The best of Marrakech - souks, food and cacti garden

December 16, 2011

Getting ready to go Marrakech for the holidays. Any suggestions tweeps? Going with family & interests. Food. Artisanal weaving is good, but mainly food. And thanks!
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December 17, 2011

Nidhi's answer about things to do in Marrakesh
Things to See

Marrakech is a fascinating explosion of history, culture and yes food ! Keeping your love for the edible delights here are a few great suggestion you should check out.

1. Djemaa El-Fna

The heart of Marrakech, the Djemma El Fna, is a large central square in the old city (Medina). During the day you can grab juices and dates. But come here around sunset to witness the cultural extravaganza Morocco is famous for, food stalls selling every possible mouthwatering delicacy and  entertainers putting up a show that hasn't changed for ages.

Djemaa El-Fna

Djemma el Fna (Source: cesargp)

Here are some reviews:

Grab a front-row or balcony seat at a cafe alongside the Djemaa, and watch the drama unfold. As the sun travels across the sky, orange-juice vendors make way for healers and henna tattoo artists, who scoot over for snake charmers, astrologers and acrobats. Around dusk, the storytellers begin their epic tales, and cooks cart in the makings of 100 restaurants specializing in barbecued everything, tasty cooked salads and steaming snails.

 (Source: Lonely Planet)

It is an amazingly animated square, which is part theater, part open-air restaurant, and part souk. It comes most alive in the evening when all the food sellers set up stalls for dinner. They cook harira soup, kebabs, tagines and other dishes in front of their clients for immediate consumption along tables and benches. Not too distant in the square, snakes and their charmers, monkeys, story tellers, orange juice vendors, drummers, and musicians all congregate and offer their services to the masses.

 (Source: VirtualTourist)

Quite popular with the tourists as well as the locals, Argana, located at Djemma El Fna, offers fantastic views of the square and some really great Moroccan fare.

Sit out on the terrace for an enjoyable dinner with marvelous views of the area.

Cafe Restaurant Argana

 (Source: Michal Osmenda)

Visitors have these to say:

Friendly staff and a range of Moroccan dishes await the visitor to this cafe. The best thing about it is the absolutely fantastic view you get from the tables on the terraces. At night you get the full effect of the Jemaa-el-Fna, the smoke, colour, and noise.

 (Source: VirtualTourist)

It's terraces offer dining al fresco and magnificent views of the Jemma el Fna, the staff are friendly, and best-of-all it serves cheap well-cooked tajines (the rabbit was especially good) and kebabs. What else do you want from a Marrakech eatery?


Address: Jaleema El Fna 1

Contact: +212 24445350 ‎

3. Souks at Marrakech

Shopping bags, good walking shoes and a healthy dose of high spirits makes for the perfect lethal weapon needed to shop at the souks in Marrakech. These are considered to be the best in Morocco. It is a cultural experience to shop in the souqs which you definitely do not want to miss.

These local markets are usually divided on the basis of goods sold - each small area specializes in a particular type of trade or good. The tailoring shops are clustered together on one side while the metal workers have their own neighbourhood of little shops. Likewise, the butchers, spice merchants, jewellers, carpet salesmen and others have their own clusters. As you walk the souq, you can bargain and pick out the best of any type of good that you want without having to walk the entire length of the market to compare between two shops.

Souks at Marrakech

 (Source: louisathomson)

Tourists say:

One of my favorite places in the world. My advice would be to just get lost in it because it is the best way to get to know it. I love it and I get the best gifts in this place and if you are more on the posh side, they get the best replicas of LV, Prada and Burbury! lol

 (Source: TripAdvisor)

You will find almost anything your heart desires for sale - shoes, jewellery, clothes, spices, olives, traditional crafts, etc. Pay how much or how little you want - everything comes in low to high quality and you pay accordingly (or dependent on how much the vendor can stretch your wallet)!!

 (Source: VirtualTourist)

Situated north of Djemma el fna.

4. Ensemble Artisanal

Most big cities in Morocco, have an Ensemble Artisanal outlet - a government run hand-loom and handicraft center. Here you can watch artisans from all over Morocco at work and also buy handicrafts at a much cheaper rate than the souks.

Here's what a tourist had to say:

Items on offer range from ceramics (from Marrakech, Fes and Safi) to silver, beaded and amber jewelry. Lamps and lanterns, ornamented and are available in a range of styles and colours. Babouche, Moroccan slippers, are well priced too. Items of wood - sycamore root, walnut, cedar and thuja - appear as salad bowls, trays, platters and boxes. There is even a calligrapher who will write the traveller's name in Arabic on parchment paper and frame it. Leathergoods - the ubiquitous pouffes for example - are to be found here also, as are leather desk sets. Carpets and kilims. throws and cushion covers, are also well represented.

 (Source:  TripAdvisor)

Address: Avenue Mohammed V, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Contact: +212 24386758

Owned by Yves Saint Laurent, the Majorelle Garden is a green paradise in the crazy Medina of Marrakech. An oasis filled with cacti, bamboo, bougainvillea, orange and palm trees its a charming place to get away form the hustle and bustle of the city. Also located is a cute little cafe where you can sit back, relax and have some superb mint tea.

Majorelle Garden

Majorelle garden (Source: mwanasimba)

Address: Avenue Yacoub el Mansour, Marrakech

Phone: +212 5 24 31 30 47

I hope you find the information useful, do let us know if we can help you out with any other information. What about accommodation or some local activities during your time of visit? Until then,

Have a blast !


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