Paris weather in mid April

March 26, 2011

how the weather will be between the 13th of April to 25th in Paris?

Paris  •  France
March 26, 2011

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April is one of the most beautiful months in Paris. Ever wondered why? Read Frank Sinatra's song on April in Paris.

Paris in April (Source: Paris in April)


Paris enjoys Spring from 21 March - 21 June. This is the season, where 'the city of lights' seems to reawaken from winter and dresses in its charming Spring attire; talk about lush greens, daffodils, apple and cherry blossoms. Every one is in a happy mood in spite of the rains; air fares, hotel tariffs and the crowds are low during this season.

The Ile de France region, of which Paris is the centre, records among the lowest annual precipitation (about 640mm) in the nation, but rainfall is erratic; you're just as likely to be caught in a heavy spring shower or an autumn downpour as in a sudden summer cloudburst.

Weather in Paris - Lonely Planet (Source: Weather in Paris - Lonely Planet)

The minimum and maximum average of temperatures during April is 6C and 16C, respectively. The average rainfall is 42mm. However, I advise you to check the weather forecast in Paris specific to your travel dates.

We were blessed with beautiful weather (Source: Cate Sevilla)

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