Overviews of National Parks in Kenya

December 13, 2012

I am going to be in Kenya. I need suggestions for what all I should see. Things I like - safari.
I am traveling with friends.

December 13, 2012


Kenya is a prominent natural habitat and holiday destination in the eastern part of Africa near the equator. This land of nature has a habitable warm climate and some of the most viewable and worth a visit natural wildlife habitats and sanctuaries. A really beautiful and breathtaking scenery awaits you as you embark on your journey to Kenya.

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As we travel ahead on this wonderful journey, we shall travel through some of the most beautiful national parks in Kenya where you can see breathtaking locales and some of the otherwise extinct animals and click some amazing photographs. wishing you a lovely journey ahead!!!

1. Lion Trail Safari

Lion Trail Safari is one of the fabulous day safari activity that you can plan in Kenya. They have awesome and knowledgeable guides who will guide you through the forest trails meticulously and with a detailed explanation about everything you need to know. A must visit attraction.

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Reasons why you should embark on this wonderful journey of wilderness:

My friend and I had an excellent time on our full day Nairobi National Park safari. Our fearless leader, Steven, was the best! He knew so much about all of the animal that lived in the national park and successfully found zebras, rhinos, hippos, buffalo, lots of giraffes, and even three lions! I would definitely recommend Lion Trails to anyone who is looking to see what wildlife Kenya has to offer.

 (Source: Lion Trails Safaris - Day Excursions - Nairobi - Reviews of Lion Trails Safaris - Day Excursions - TripAdvisor)

Charges: As applicable

Location: Embakasi, Outer Ring Road | Orange House, 3rd Floor, Hse no. 8, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone number: +254 20 2692888

Email address: info@liontrailssafaris.com


2. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is one of the best places to visit if your an animal lover and have particular affection for elephants. This is a place and trust dedicated exclusively to the care and rearing of elephants. What' s more they have options of sponsoring an orphan elephant as well. A must visit for all.

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Reasons why you should choose to visit this place:

Me and my wife visited the center last month, November 2012. In short: it was amazing to here the stories and see the baby elephants. We were deeply touched by the entire experience (we did that after completing a 12 day safari in Kenya) and if you have the time, don't miss it. We wish the Trust all the best...

 (Source: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - Nairobi - Reviews of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - TripAdvisor)

Charges: As applicable

Location: Mbagathi Road, Nairobi 00503 , Kenya

Phone number: 254 (0) 20 891 996

Email address: rc-h@africaonline.co.ke

3. Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is a must visit for anyone who is visiting Kenya for the first time. This is one of the places which has been untouched by human habitat and maintained wonderfully in its natural atmosphere, making the experience unmatched and amazing. A must visit for all.

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Reasons why you should choose to visit this wonderful place:

Saw two male lions at the side of the track only 500 meters inside the park! Ate a delicious lunch in the garden of the Karen Blixen Cafe and fed the giraffes at Giraffe manor

 (Source: Nairobi National Park, Karen Blixen Museum, and Giraffe Center - Nairobi - Reviews of Nairobi National Park, Karen Blixen Museum, and Giraffe Center - TripAdvisor)

Charges: Entry fees as applicable

Location: Nairobi, Kenya (Nairobi Central Business District)


4. Karura Forest Reserve

Karura Forest Reserve is one of the biggest forest reserves in Kenya. Spread over the land area of more than forty kilometers, this place is scenically beautiful and the weather is amazingly cool and breezy in contrast to the African weather. If you want to see the animals in their own natural habitat, this place is a must visit.

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Reasons why you should choose to visit this place:

A friend and I walked for about 40 Kilometers in Karura Forest. We entered through the Kiambu road gate, and got we out of the park on the sides of Village Market. I must have burned a hundred calories! I wIll do walk again; but with either my dog, or with my bike. As a suggestion, more signs should be pinned on the road and forest path. It took us about two or three hours or more to the waterfall, and to the lake. A map is not enough, and with it, it took us a long time to find the forest exit.

 (Source: Karura Forest Reserve - Nairobi - Reviews of Karura Forest Reserve - TripAdvisor)

Charges: Fees as applicable

Location: Limuru Road, Nairobi, Kenya


Closing Notes


Those were my top picks on the national parks and reserves that you could visit and click some amazing photographs while in Kenya.

Please let us know when you plan your exact destination and the days of travel so that we can help you with a detailed itinerary.

Hope you have a enjoyable vacation!!!



Rakhi Bhargava

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