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December 15, 2011

What are the best areas to go shopping in Chengdu? Not looking for expensive stuff

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May 22, 2012


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Hello! Chengdu is crowded, smoggy with car fumes, yet it is also one of the most livable of China's supercities. It's a contradiction of traditional wooden buildings and gingko-tree-lined avenues on the one hand and high-rises and glass-covered shopping malls on the other. It's a relaxed city as well as a frenetic one, that has plenty of choices for the consumer. Chengdu is famous for its laquerware and antiques. There is branded ware in the shopping malls and modern stores around Chunxi Road, bargains to be had at the wholesale markets of He Hua Chi, and cheap electronics at 'computer city' Shu Ma Guang Chang. Here's a look at the major shopping spots in the city.

1. Handicrafts at Song Xian Qiao

If you want to avoid the typical Western tourist areas and go shopping where the locals go, head to Song Xian Qiao Art and Antiques market, which is the second largest antique market of the country. The entrance - with chipped and peeling walls and quiet dusty shops - may not seem inviting but inside there are about 500 to 800 vendors selling everything from handicrafts, antiques, Shu embroidery, old porcelain dishes, painting, calligraphy, Shu silks etc. Read more here.

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The best place to shop for souvenirs is Song Xian Qiao Antique City, the country's second-largest antiques market, with more than 500 separate stalls selling everything from Mao-era currency to fake Buddha statues to wonderful watercolor paintings. It's near Du Fu's Cottage and Wu Hou Temple.

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As a bonus you can watch silk being extracted from silkworms and woven into silk at the nearby Jinli Street, which is East of Wuhou Memorial Temple, renovated to look like old China. (Note: You can also watch silk being woven into cloth near the Wenshu temple, which is not as big a tourist hotspot, so it'll be quieter, though the food is as good there.) You can also have your bust made out of clay by an artisan while you sit for him or her, or even have your ears professionally cleaned! This is something that hotels will do for you in Sichuan, but it's not something you usually find in markets. When you're done shopping, there are restaurants and excellent snack stalls selling local food. 

Here's a review - 

The good food stalls here make up for the fact that this is a very crowded tourist destination, popular with local teens and visiting Chinese tourists. Good people watching and snacking if you can ignore the crowds.

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Address: Song xian qiao Market, 22 Huan Hua Bei Lu, Chengdu

2. Clothes and Shoes at Chunxi Road

Chunxi Road is the major downtown shopping district where you'll find more than 700 modern departmental stores selling brands like Lacoste, Nike, Polo, Gucci and boutiques, supermarkets and eateries (including the standard KFC, MacDonalad's, Pizza Hut and Starbucks). There are about 4 or more blocks of stores surrounding the road itself. The big departmental stores include Chicony, Parkson and the Japanese stores Isetan and Ito Yokado. If you find yourself lost, reorient yourself by starting at the central square with a statue of Sun Yat Sen. If you want cheap versions of big brands, you'll find it here, and some are excellent fakes. 

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Chunxi Road is the glitziest shopping district in Chengdu and, hosting a million people on summer weekends, definitely the most crowded. The stores here mainly sell brand name foreign goods or their Chinese counterpart. The streetĀ has been redeveloped around a collection of plazas that stretch out across three or four city blocks, with small sitting parks, high and low-class shopping districts, restaurants and bars, a well-stocked Ito Yakado, and hundreds of other shops.

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Address: Jin Jiang District, Chun Xi Road

3. He Hua Chi Wholesale Market

The He Hua Chi wholesale market on Bei Zhan Dong Yi Lu (or Bei Zhan East Road) is a paean to reasonable mass production which can be an attraction in itself even if you don't want to buy the stuff. At this wholesale market housed in the Futian building near the North Railways Station, traders collect to sell everything from household wares to clothes and shoes, and all of the shops are crowded into winding alleys. Be prepared to bargain a lot. 

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You can have a good bargain for products at He Hua Ci District. Prices of one or multiple products can be bargained at this wholesale district. Since the shops are organized into categorized sections so the competition amongst the different shops is really very severe. Since there are an entire block of merchants selling the same type of products so you can easily bargain from one shop to the next for the cheapest product. While going for shopping in He Hua Ci District you should be aware of the fact that the merchants try to take advantage of the shoppers and specially the foreigners. So the advice is, when you go for shopping in He Hua Ci District you can 'shop till you drop' keeping in mind you get the best price.

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Address: 4F, Futian Building, Beizhan Dongyi Lu

Hours: 9 am to 5pm

4. Computer City

For electronics, the place to go to is Computer City or Digital City (here's a blog post on it). This huge arcade of 6 floors of electronics (which are divided into departments such as laptops, cameras, and even a recycled IT goods department on the top floor!) Prices are competitive since there are so many stores, but there's lots of scope for old-fashioned Chinese haggling. Walk into a few nearby shops and find out the prices for a product you are looking for to compare.  

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Here's a review:

All the usual cautions apply while shopping in Computer City, where the sales staff can be quite aggressive. Bargaining skills are essential, and it pays to make sure what comes in the box they hand you is the actual make and model that you agreed to buy. Still, Computer City is a fascinating place for techies to spend hands-on time with the latest toys. Componets and accessories, cables, hand tools, and soldering irons are also available, and for very cheap, for those who wish to DIY. For visitors to Chengdu, Computer City is also a unique opportunity to check out many products and brands from Taiwan, Korea, and the mainland which may not be available in one's own country.

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Address: Shu Ma Guang Chang Square, at the junction of Renmin Nan Lu and South 1st Ring Road, in Wuhou district. 

Closing Notes

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Hope my suggestions help!

If you need any more questions answered, such as the best places to eat at Chengdu or where to stay, I'll be happy to help. 

Also, if you want to shop for tea that the locals drink, the market to go to is Wu Kuai Shi, about a 10RMB cab ride from Chengdu Main Railway Station. Also you may want to check out some individual stores that people personally recommended here



1. Map

June 4, 2012


Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province of China, is well known for its local cuisine and tea house culture.  It is also the hometown of the world renowned Shu brocade, "one of the four famous brocades in China" and is the best place to buy lacquer wares. Chunxi Road is undoubtedly the main shopping area in Chengdu. Here are a few other interesting shopping destinations in this city.

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1. He Hua Chi

He Hua Chi is a wholesale market selling affordable clothes, toys, footwear, leatherwares,  household articles, Chinese souvenirs, and many other things. It is located on the south side of the North Railway Station.This market is in fact so big that it would take days to explore the entire area. However, it is divided into categorized sections and so shopping here is not a big issue.  Try to bargain as much as you can before you buy anything.


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Here's a review -

This whole sale market near the North train station in Chengdu is…fascinating. Rows upon rows of panty hose, various undergarmets, hair accessories, polo shirts, pants, plastic buckets, giant stuffed animals, fabric, baby clothes, thermoses, belts, brooms, and knives. You name it, they have it. Mass-produced and plentiful.

 (Source: An Outing to He Hua Chi Wholesale Market « Hot Pot)

Address:  South of the North Railway Station.t

2. Womens Market

Women's Market, also known as Women's Street is a mecca for female shoppers. It is situated in the Central Business District, a few minutes away from the Tianfu Square, and is stuffed with several shops and stalls. It features women's clothing, jewellery, accessories, and footwear. Do not buy anything without bargaining and if you are a good bargainer, then you can get them to lower the prices.

traditional chinese clothes (Source: lumpyoatmeal330)

Read this review by a visitor.

However, my personal favorite by far has to be women’s market, also referred to as Women’s Paradise. It’s literally a 4 story massive mall packed wall-to-wall with tiny shops containing women’s jewelry, clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. For the most part everything is cheap! Because a lot of the shops jammed into this building have similar products, the prices as a result are very competitive.

 (Source: Markets « Chengdu is Priceless)

Address:  Central Business District.

Hours:  9:00am-5:00pm

3. Song XIan Qiao Antique Market

Song Xian Qiao Antique Market claims to be the "second largest antique market in China". If you want to take some souvenirs of your trip home, this is the best place. This market boasts around five hundred antique stalls that sell various types of items, ranging from Buddha statues, ancient currency, and calligraphy work to jude cravings and paintings. There are also many stalls that sell Chinese good-luck charms. The three-storey building is home to many reputed vendors.

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Here's a review - 

Close to the Green Ram Taoist-temple, Song Xian Qiao Antique Market is located in the western of Chengdu. It is the second largest antique market in the country and showcases a diverse range of goods that are bound to satisfy anybody who comes looking. There are over five hundred stalls, the more reputed ones can be found in a three story building. Occupying the first two floors are authentic antique dealers and works of artists of some degree of fame.

 (Source: Song Xian Qiao Antique Market)

Address:  Located at the corner of the  North Kuanhua Rd and the Qingyang Shangjie

Closing Notes

Hope the above details are useful. Enjoy your days in this Chinese city. If there is anything you want to know about where to stay or eat or places to visit in Chengdu, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you.


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