Places to visit near Bart stations in San Francisco

June 27, 2011

Planning a trip to San Francisco on Thursday with my boyfriend. Any suggestions on where to visit close 2 Bart stations? We will be traveling only by train. We love to shop, eat and explore. On a tight budget.

June 28, 2011

Hey there! A vacation trip to San Francisco sounds really amazing. Since you have insisted on listing out sightseeing adjacent to the B.A.R.T stations, in this edition, I have tried to chalk out some must-see destinations for you, which fall on the B.A.R.T routes. 

People say nature is close to this city. Wherever you travel in this region, you will never miss the vision of snow clad mountains, lush green valleys and nature's bounties. Gary Snyder,the Pulitzer prize-winning essayist and poet had once said that she doesn't know of any other place, where one can stride through so many ethically discrete neighborhoods, and one is never out of sight of the wild hills." Read on!

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Things To See and Do in Oakland

The East Bay areas and the southern part of the San Francisco are some of the places, which you can visit, which are nearby to the B.A.R.T stations. Let me throw some light into the tourist spots in the East Bay region. Bordered with parkways and light industry along the riverside, wrapped up with the East Bay Regional Parks’ chain of nature's footprints, along-with a renowned university in-between – that’s a quick portrayal of this area, due east of San Francisco.


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1. Jack London Square (Recommended)

Here at Jack London Square, you can feel the essence of an ancient America, which is still afresh in the Oakland's air. This is the city's best tourist site, where you can not only cherish the glorious history of the city, but also you can have your day out. It is also a great place to eat, shop and hang out. 

Getting here: You can get here from Oakland to downtown San Francisco via BART within 15 minutes. Click here for relevant information about BART. 

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The best way to visit this place is by biking around the bay or by strolling down the streets of the square. Below, I am going to list out some entertainment spots, where you can have a real good time with your partner.

1. Yoshis Jazz Club: You are lucky enough to visit this place during July. You can attend many events and concerts in the city. Besides, in this restaurant, an event will be organized on 5th and 6th July, marking the 70th birthday celebration of the late legendary musician and the godfather of the funk, George Clinton.

 (Source: Yoshi's Jazz Club) 

  • Address: Yoshi's Oakland, 510 Embarcadero West, Jack London Square
  • Getting Here: Bart-You can get off at Oakland 12th Street station. Then from here you can take a cab or Bus #58, 58X, 72 or 301. Last train for San Francisco departs from 12th Street at 12:51AM.
  • Visit here for online reservations.

2. Regal Cinemas Jack London: If you are in a mood to watch a movie then you can hit this stadium-style theater. You can dine in at this multiplex before your show. 

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  • Click here for online bookings. 
  • Address:
    100 Washington Street
    (between 2nd St & W Embarcadero)
    Oakland, CA 94607
    Neighborhood: Jack London Square

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  • Review:

    The staff is friendly, the price is good, only thing is, it sometimes smells weird and the chairs are uncomfy. The location is great, there are restaurants near by and up to three hour free parking across the cinema.
    I have not gone to the Tuesday and Sunday deal nights but it sounds like an amazing deal. The snacks are of course over priced like all theaters.

     (Source: Regal Jack London) 

3. Miss Pearl’s Jam House: This is one of the Square's best restaurants. Here the visitors are entertained by live musical shows, comedy shows, Mardi Gras festivals followed by lavish, mouth-watering menu.

 (Source: Oakland Caribbean Restaurants) 

For online reservations, click here

Its Review:

We went on a Thursday night. It was pretty quiet. The place is close, so I don't mind going. The service was a little dodgy tonight. We were seated, but didn't get any menus. We didn't get refills of water. The entrees were all over $20 except for the burger and something that was $19. The portions were a reasonable size. I had the braised short rib and I was happy with it except that the sauce was too salty. Otherwise, it was a great meal. I also tried the striped sea bass and that was pretty good as well. Anyway, I think we'll give it another try.

 (Source: Miss Pearl's Jam House) 

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4. Kimball's Carnival: This is another major attraction at the Square. Here you can try your hand at the pool and at the same time can sip a cold beer. This is one of the best sports bars in the city. The ritzier part of this club has a dress code and bottle service. So go prepared before going. The pool tables here cost about $14 per hour.

Address: 522 2nd St.Oakland, CA 94607 Tel-510-444-6401 

(Source: Kimballs Carnival) 

Its Review on Yahoo:

Nice sports bar with Pool tables and couch.: This place has it all, right near Jack london square and you will love what it has to offer as a sports bar. Couches like you are at home to watch the game with good drinks.

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Opening Timings:

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Review on Jack London Square:

We were so pleasantly surprised by Oakland and by this little inn near the Waterfront!
What a great location! Not only is it near Jack London Square, but easy access, walking or riding the free transport to Chinatown, Old Oakland, and Lake Merritt. There were many great places to eat nearby with the full range of prices and great variety. We walked on the Waterfront each morning, enjoying the fantastic view of San Francisco and the Harbor ships loading and unloading cargo. The BART was so close that we rode it from the airport and walked with our "carry on" luggage to the inn, only to find that there is a shuttle that goes back and forth on the main street for free all day long. We made 2 quick BART trips into San Francisco to see our daughter at her workplace and to go to a concert. Such a great alternative to staying in busy SF. Oakland is a lovely city on the Bay. The Inn is comfortable and the staff caring and helpful. The courtyard with swimming pool and large sitting area was a real plus! Will go back!

 (Source:Jack London Square Reviews - TripAdvisor) 


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2. Lake Merritt (Recommended)

If lakes interest you then the Lake Merritt can be an ideal place to visit. it is referred as the Jewel of Oakland. This salt water lake covers around 155 acres of land and is located within an urban area.

(Source: Pelicans on Lake Merritt) 

Besides being a lake, it is also a major tourist destination and a major activity area. It is also home to some of the peculiar birds of U.S. such as egrets, geese, herons, coots, gulls, grebes and cormorants.

Cormorants on Lake Merritt (Source: Ingrid Taylar) 

The female single tufted duck at Lake Merritt is a major attraction of the dwelling wildlife. Occasionally, some exotic birds such as Egyptian geese and Mandarin ducks are also seen in the nature center as well. 

 (Source: Ingrid Taylar) 

Adjacent to this lake, there is a  golf course. Apart from kayaking at this lake, you can have a relaxed time at the nearby Snow Park. 

Getting here: The BART Merritt Station is located at 800 Madison Street. Click here for further information. 

(Source: BART - Station List) 

Review on Lake Merritt:

This is a wonderful park in Oakland with a decent sized lake. It take me a while to get all the way around it and I still do go and walk it. I like it here. Its beautiful. Refreshing. And makes me wonder why I dont live here.

(Source: Lake Merritt, Oakland-VirtualTourist) 

3. Preservation Park

The Preservation Park is composed of 16 historical buildings and Victorian Park. Its recent renovation has led this place an ideal spot for wedding couples to take their wedding pictures. The well-maintained lawns, the elegant street lamps, the enchanting fountains etc. make this place a romantic spot. You can have a quality time at this place. Here admission is free and is open 24x7. 

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The 16 buildings depict various historical values. The Remilard House, the Ginn House, the Nile Club, the Thornton House etc. reflect the classic artistry of the state. Besides, you can also find the White House, which was built in Italian style.  In addition to, there are two other attractions; the bandstand and the Latham-Ducel Fountain. This fountain is made up of cast iron and features the Moon Goddess, Diana.

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  • Address: 1233 Preservation Park Way Oakland, CA 94612
  • Contact: Tel-(510) 874-7580


Preservation Park is a beautiful setting for a meeting. There were 45 attendees for our meeting which was held in Nile Hall. The grounds are pretty - it's a Victorian era block of buildings that were moved to the site and arranged just so with nice landscaping and a central fountain. The meeting coordinator at Pres. Park, Barbara, was fabulous to work with, as well.

(SourceReviews of Preservation Park - TripAdvisor) 

Things to See and Do in Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek is a consolidated town, which lies in the East Bay region of the San Francisco. It is one of the major entertainment hubs of California. It is easily accessible by BART. The city has got two stations: the Walnut Creek Station and the Pleasant Hill Station.  A free shuttle also operates between the central province and the Walnut Creek BART station.

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1. Castle Rock Park (Recommended)

The Castle Rock Park lies adjacent to the Diablo Foothills in a panoramic canyon along-side Pine Creek. This area houses aok trees and flaunts significant sandstone formations. It is a popular picnic spot for locals as well as for visitors.

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Various activities are witnessed here. There are volleyball courts, swimming pools, softball fields etc. for recreational purpose. The boulevards within the park are wheel chair accessible. On the route, there are changing rooms, restrooms and you will also find drinking fountains.

Getting here to the park: Take the Exit I-680 on Ygnacio Valley Road in Walnut Creek and then drive east. After about 3 miles, you will have to take a right turn on Walnut Avenue. Then again after 2 miles, take a right turn on the Oak Grove road. 

To know more about the public transit, click here

Its Review on TripAdvisor:

Camping out en route to Mt. St. Helens? Then stay here instead of at Seaquest State Park. This family-run operation is about halfway between I-5 and Johnston Ridge, just a couple miles east of the big sediment retention dam on the North Fork of the Toutle River, between Pullen Creek and the highway. As of this writing, it�019s literally the closest lodging to the west side of the Monument. There are cabins and a yurt, but we tent camped, and had a nice time.

 (Source:(Castle Rock, WA) - TripAdvisor) 

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2. Lindsay Wildlife Museum (Recommended)

Lindsay Wildlife Museum is basically a family oriented museum and is considered to be one of the oldest wildlife rehabilitation centers in the U.S. The main purspose of its establishment is to create awareness among people towards the safety of the wildlife. The archive also houses special departments for children. Pet education is also provided here. This is basically a learning center. However, you can enjoy here witnessing the lifestyle of various wild animals.

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(Source: Lindsay Wildlife Museum - Hours & prices) 

  • Address: 1931 First Ave, Walnut Creek, CA USA 94597
  • Getting here: You can take BART either from the Walnut Creek or from the Pleasant Hill stations. County Connection offers very limited service for the Lindsay Wildlife Museum. You can contact County Connection at 925-676-7500. The museum is located at one mile walk from the Pleasant Hill BART station and is located at a distance of one and one-half miles from the Walnut Creek BART station. Cab service is available to Lindsay Wildlife Museum from both BART stations.

Its Review:

I live in WC and this is like, the closest and BEST museum around.They show live animals, and they have these racks and on top of them are real live birds. The staff are friendly and bring out animals almost every day. if you haven't been there, you should go. This place is close to a really awesome park. there's one for little kids and one for big kids. There's a pool next to it, too. You can even have b-day parties there! This place has about everything, and lots of trees. In the summer, they even have summer camps. i like to go there just to hang out under the shade.I suggest to anyone who hasn't gone yet to go there.i garantee you'll love the lots of live displays and animals.

 (Source: Lindsay Wildlife Museum - Walnut Creek- Yahoo! Travel) 

 (Source: Ted) 

3. St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Carpenter Gothic, which is also known as the Carpenter's Gothic is the embodiment of the North American architectural designs, which are based on the Gothic Revival style. With the passage of time, the picturesque houses have been evolved and improvized in the absence of the hindering influence of the Gothic artistry.

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The St. Paul's Episcopal Church is a historic church and is still active till date. It is a Parish church. Visit here for further information.  




Getting here:


(Source: St. Paul's Episcopal Church Walnut Creek - Directions) 

 I have listed out some of the must-see vacation spots near SFO. Once you chose your specific destinations, please revert back to us, so that we can plan out an itinerary or suggest accommodations, activities and places to shop and eat.

I wish you a rocking trip!

Until then,



Answered by Am a writer basically, pencil sketching n travelling r included in my sidelines. Curiosity ends wen u reach ur destination so keep scouring. Lopa Mohanty Pattanaik

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