Things to do in Dunedin

March 3, 2011

What should I do when visiting Dunedin, New Zealand? Aside from seeing the penguins.

March 3, 2011

Salchira's answer about things to do in Dunedin


Dunedin, located in the Otago region, is the oldest city in New Zealand. It is also known as the Edinburgh of the south because of the early Scottish settlers in the city. It may not be a big city but it does have a fair amount of places that you can visit.

Dunedin (Source: John Benwell) 

Things to See

There are a variety of things that you could do at Dunedin. You can go for a sight seeing tour of the the city's museums, landmarks, galleries or do something more adventurous like hiking, fishing, hunting, snorkeling and the list goes on.

I have listed here some of the most important attractions, and have given the dear dolphins a wide breath.

Royal Albatross Centre

Albatross and harbour background (Source: Dunedin NZ) 

Dolphins may not be in your list, but how about the giant birds albatross? The one of a kind opportunity you will get to do in the city is to see albatross up close. The only place in the world where the colony of these birds are close to mankind. The best time is to go is during January and February.

It has been highly reviewed by the travelers. Do check one of the reviews below.

Had a fantastic couple of hours watching these incredibly HUGE birds soaring overhead!! The only place IN THE WORLD you can do this. We took the $30 half hour Express tour - well worth it and real value for money. Get there in the late afternoon when the wind is up otherwise you'll see them on the ground but not necessarily flying.

Review of Royal Albatross Centre(Source: TripAdvisor) 

Cost: Ranges from $8 to $33


Taiaroa Head, RD2
Phone: 03/478-0499

2. Olveston  (Recommended)


Olveston house, Dunedin (Source: Olveston house, Dunedin) 

It is one of the oldest grand homes in New Zealand. This interesting architectural attraction is built in the Jacobean style. It was constructed for the wealthy Theomin family.

Besides checking it out for the architecture, it has some interesting collection of arts and paintings which are worth visiting for.

Reviews given by visitors.

We have visited many, many National Trust properties in the UK and this is a real gem not to be missed when visiting Dunedin. All the items in Ulverston belonged to the family who built it and then bequeathed it to the city (who tried to knock it down!), and therefore it is a real insight into the family history. Set in charming gardens, it is also a warning against employing an architect from the northern hemisphere in the southern!

Review of Olveston (Source: TripAdvisor) 

We thought Olveston House was an exceptionally interesting house to visit. There are so many treasures there and so much history, it is hard to take it all in.

Olveston (Source: TravelPod) 

Contact details:

42 Royal Terrace, Dunedin, New Zealand
Tel: 64 3 4773320
Fax: 64 3 4792094

3. Otago Museum (Recommended)

Otago Museum

Survival Factor (Source: Samuel Mann) 

The fourth largest museum in New Zealand, it has some of the best Pacific and Maori collections. There are natural history exhibits as well.

Couple of reviews by travelers.

In a city that doesn't have too many attractions in the centre, this museum is a stand-out. It's easy walking from most central locations.

The exhibits and collections are exceptionally well presented and there's something for everybody.

Otago Museum (Source: TripAdvisor) 

Their new gallery; Southern Land, Southern People, gives a wonderful insight to this land of natural beauty and its people. Worth checking out.

Otago Museum  (Source:Reviews - thebackpacker.net) 

Contact details:

419 Great King Street

P.O. Box 6202 Dunedin
New Zealand
Tel: +64 0 3 474 7474
Fax: +64 0 3 477 5993 

email: mail@otagomuseum.govt.nz


4. Wine and Food Tour (Recommended)

Wine and Food Tour

Gibbston Valley Cheesery (Source: Robert Young) 

New Zealand has some of the most distinctive and great quality wines. Otago is one of the wine regions of the country with some of the most beautiful vineyards. If you love wine or just want to visit the beautiful region, a wine tour will be a nice way to spend the day. For a tour of the vineyards you can contact Wine tour Otago. But if you looking for something within the city, how about a walking food tour around the city with Zest Food Tours to sample the regions gourmet.

Contact details:

Wine Tours Otago

PO Box 7122, Mornington, Dunedin 9040 | Tel: 021-0701658

Zest Food Tours

Tel: 0800/937-886 E-mail: enquiries@winetoursotago.co.nz

5. Hare Hill Horse Treks

Hare Hill Horse Treks

DSC08811 (Source: Bryce Edwards) 

You could spend time riding on a horse at a farm overlooking the sea. They have riding trek for beginners to more advance group. Besides the pleasure of riding, you get to see the beautiful sealine of the region.

There are plenty of treks to choose from - from a two hour scenic harbour trek, exploring rolling farmland, plantation and bush to a three hour ride on the beautiful beaches of Aramoana where you can look out for seals, sea lions and penguins. There's also a half-day Hare Hill Trail along the harbour's edge following an historic route, with a chance to see panoramic views of the Otago Harbour and eastern Otago coastline.

(Source: Hare Hill Horse Treks Dunedin review) 

This is what the traveler had to say.

This was probably one of the best things we did during our vacation. You cant get a better view anywhere then the one you get sitting upon one of Hare Hills beautiful horses at the top of the hill. The horses were great for begginers and the owners were very nice. The afternoon was amazing!! And they even packed you a little snack to enjoy part way through the trek. It really was excellent!!

Review of Hare Hill Horse Treks, Dunedin (Source: TripAdvisor) 

Contact details:

207 Aramoana Rd
Deborah Bay Dunedin 9082

Tel: 64 3 4728496
Fax: 64 3 4728493 

email: mail@horseriding-dunedin.co.nz

These are my recommendations for your trip. I hope you will have a wonderful time visiting those places!

If you are looking for more adventurous travel, we could help you plan that as well. We would be happy to give you suggestions on some nice restaurants and hotels in Dunedin too. Just let us know.



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