Snow in Manali and Kullu in April

March 12, 2011

I am plnning to visit Manali and Kullu for three days from 2nd April . I would like to know where can I take my children in Manali and Kullu for playing with snow?

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March 12, 2011

Rohini's answer

Hi there! What a fantastic spot you have chosen for a short trip, far away from the madding crowd! Nature is at its best in Kulu-Manali and you could have chosen no better spot for a perfect family vacation!

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The green forests and it many trails, the variety of flora and fauna, the snow-covered mountains will all ensure that this is a tip that you will cherish forever!

April is a wonderful time to be visiting Kulu and Manean rali. The weather would be cool and you can rest assured that the children will not be majorly affected by the cold! I know, that the kids' heath is of utmost importance to us parents, and so I reassure you that you can chill out, literally and figuratively with your kids on this trip!

Here's why:

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Now that you know that the weather is going to be favorable, let me now answer your actual question -  about where your kids can play with snow. Well, let me be very honest with you, that there might be chances that you might have to travel a bit higher in the Himalayas to find some great snow to play with. Though Kulu and Manali boast of snow through the year, it might be a tough call with the summers setting in. However, I think its best to keep our fingers crossed for the positive!


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The best places where you can play with snow in Kulu and Manali are listed below:

1) Rohtang Pass: This is often called 'Snow Point' by people because here is where you find maximum snow. The Rohtang Pass is the best place for snow games, right from mere snowball fights to snow-motorbiking, snow-treks, and snow-skiing. I am sure your kids will enjoy themselves here!


Rohtang Pass (Source: B Balaji)

2) Solang Valley: The Solang Valley is also a famous snow-spot in Kulu Manali, and you will be able to play with snow here also. All sorts of snow-based adventure activities and snow games can be played in Solang Valley, and I am sure your kids will have a whale of a time falling in the snow! Apart from the snow, let your kids experience the thrill of paragliding among the snow-covered peaks, or feel the world soar by as they do mountain-biking, or the even more adrenalin-pumping joys river-rafting! There are many tourist guides or centers that ensure even kids can take part in these activities and you just have to contact them and hand over your kids, and sit back watch them have a fabulous time!


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Here's what someone who had been to Kulu Manali in April had to say:


Teju 23-06-2010
We went to Manali in the month of April 2010.Actually when we visited Manali,the Rohtang Pass road was closed .So,we went to the other snow-point.It was woderful to see the snow & the snowfall for the first time.There is no such word to say that it was really osum.I just enjoyed that wonderful moment.

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I hope my tips will help you in deciding what games your kids could play and what activities will ensure they have a rocking vacation! If you'd like to know more about the tour-operators or guides who will help you in arranging your vacation, do get in touch and we will be glad to help you out!

Till then,

Happy Planning!


Answered by I am a travel enthusiast, only I hardly get to travel! So, I quench my thirst by reading up places and helping others plan their vacations! Rohini Chandrasekhar

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