The best vegetarian restaurants in Florianopolis

December 22, 2011

Any suggestions on where to find good vegetarian food when I'm visiting Florianopolis next month with the missus?

May 24, 2012


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Florianopolis is a beautiful city in Brazil, lined with lots of lovely sand beaches and loads of fun activities to do. The people are warm, friendly and cheerful and always greet you with a smile. Since this city is not a very hot spot for vacations it has still managed to retain its charm and exclusivity without much crowd and tourists even in the best seasons. It hence is an ideal destination for honeymooners or those who prefer seclusion and peace. 

The restaurants in Florianopolis offer all the cuisines of the world and both vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants are in plenty. during lunch most of the restaurants offer buffet for a quick meal. even the pricing is either through the all you can eat or by weight. However the way of serving food maybe, but this city knows to keep its visitors craving for more....

1. Vida


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Vida is one of the best vegetarian in its class in the city and specializes in lacto vegetarian cuisine. It has one of the largest buffet spreads for lunch containing twelve main courses and twenty six salads plus desserts. All of the dishes are either baked or cooked, never fried. The interiors and the restaurant looks like a small colonial style home and is one of the most preferred restaurants of vegetarians in Florianopolis.

A review by a customer:

Even though the food stock was starting to run low, we managed to fill up on lots of good stuff. We enjoyed ricotta tofu crepes, okra, salad, grilled and steamed veggies, brown rice, curried potatoes, buckwheat salad, and soup. They also had a long list of fresh vegetable juices and smoothies, ranging $3.00-5.00 Brazilian Reals ($1.65-$2.75 USD). As far as I could tell, all of the food was vegan. We didn't see any dishes with cheese or milk. We left feeling great despite the multiple servings we squeezed down. They have a dessert section too but I'm saving those details for an upcoming post about vegan treats in Brazil.

 (Source: Vegan Backpacker)

Location:  Rua Visconde de Ouro Preto 298, Centro, Florianopolis, SC 88020040

Phone:  048 3223 4507

Price:  $6- $15

Timings: Mon- Fri  11am-3:30pm

2. Hong Ju


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For a vegetarian chinese treat you can head straight to Hong Ju restaurant located at Pantanal. It is a small and inexpensive restaurant but do not go by the looks of it. The restaurant gets crowded within minutes of opening and remains busy till its closing time. finding table would be easy if you arrive early for lunch or dinner. it is a very popular restaurant and offers an all you can eat buffet at very reasonable price. The food is great and appetising.

Here is a review of the restaurant:

Small, nice, and very popular. Best to arrive early to get a seat.

 (Source: HappyCow)

Location: Rua Deputado Antônio Edu Vieira, 748, Pantanal, Florianopolis Brazil
Phone:   32099555

Timings:  Mon-Sat 11:30am-2:30pm, Sun- closed
Credit cards: All cards accepted

3. Shiva Vegê Cozinha Vegetariana

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One of the best restaurants in Florianopolis offering vegetarian food and buffet is Shiva Vege. The aroma of the food teases your hunger and the colorful spread of food invites you to a gastronomic treat. The choice of ingredients in the cuisine provides a complete and balanced meal. The ingredients used are organic and hence are healthy and nutritious. They even have outdoor seating for families and friends.

A review of the restaurant: 

I just love it. Great food, beautiful place and fresh juice. I'll probably go there again.

 (Source: TripAdvisor)

Location: Av Afonso Delambert Neto 885, Florianopolis Brazil

Phone: (48) 3232-3426

Timings: 19:30 - 22:00 hrs daily

4. Pizzaria Nave Mae

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The pizzaria is one of the best vegetarian restaurant which are very well known for their splendid pizzas in the city. Located at the southern shore of the Lagoa da Conceição, a car is essential to access this restaurant as there are already a number of restaurants around it. the restaurant is dimly lit with individual lamps on the tables creating an ambience of romance and intimacy. The pizzas are made with wholemeal dough and their names take you into the space as they are named after galaxies, stars and so on. Wooden brain teaser puzzles are available on request and acoustic live music is performed on some nights for entertainment.

A review of the restaurant by one of the visitors:

If you like nature, veggies, this is the place. Very nice!


 (Source: Pizzaria Nave Mae Restaurant Reviews, Florianopolis, SC - TripAdvisor)


Address: Rua Laurindo Januário da Silveira,1296, Lagoa da Conceição.

Phone:+ 48 3232 8623

Timings : Monday to Sunday( 19:00pm ~ 00:00am).

Credit Cards: Visa and master cards accepted

Parking available.


Closing Notes

The colorful and aromatic cuisine of Florianopolis  tickles our senses and tempts us to a gastronomic treat. With a plethora of restaurants to choose from a and a variety of cuisines to experiment, dining in Florianopolis is surely an experience to remember.

For any help regarding the best places to stay in or if you want us to help you in making an itinerary of the trip please get back to us and we would be glad to help you.

Hope you enjoy your dining experience.

Lalitha K

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