Roman Theater Petra, Jordan

Roman Theater Petra

Attraction in Jordan

The Theatre in Petra, originally Hellenistic in design and dating from the 1st century AD was refurbished by the Romans after they annexed Nabatea in 106AD. The seating extended to the orchestra's floor level, typical of Hellenistic design. It was capable of seating 8500, even more than the great theatre at Amman. The entire seating, except for the extreme ends was carved out of the mountain and one whole street of facades was wiped out to form the back wall. The holes seen in the back wall are the interiors of the tombs destroyed when this was done. The stage backdrop was built up in stone but this was destroyed in the earthquake of 363. Much work has been done to reconstruct the stage area and the high back wall which would have sealed the theatre from the street outside. Petra is home to many other fascinating archaeological remains, the theatre being just one of them.