Playa Mujeres romantic excursions and restaurants

January 20, 2011

I'm headed to Playa Mujeres, Mexico, just north of Cancun. I'm looking for some off-resort, romantic excursions and restaurants...any ideas?

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January 21, 2011

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Hi there!

Firstly I would like to congratulate you on your fabulous choice of destination! Playa Mujeres with its secluded, white beaches, crystal waters and clear blue skies, is the perfect romantic getaway for a couple!  Here I will provide you with accommodation options, sightseeing and other essential details to make the most of your trip!

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About the Weather

During May, temperatures in Cancun will range from 27 to 31 degree Celsius. As the locals say, Cancun weather is unpredictable so make sure you are geared up for the sun and rain before you go!smiley

Here's a little weather report and a tip:

Cancun weather is tropical, the Cancun area gets a bit of rain year round.
However, rains are usually afternoon or nighttime showers and when it rains, it usually just lasts 10 to 20 minutes. Cancun weather requires that you bring light ponchos for rain gear. These can be purchased from most camping stores. Many stadiums also carry a light poncho to sell to fans of local football teams. These work great as well. They are small and light and easy to carry anywhere you go as a rain cloud can come in no time and dump a monsoon on your head.

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Where to Stay

Playa Mujeres has two beach resorts - Hotel La Amada and The Excellence Playa Mujeres. There is also The Villa Del Palmar which is in the periphery of the beach. In case you are looking at resorts in the outskirts of Playa Mujeres, let me know and I will provide hotel options for it.

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1. Hotel La Amada (Recommended)

Hotel La Amada

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A Snippet of the hotel-

Perfect for your Cancun travel, Playa Mujeres is comprised of La Amada low-density luxury residences, a gorgeous spa, an inland marina, and a Greg Norman golf course. Integrated carefully into the natural landscape of an untouched peninsula just north of Cancun Mexico, Playa Mujeres is an environmentally friendly village bringing laid-back luxury to the wilds of the region.

Flanked by the Mexican Caribbean to the east and a wetlands wildlife preserve to the west, Playa Mujeres is a tranquil resort community where natural beauty and the restorative qualities of water bring relaxation and renewal.

 (Source: LaAmadahotel.com, Cancun Mexico)

Hotel La Amada - 1

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This is what a fellow traveler had to say about the hotel-

We searched hundreds of resorts and reviews, with several main criteria in mind: Affordable, all inclusive, quiet, safe and scrupulously clean. With La Amada offering some steep discounts, we were able to get a great rate, and the resort was perfect in meeting all of our criteria. It was away from the hustle and bustle of the hotel zone in Cancun, and was very private. The beach was beautifully maintained. My wife and I indulged ourselves in the spa, with a massage, and the very unique Agua Vita water treatment which preceded it.  In summary, we got to have the most relaxing few days of our adult lives, and loved every minute of it. We highly recommend this property for anyone looking for a quiet, relaxing, safe, enjoyable getaway. By the way, the pictures on the website look exactly like the pictures we took while there.

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2. Excellence Playa Mujeres (Recommended)

One of the newest luxury resorts in Cancun, this hotel is tucked away in Mexican charm and has a range of amenities to offer.

You can book this hotel online here

Here's a little bit about the hotel-

Excellence Playa Mujeres is a romantic adults only resort in a private community that boasts an inland marina and a spectacular Greg Norman signature golf course right on the Caribbean.

And that is just the beginning. Our world-class Spa will take your breath away. Our nine international restaurants will delight you with gourmet dining options. And our all inclusive list of activities, on both land and sea, will see to it that you never bored.

Excellence Playa Mujeres  (Source: Excellence Playa Mujeres) 

A list of things you could do at the hotel (these are included in the package)-

When it comes to sports and activities, Excellence Playa Mujeres, Cancun premier is an all inclusive resort.

Here are some of the ways you can fill your days and nights.

Yoga and Pilates classes
Water aerobics, water polo and aqua fitness
Non-motorized sports
Introductory scuba lessons
Jogging trails
Bicycles & bilingual bicycle tours
Beach football and beach volleyball

 (Source: Excellence Group Resorts) 

Villa Del Palmar is a stunning hotel near Playa Mujeres which guarantees treasured memories to all its guests!

You can book this hotel here!

A brief about the hotel-

Located just near Playa Mujeres, Villa del Palmar is the pinnacle of luxury in Cancun. You can truly allow your soul to soak up the relaxation and melt your stress away with amazing 5-star service, extravagant amenities, and plenty of on and off-site activities to keep your adventurous side entertained.

 (Source:The Hotel Villa Del Palmar, a Cancun Resort)

Check out this review-

A Relaxing Romantic piece of Heaven
clintontraveller 514 contributions
16 Jan 2011 | Trip type: Couples New
We have travelled many times to the Carribean including Costa Rico, Cuba and Mexico. We arrived at this resort 1 week after it had opened. We found it to be wonderful in every aspect.
We would highly recccommend this resort--although there may be a few improvements that could be made(more channels) this will be a top resort. It offers the relaxation and romance for those looking for a getaway but it allows you to travel to Isla or Cancun if more of a night life if what you are seeking. The staff is tip notch, the food is excellent and we met more people at this resort than any other place we have been. Kudos to Germinal , David, Christian and the rest of management for providing a great place to visit and to the rest of the staff for making it a place that you want to return to again and again! We can't reccommend this resort enough --the management treat you like family and that makes you want to hurry back!

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Things to Do

There beaches in Playa Mujeres are absolutely amazing and you could spend your time sunbathing, indulging in water sports or just watching the world go by! But apart from these, there are a whole lot of other things you could explore in and around. In case you are a golf fan, there's a world famous gold course near Playa Mujeres you must check out!

Listed below are my top picks:

1. Water Sports at Isla Mujeres (Recommended)

Isla Mujeres not only has outstanding restaurants in Cancun but also has an endless list of water sports for every kind of traveler.

Water Sports at Isla Mujeres

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This is what Cancun travel site had to say-

The waters of the bay sheltered by Isla Mujeres are calm and perfect for surfing, sailing, underwater diving and boat trips; those facing the open surf have stronger currents but are also suitable for fishing and snorkeling.


Water Sports at Isla Mujeres - 1

Sunrise at the Cancun beach (Source: Patrick) 

You can do a day trip to Isla Mujeres. I found some information on this Trip Advisor forum. Check it out here. This can be your romantic cum adventurous trip. After the day trip, you could probably do a ferry ride. But the ferry rides will take you directly to Cancun and not Playa Mujeres. Click here for some ferry options.

2. Swim with Dolphins (Recommended)

This will be a fun activity to get to know these adorable animals and it will be an experience you will remember for years to come!

Swim with Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins (Source: Clay Irving)

A fellow traveler at Virtual Tourist tells us her experience-

I chose the Dolphin Royal Swim because it allowed me to swim with two dolphins in a very small group of eight people. The first thing they do is introduce you to the dolphins they give you kisses then dance with you!  I floated in the water with my hands out, making a T formation and waited for the dolphins to take me for a ride. In just a matter of moments, I could feel their amazing skin gliding across my hands. The two dolphins took me for a ride while I held on to their fins It was fun to have the dolphins take me for a ride but my favorite part was hugging the dolphins and rubbing their backs. It was not cheap to swim with dolphins, $ 140.00 but it truly was the experience of a lifetime!

 (Source: VirtualTourist)

El Meco is a Mayan ruin site in the northern part of Cancun. The site has a total of fourteen structures which include a temple, a pyramid among others.

A tip from Nile Guide-

Nile Guide Expert tip:

There are no guided tours to this site. You will have to rent a car or hire a taxi for a few hours, if you wish to visit El Meco. Pack a lunch and have a picnic under a tree, while admiring the ancient ruins. There are benches in several places, but you could also spread out a blanket on the grass and relax in the shadow of the pyramid.

(Source: NileGuide) 

Some information on the Ruin Site-

North of Cancun
(on the road to Punta Sam)
Cancun, Yucatan 77500

Time & Dates:
Open Hours: 8am-3pm, daily
Visit Time: 2hr-Half day (4hr)
Best Time to Visit: Early morning of any day
Why Best: You'll be able to enjoy it without other visitors being present.
Price: $0-$5
Price Notes: Free on Sundays.

 (Source: Homeandabroad.com)

4. Garrafon Natural Reef Eco Park (Recommended)

Located in Isla Mujeres-a short ferry-ride from Playa Mujeres is the Garrafon Natural Reef Eco Park. This is your place to be if you are looking for unwinding and reconnecting with nature!

An overview of the Park-

Garrafon is a gorgeous natural park highlighted by reefs, cliffs and beautiful ocean landscapes that will captivate your senses and free the very essence of your soul. You will enjoy water activities like kayaking and snorkeling, adventure activities like hiking, biking and flying over the turquoise waters on a zip line, and of course live moments or hours of relaxation on hammocks, lounge chairs or our tropical bar.

The park also has direct access to a beautiful cliff area called Punta Sur where you will admire a Sculpture garden, a lighthouse, a Mayan temple and the breathless path by the sea that will lead you to the first spot on Mexican soil touched by the sunrise light every morning.

 (Source: Garrafon Park Overview) 

For more information on the park, check out their website here

Garrafon Natural Reef Eco Park

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Delicious Dining

Apart from the hotels in Playa Mujeres which houses its own restaurants, you could explore around the area for some fabulous mouthwatering dishes!

Cancun Mahi-Mahi Wrap (Source: cancun mahi-mahi wrap) 

Here are a few you should not miss out on:

1. Sunset Grill (Recommended)

The Sunset Grill is an extremely popular diner in Isla Mujeres which is just a ferry ride away.

This is what the Nile Guide has to say about the place-

This outdoor venue approaches the ideal for a beach restaurant, with its comfortable tables and chairs by the water, under a shady palapa. When the sun goes down, the restaurant sets up tables on the beach, and, weather permitting, there's no better ambience. The breakfasts are good, lunch includes a variety of sandwiches and burgers, and for dinner they serve such specialties as fish seared in a light achiote sauce, fish and chips, and a variety of steaks.


2. Excellence Playa Mujeres (Recommended)

The hotel has a total of nine fine restaurants with different cuisines and tasteful decor. Take your pick from the authentic Mexican restaurant, French culinary, the delightful Asian diner and the many others!

Excellence Playa Mujeres

Mexican Food (Source: Ray Tsang) 

Here's something a traveler had to share-

 All restaurants have special dishes and presentations to delight all the senses. No reservations or silly wrist bands are required. The Mexican restaurant has singers serenading the diners. The Mexican coffee presentation is beautiful. There are three sections to Spice, the Asian restaurant. There is a sushi section, dining traditionally from a menu, or a private rooms with habachi cooking.

 (Source: TravelPod) 

3. Casa Rolandi (Recommended)

This Caribbean romantic restaurant offers some of the best local dishes in town. But what makes this special is that the diner is actually a deluxe yacht which gives you a breathtaking view of the sea and azure skies above!

Make sure you have a booking before you go. Here are their contact details:

Fracc. Laguna Mar
SM. 7 Mza. 75 Lotes 15 y 16,
Carretera Sac-Bajo,
Isla Mujeres, Q. Roo
Phone: 52 (998) 87-70-700, 87-70-500

 (Source: rolandi.com)

I hope the information has been useful. Do check out the link here for more on sightseeing.

Do write back for more information. I could also help you plan an itinerary for your vacation. 

Have fun!!



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