iggy looks after the drinks and food orders they are 2 shacks away from the calamari shack at the Sinquelim end of candolim, not the shack near the main Beach rd. The food is fabulous and Monica is always there to greet you with one of those wonderful smiles that starts the day off well. With tiger there to look after the beds for you ( which free if you eat there ) you couldn't ask for a better place to start and end the day.Reasonable prices as well.Enjoy

 (Source: TripAdvisor)

Cuisine: Seafood, Goan, Indian

Address: Candolim Beach

Closing Notes

Hope you find these suggestions helpful. If there's anything else we can help you out with like flights, nightlife options, bike rentals etc. Just let us know.

Have a blast !


Arambol beach, Goa (Source: "The Wanderer's Eye")

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