Things to do around Hollywood with kids

April 6, 2011

What are some of the most fun things to do with kids in and around Hollywood? I have daughters between 13 and 5 and am here for only a few days.

April 7, 2011

Salchira's answer about things to do in Hollywood


Hollywood the home of the stars has rightly been nicknamed as StarStruck Town and Tinseltown. It is therefore not surprising that the things to do and see in Hollywood revolve around its reputation as the centre of American cinema.

Hollywood (Source: Marcus Vegas) 

Things to See

All the interesting things to do and see for children in Hollywood are around the Highland Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard area. Here, I have listed some of the best things that you could do with your kids to have some fun time in the city.

1. Madame Tussauds (Recommended)

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussaud's Hollywood - Marilyn Monroe (Source: pop culture geek)

Even if you do not get a chance to see the stars, at least get acquainted with their wax figures at Madame Tussauds. The figures are so lifelike that your kids will have fun exploring the museum searching for their favourite stars. There are also scenes created so that you could take pictures in the scene with your favourite figure.

Here are the reviews of the visitors.

This place is a blast!! We had so much fun walking around and looking at all the wax figures.

I love going up to the second floor, getting out of the elevator, and its a straight up dance party with disco balls, loud music, and Britney Spears. What more can you ask for!?!?!

They have really fun themed rooms, like the disco room, super heroes, athletes, Hollywood, old Hollywood, etc. Each room brought difference surprises.

The scariest one is of Anthony Hopkins. I couldn't find the courage to stand in front of him and look at him.

This is a great place to be to kill about 1-2 hours. It's fun and it's pretty affordable!

 (Source: Madame Tussauds Hollywood -- Hollywood, CA) 

went with a coupon from a friend and had a ton of fun. not what i expected, i was expecting a bunch of wax people. the statues are amazingly done, my family and i had a great time taking tons of pictures. i liked the fact that there are scenes and you can take video/pics of you actually in the scene of the movie. definately doesn't deserve a museum title...too much laughing and fun! would take friends if i'm in town.

(Source: Madame Tussauds Hollywood - TripAdvisor) 

Buy tickets online to get better deals.

Madame Tussauds - 1

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Regular Hours: Monday to Thursday - 10am to 6pm, Friday - 10am to 8pm, Saturday - 10am to 10pm, Sunday - 10am to 8pm

Special Hours: April 19 - 10am to 7pm

Contact details: 6933 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA, 90028

Mann's Chinese Theatre

Mann's Chinese Theatre (Source: Prayitno) 

Travelling to Hollywood would be incomplete without visiting the famous handprints and footprints of the celebrities. Let your kids go wild comparing their hands or feet with that of their favourite celebrities outside Mann's Chinese Theatre.

The theatre is worth checking out from the inside as well, for its interesting Chinese and Asian decors. It is one of the oldest and the largest theatres in Hollywood. Here, latest Hollywood movies are screened daily. 

Check out the reviews.

Hanging around outside the theater is one of the best free experiences you can have in Hollywood. Get your photo taken with a Captain Jack Sparrow look-a-like for a few dollars! The impersonators generally don't pose for free. I got my photo taken with a Homer Simpson! If you can get through the crowd, take the time to put your hands or feet in a star's imprints. It may be corny, but that's why you came to Hollywood, right? We never ventured inside the theater because there was always so much going on outside! Hang out, have fun, and be nice. Offer to take photos for other tourists. They often will return the favor. ;)

(Source: Grauman's Chinese Theatre - Yahoo! Travel) 

This is a beatiful theater. We did the tour, which was a bit overpriced at $12.50 for a half hour but well worth it. We were the only ones, so it was like having our own tour. Don't forget to go downstairs and check out the women's restroom, with the original dressing area where all the old-timey starlets would do their makeup before the big premieres. I'm glad the theater has been so well-preserved.

(Source: Grauman's Chinese Theatre - Hollywood - Hollywood, CA) 

Contact details:

6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028 

Tel: 323 464 8111

3. El Capitan Theatre (Recommended)

El Capitan Theatre

Prince of Persia decor at the El Capitan (Source: Loren Javier)

Do take time to watch a Disney movie at El Capitan Theatre. Your youngest one will love it here. Not only will you get to watch the movie, but get see the pre-movie stage shows as well. The theatre itself is spectacular with its amazing decor and architecture.

After the movie stop by at Disney Soda Fountain for old fashioned sodas, shakes, ice-creams and sundaes.

Visitors' reviews of the theatre.

I just came back from a cast and crew screening of Mars Needs Moms. It. Was. Amazing.

The atmosphere alone was eye-gorgeous, especially the opening of the curtains with all the lights and images. Truly magical. Disney magical.

The whole theatre has that opera house type feel, and just standing outside gives you goosebumps looking at all the beautiful architecture.

Good for kids, great for a good time with friends, not so great for pessimists though - sorry.

(Source: El Capitan Theatre - Hollywood - Los Angeles, CA) 

This is my families favorite place to see a movie. They love the fanciness of the theater and sometimes have enjoyed the experience of being there rather than the movie itself. Occasionally El Capitan will host a special Disney screening in 3D, which is very cool for the kids indeed. If money is no object there are rental capabilities and you can have yuor birthday party here!! Parking is hard, but is worth it. And when your done in the theater there is plenty to do elsewhere in the surrounding Hollywood area.

 (Source: El Capitan theater - Los Angeles) 

Hours: Daily 11am-11pm

Contact details: 

6838 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028-6102

Tel: 818-845-3110

Griffith Park Observatory


The best way to get a great view of Hollywood and its surrounding area is to visit Griffith Park Observatory. This is also the place to get the best view of the Hollywood sign. The observatory has a museum that displays a wide range of science and space related exhibits. It also has a planetarium.

Some reviews given by travellers.

The Griffith Observatory (pic 3) is amazing, it's a small museum, a planetarium and a theatre at the same time. It is open Tuesday-friday (12.00-22.00) and weekends (10.00-22.00). There's no entrance fee except some specific shows from time to time.

We went up to the Griffith Park on our last day in LA, it was just before sunset so we saw the city lights and this was great as a memory to carry with us back home. The view from the Griffith park is really great day and night, you can see down to downtown but also far away to the beach! It is also a good spot for the Hollywood sign pictures of you, some people want to prove that been somewhere by showing in front of the landmarks, I prefered to spend the whole time just admiring the landscape, a sight to behold(pics 1-2). The park is nice for hiking too and we noticed a lot people jogging at the stip road.

 (Source: Griffith Park Observatory, Los Angeles - VirtualTourist)

Griffith Observatory and the surrounding Griffith Park is a must see if visiting Los Angeles. Griffith Park I believe is actually the largest recreational park in the Unites States. Has the observatory and the Los Angles Zoo within it's grounds. The Observatory has some of the best if not the best views of Los Angles and Hollywood area. You could also decide to do one of the shows in the observatory rather than just sight see from above. The shows if I remember are only around 8 to 10 US Dollars and run from 30 - 90 min or so in length. They are quite informative and are a real blast to watch. When done you can wander about the large park area where you'll see a number of locals running, playing games, picnicking, lounging about and such. It's a pretty cheap way to get a good feel of one of Los Angeles' premier places to visit.

 (Source: Griffith Park Observatory Los Angeles - Reviews - TravBuddy) 

 Hours:  12:00 noon - 10:00 p.m. (Wednesday-Friday),  10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. (Saturday-Sunday)

Contact details: 2800 East Observatory Road, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Tel: 213 473 0800

Mulholland Drive

view from mulholland (Source: donielle g) 

Drive through Mulholland Drive and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the area. This is the home of the stars where you may get a chance to get a glimpse of some of the celebrities. Nonetheless, it is still worth taking a drive and enjoying the spectacular view of Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley.

If you or your kids are starstruck but not traveling by a car, you could take the tour of the homes of the stars offered by many operators. 

Visitor's account of Mulholland Drive.

If you like drives through the hills or windy roads, or like scenic drives, this is a really good drive. Also, it's a nice alternative from going from the 405 to 101 without sitting in traffic. Along the drive, you can see different views of the Valley, Hollywood, and downtown LA. There are a couple of places where you can stop and enjoy the view, take photos, all that good stuff. However, the two best places along this drive are the view of Universal City, and the view from the Hollywood Bowl. The Hollywood Bowl stop is probably the most popular stuff, tourist groups come buy in groups and take photos. There are also telescopes that you can pay and use to get a bigger picture of Downtown LA. What's also nice about the Hollywood Bowl spot, you get a pretty clear view of the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory.

(Source: Mulholland Drive - Downtown - Los Angeles, CA) 

Hollywood Scene (Source: Prayitno) 

These are my recommendations for your visit to Hollywood with your kids. I hope, you will have a fabulous time visiting all these places!

If you would like any other information for your travel, do let us know. We could suggest various places for stay, eat, shopping and more. Just put up a question and we would be happy to assist you with it.



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