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March 7, 2012

Lookin to take a trip somewhere soon for a weekend r somethin. Any suggestions?
@mygola im startin from nyc and some place wit at least some sort of nature n solitude, but i would be able to go get social if i wanted to
@mygola and i was thinking maybe within the next 2 weeks or so

March 8, 2012

Things to See

Ulster County Route 7 - New York (Source: Dougtone)

Hi! New York city has its attractions, but sometimes even the great lovers of the city find it overwhelming and want to get away to some place where time goes slower and there is no need to think of deadlines and schedules. There are plenty of weekend trips you can make from NYC in a few hours. Here's my list of three within three hours of New York, give or take a few for traffic. 

1. New Paltz

Close to home, about two hours drive from NYC, you'll be surprised you're even in the same state. On the West Bank of the Hudson river, you'll find the tiny university town of New Paltz. The village is 85 miles from NYC, and you can easily do it in a day, but why should you when you want to be able to shake the NYC burdens off in the midst of natural peace and quiet? Book a cabin in the woods and you can shut the city noise out. You can also walk down the main street of the village and admire the Huguenot architecture of the buildings that remain from the past.

New Paltz, NY 3 (Source: Bree Bailey)

Nearby is the Shawangunk Mountain where you can walk, mountain climb, rapple, hike, swim, bike, and visit the Mohonk Mountain House for company, the spas and entertainment when your woods get too eerie and quiet. It offers you a beautiful view of the Hudson valley below. It's a university town, accordingly you will find all kinds of accommodations. Peak season begins in May.

Awosting Falls in New Paltz, New York (Source: jebb)

If the quiet gets too much for you after a while - it's hard to shake NYC off isn't it? - then simply head over to the town center for its nightlife

2. Hudson on Hudson, Columbia County

The town of Hudson is so tiny it may seem that you can drive right through it along the Hudson river. However the town has an attractive main street with antiques, impressive antiquated buildings and beautiful furniture. There are 65 antique shops on Warren Street. The city is below two hours away from NYC, and makes for a comfortable and peaceful rural getaway.

Hudson, New York (Source: Dougtone)

Nearby there are other natural beauties. The Catskills are a few minutes away and the gentle mountains will be a refreshing change from NYC's tall urbanscapes.There are also fruit orchards. If you go in April, you may just be lucky to find a U-pick farm that is harvesting the earliest spring fruits. 

Catskills Scene II (Source: Meanest Indian)

The Catskills provide the perfect environment in which to find yourself, or lose yourself.  Rediscover history in the stone houses and dairy barns.  Lose track of time flyfishing at Beaverkill Stream.  Catch your breath at the snowy summit of the diamond slope at one of five ski centers  Get lost on back roads and find yourself again.  Add to your collection with a treasure from a hidden barn filled with antiques.  Check out, turn off the cell phone and soak up a treatment at one of the region’s many spas and resorts. Even now, the proximity to New York City and easy accessibility from other major Eastern cities makes the Catskills an ideal refuge from the daily grind. Find rejuvenating solitude, plan a romantic escape, give the family a thrill, or, as in centuries before, meander through the villages rubbing elbows with the famous.

 (Source: New York: Catskill Mountains - TripAdvisor)

There are only six accommodation choices available to you in Hudson. So be sure to book in advance. When you have satiated your antique-lust, you can visit the local museums,the Mount Lebanon Shaker Village, the historic Rhinebeck and Redhook villages, the Mills Mansion and Montgomery Place if historic buildings are of interest to you. 

 (Source: Paul Lowry)

3. Mount Washington

About three hours away from NYC is Mount Washington. It is a small town set in the Berkshire hills of Massachusettes, bordering both New York and Connecticut. It is somewhat remote, which I imagine you'll like, and it's surrounded by gorgeous state parks: the lovely Mount Washington State Forest, Bash Bish Falls State Park and Mount Everett State Reservation.

Bash Bish Falls, Mount Washington State Forest, The Berkshires, MA (Source: pablo.sanchez)

“Music and setting” Reviewed January 30, 2012 The Boston Symphony Orchestra is wonderful. The experience is enriched by the beauty of the setting. Sitting on the lawn in the middle of the Berkshires while listening to the orchestra - what could be better?

 (Source: Tanglewood - Lenox - Reviews of Tanglewood - TripAdvisor)

About an hour's drive away from the town is the arty town of Lenox, which is where you will find the famous Tanglewood music center where the Boston Symphony Orchestra spends its summers. It's also where you can visit the gardens designed by Edith Wharton. A short drive from there and you can be at Stockbridge where you can see the artist Daniel Chester French's country home, garden of artists and studio.

Daniel Chester French home & studio (Source: dbking)


Hope my suggestions help.

If you have any further questions once you have decided on where to go, I can help you plan your itinerary if you like.

Until then,



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