Things to do in Las Vegas for a bachelorette party

April 4, 2011

What are some must-do activities for first timers in las vegas for a bachelorette party?

April 5, 2011

Anne's answer about things to do in Las Vegas


A gang of girls in Sin City - sounds like the perfect recipe for some amazing fun!

Welcome (Source: Kev)

Las Vegas is the perfect spot for a memorable bachelorette party and offers several interesting choices to freak out and enjoy! After all, as the saying goes "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" wink

Lets get started on a few suggestions to make this party a special one!

Things to Do

Vegas is a virtual mecca for pleasure seekers. Everything is planned and everyone is trained with the sole purpose of tantalizing and teasing you! Here are some interesting things for you and your group to do in Vegas.

1. Spas (Recommended)

Before you hit the party floor, why not get that journey fatigue out of you? What better way to do that than an exotic spa?


Thai Massage at Spa (Source: Thomas Wanhoff)

There is a plethora of wonderful spas around Vegas offering a variety of treatments to suit every budget. You definitely need to be relaxed for all the fun in store for you. So give yourself a treat and prepare to get pampered! Here is what Tripadvisor has to say

Any traveler to Las Vegas should enjoy any of the beautiful spas around town. Most casinos have them and if you purchase any of their treatments you usually can use the facilities for the entire day.Depending on where you go will determine the amenities, but you will not be disappointed.
Most Spas offer everything you need to be there. For example, slippers, robes and towels are provided. Usually, there are beverages and snacks for your choosing. For additional charge, some spas offer spa menus and cocktail service. Generally, toiletries are provided as are ample towels. Lockers and changing areas are provided as well as towels and bottled water.
Plan to spend several hours at the Spa. Arrive early, get your treatments, and then enjoy the amenities!

TripAdvisor (Source: Relax in a Vegas Spa)

Some of the well known spas are the Bellagio,Spa Mandalay and the Qua spa at Caesers Palace. A traveler shares her experience

This is my second trip to Spa Mandalay and it did not disappoint. I did a 50 minute swedish massage and a hydra facial. The facilities are beautiful and inviting and the staff is very helpful. The entire place exudes relaxation from the hot/warm/cool/cold pools to the steam room to the comfy chairs in the waiting area. It is a place you don't want to leave! Wow!

TripAdvisor (Source:Reviews of Spa Mandalay)

I found a list of the best spas in Vegas here. You could also see this and this for more details.

2. Pole Dancing (Recommended)

Pole Dancing

Las Vegas 09/09 (Source: Vicki) 

The Las Vegas experience is all about losing your inner inhibitions! Why not pick up a trick or two in the process? Several groups conduct pole dancing classes for ladies. Not all of us are as flexible as those exotic professional pole dancers, but this is a great way to loosen those limbs and to banish those extra calories! Not to mention, the party and rush! Here is an excerpt

This is not just dancing and its not just working out but a combination of the two to give you a good workout while injecting a little "sexy" into your day

Pole Dancing Las Vegas (Source: Pole Fitness Las Vegas) 

A traveler comments

We stopped in for a pole class while me and the girls were in Vegas for a ladies excursion. We had a blast. Pole dancing is more fun than you wuld think. You should see our pics woohoo! Was a great part of our Vegas adventure!

TripAdvisor (Source: Pole Dancing in Las Vegas) 

Some popular pole dancing studios are Pole Fitness Studio and Pole Worx.

Another person shares

I had my best friends bachelorette party at Pole Worx, what a blast. We had so much fun. I couldn't stop laughing and taking pictures. Wow what good pictures! :) If you are ever in Vegas ladies I highly recommend going to Pole Worx you won't regret it

TripAdvisor (Source: Review of Pole Worx, Las Vegas, NV)

For schedules, reservations and more information, check  here.

3. Shop (Recommended)


(Source: Baggu) 

Women and shopping - can we ever be separated! Whether you are looking for designer stuff, souvenirs, bargain hunting or simply window shopping; Vegas has it all! 

Shopping is allowed and since there should be no guys allowed you can try on twelve dresses and not a single person will tell you that you look fat. That is what a Bachelorette party should be like.

Planning a Bachelorette Party - Las Vegas (Source: Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas) 

As in every major US city, there are many outlet malls such as Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Outlet Center etc. Apart from these most of the hotels also have their own shopping centers such as the Forum at Caesars Palace or the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood.

Here is what a traveler says about the Forum shops

By far a better shopping experience than the likes of the Fashion Show Mall. Nicer shops & beautiful elegant surroundings.
Beautiful clean, marble decor in a decadent shopping environment. It is calm & quiet, there is no hassle to walking around this place, and the shops are great to look around even if you are not buying anything.

TripAdvisor (Source: Reviews of Forum Shops at Caesars Palace)

For a charming Venetian experience, try visiting the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian. Arched walkways, quaint bridges and winding canals all vie for your attention! Here is what Fodor's has to say

This is one of the most unforgettable shopping experiences on the Strip. Duck into shops like Dooney & Bourke, Burberry, Lior, or Paige Premium Denim as you amble under blue skies alongside a Vegas-ified Grand Canal. Eventually, all the quaint bridges and walkways lead you to St. Mark's Square, which is full of little gift-shop carts and street performers. If you're loaded down with bags, hail a gondola!
Two must-see stores are Il Prato, which sells unique Venetian collectibles, including masks, stationery sets, and pen-and-inkwell sets, and Ripa de Monti, which carries luminescent Venetian glass. The mall is open late (until 11 Sunday through Thursday, until midnight Friday and Saturday)

Fodor's Travel Guides (Source: Grand Canal Shoppes | Las Vegas Shopping)

4. Lounge (Recommended)


Water Fun (1) (Source: Sam Lavi)

Not having the ocean nearby is no reason why you shouldn't whip out your swimsuits and get a healthy tan! Most hotels in Vegas are styled around their pools and promise to offer a unique experience. After a busy day spent shopping and dancing, what could be better than lounging around in a trendy pool and people-watch with your girls! Here is some information I found about the pool scene

the 11 acre "Beach" at Mandalay Bay comes to mind. In such a place, you will find fountains, water falls, river rafting, swim up blackjack, private (big bucks) cabana for rent, even a wave pool. But that comes with a price, the higher price of the room. On certain evenings, Mandalay Bay presents a Concert at the Beach on the stage area next to the wave pool. The area can also be transformed into a private catered beach party .The large number of guests at the hotel means large crowds at the pool maybe even a line to get in, then fierce competition for deck chairs and high priced drink service not to mention the noise of the multitudes.

At the MGM Grand, you have your choice of at least four pools, including an adults only pool, a pool that attracts more swimmers, and a "river" with a pleasant current that floats you past waterfalls, under palms, and in and out of the sun. The River opens at 10am and closes sometimes as early as 5pm. The other pools open earlier and stay open later, but all the pools at the MGM are shut down by 8pm.The pools are always very crowded, which is a turn-off at first, until you've adjusted to the fact that Las Vegas is very crowded period. After a day or two, it doesn't seem to matter nearly as much.

For a change of pace, there are the pools (6 of them) at the Bellagio Resort & Casino. This is a pool with class! The theme here is rest and relaxation. There are an abundance of loungers and a good balance of shade and sun. The Bellagio does not have an area for European sunbathing and the pools are shallow - no diving here (good news for families but unfortunate for others). The landscaping looks more like a castle garden than "wet n wild". There are beautiful flowers, arbours, and tall trees to help create a very relaxing atmosphere.

Other tropical destinations in this desert meca can be found at the Flamingo, Mirage, and Tropicana resorts. These are older resorts but they pull out all the stops when it comes to the pool areas. Both have large, multi-acre, "lagoon-style" pool areas complete with towering palm trees, groto waterfalls and plenty of areas for lounging.

TripAdvisor (Source: Las Vegas: Selecting a Hotel Pool) 

If you are feeling particularly reckless and adventurous, Vegas also offers a few topless pools and naughty adults only pools too! Some of the hottest ones are the Liquid Pool Lounge at the Aria and Wet Republic. Here is a review of Wet Republic

For my 1st pool party in Vegas it was a lot of fun. Went with two of my girlfriends and we danced and played in the pool until it was basically over and the people started clearing out. If you're a girl and you go here with your girlfriends, you shouldn't have a problem with your drinks. I paid for one drink and the rest were paid by guys I met there. Also, we stayed at the MGM and got the "free tickets" but you still have to wait in line because so many people have those tickets anyway. (Befriend other girls in line and you will get in faster as a big group of girls.) You still need to present the ticket in order to get in free.

 TripAdvisor (Source: Reviews of Wet Republic)

Here is a handy list of the best pools in Vegas.


Disco Ball (Source: Judit Klein)

After all the prepping and relaxing, it is finally time to go wild!

Day or night, the party never ends in Vegas! In fact, if you are inside any of the casinos, you probably won't even notice whether it is day or night. But of course, everyone knows that Vegas has a rocking nightlife and it is transformed into a dazzling and psychedelic fantasy-land once the sun sets. Let me suggest a few cool places for your group to hang out!

1. Tao Nightclub & Restaurant (Recommended)

Tao Nightclub & Restaurant

Tao Nightclub (Source: Boon Lee Fam) 

Address: The Venetian,3355 Las Vegas Blvd S,Las Vegas, NV 89109
Contact: (702) 388-8588

For making reservations or for booking your bachelorette party, please go here.

Located at the Strip, the Tao nightclub promises to give you a "spiritual clubbing" experience! Both the club and the food has an Oriental feel and flavor to it. Here is what New York Times says about it

one of the hottest of the Vegas hotspots. Done as a Buddhist temple run amok, this multilevel club is drawing the party faithful and the celebrity entourages in droves, so expect long lines and high cover charges.

 (Source: Tao Nightclub - NY Times) 

A fellow reveler says

We always enjoy the Tao experience.
The atmosphere is loud making it difficult to carry on conversation. Also, tables are very close together causing you to feel as if you're dining with the couple next to you. But, it's a really fun, trendy environment - great for parties and fun group outings.
The food is excellent. The service is very good. The staff is attentive and as quick as they can be for such a busy restaurant.
The only complaint I have is the time it takes to be seated. Even with reservations, I've always had to wait for at least a short period. They do have a great bar, however, so you can get a drink, wait there, and take in the scenery.

Tao Restaurant and Night Club (Source: Trip Advisor)

2. Tryst Nightclub (Recommended)

Tryst Nightclub

Wynn Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas (Source: Mark Richardson)

Address:3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South,Las Vegas, NV 89109-1967, United States
Contact: (702) 770-3375

For reservations, go here.

Dance the night away at another popular nightclub, the Tryst at the Wynn Hotel & Casino. A traveler shares her experience

This is the best Night Club in Las Vegas that I have ever been to. 200 foot waterfall right outside in the secluded huge outdoor area which is great any time of the year. Fantastic DJ'S, excellent service, beautiful people that dress to impress, dancers on stage. Arrive before 10pm other wise the line can be very long and up to an hour to two hour wait.

Fodor's Travel Guides (Source: Tryst Review | Las Vegas)

Fodor's adds

Tryst is pretty darn awesome. Nothing matches the beauty of the interior design, the quality of the music (sometime they even play rock!), the friendliness of the staff (a sharply dressed and sexy staff they are).What other club has its own waterfall to gape at. And dig that eerie red lighting, the gorgeous stairway at the entrance, the ample outdoor space, and the cleverly curtained VIP section. If you're in for the weekend, make sure you stick around for the Sunday-night extravaganza.

Fodor's Travel Guides (Source: Tryst Review | Las Vegas)

3. XS Nightclub (Recommended)

XS Nightclub

Encore Las Vegas (Source: Ken Lund) 

Address:3131 Las Vegas Blvd S,Las Vegas, NV 89109-1967, United States
Contact: (702) 770-0097

For reservations, check here.

The XS nightclub is at the Encore. This is a beautiful place for beautiful people to have a beautiful time! Check out what Frommer's has to say

Done in an eye-catching gold, pink, and purple color scheme, the semi-circular rings of booths and tables cascade down to a center dance floor that opens up onto a giant outdoor patio complete with its own pool, fireplaces, and lounge spaces.XS offers the same kind of high-energy vibe with a bit more sophistication and lighting -- you can actually see who you're bumping into as you try to navigate the crowds. Open Friday through Monday 10pm to 4am.

 Frommer's (Source: XS in Las Vegas)

A visitor shares her experience

XS is all about excess... In a good way, of course!
The club is SO HOT it's burning with beautiful people, gorgeous decor, great drinks, and an all around great vibe. The staff are surprisingly friendly and will help you choose just the right drink or offer some mouthwash in the restroom when it's sorely needed. Oh, and check out that inviting dance floor!
All in all, XS is truly the place for a night of excess fun and excitement

Urbanspoon (Source: XS Nightclub - The Strip - Las Vegas) 


Apart from all the regular nightclubs, discos and bars present in almost every hotel in Vegas, there are many fun shows that happen to suit every palate. There are family oriented shows, shows for men- and of course, shows tailored specially for women!

Since your trip is in September, it is a good idea to check this out before you leave for your trip. It would give you updated information on the various events to be held.

1. Chippendales Show (Recommended)

Chippendales Show

Chippendales post show (Source: jill)

Address: Rio Hotel & Casino, 3700 West Flamingo Rd,Las Vegas, NV 89103-4043, United States
Contact: (702) 777-7776

For tickets and reservations, please go here.

Chippendales promises a drool-worthy "ultimate girls night out!" The hunks in this show are said to cater to every whim and fantasy of women. What's more, Chippendales ticket holders also have access to the Flirt Lounge, which is designed by women, for women. You will have attentive, chivalrous and handsome wait-staff at your beck and call!

Here is what a traveler says

Scream and laugh along with 100 other ladies at this very interactive, risque show. The guys are all great and very obviously love doing... what they do. The more you give them, the more they'll give you. Don't be shy. This is not the place for that. If you blush easily, don't worry, I'm right there with you but it is totally worth it.

TripAdvisor (Source:Reviews of Chippendales Las Vegas) 

Another source says

There are 10 men that make up the Chippendales cast. Each of them is good looking and varied enough in appearance to suit all tastes. "Tall, blonde, dark and lean rough and tough and strong and mean," this show has it all. The uninterrupted flow of gorgeous performers entering and leaving the stage becomes a live version of the Weather Girls' hit "It's Raining Men."

VEGAS.com (Source: Chippendales The Show) 

Please see here for more details.

2. Thunder from Down Under Show (Recommended)

Thunder from Down Under Show

large men (Source: marcore!) 

Address: Excalibur Hotel & Casino,3850 Las Vegas Blvd S,Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States
Contact: (877) 750-5464

They offer several packages for bachelorette parties. Please go here to make a booking.

If it's "raining men" in the Chippendales show, it's thundering over at the Excalibur hotel in the Thunder from Down Under show! Feast your eyes on some gorgeous eye-candy from Australia! Hot is the only way to describe it! Here is what a pleased party-goer says

This is a first rate entertainment experience for the women out there. I wouldn't go with mom or grandma or my kids or my husband. This is designed for the girls who are in Vegas and want to whoop it up!
There are lots of little perks like getting to have your pic with the "blokes" after the show. They are really very friendly and it's obvious they love what they do.
It's tasteful in a bawdy sort of way. No full frontal nudity to **worry** about.
These guys are really in shape and it was delightful to see them

TripAdvisor (Source:Reviews of Australia's Thunder from Down Under) 

If you need anymore convincing

the Aussie imports make good on their promises, giving the females a feast of flesh and fantasy the Greek Gods would be proud of.
the night proves full of surprises, where audience members become the object of the dancers' affections and others become participant.
The performers start slowly, teasing the women to "Proud Mary," and end the first number with only a glimpse of their chest. But the tease has only just begun, and before the night is through, the audience is guaranteed to discover just what the Aussies have down under.

VEGAS.com (Source: Thunder from Down Under ) 

Please see here for more details.

In case you find it too hectic to look into every detail of your bachelorette party, there are several companies offering packages according to your specifications. If you are interested in those, then please check this out. Alternatively you can also have a look at this or this.

Las Vegas' Strip at night (Source: Gregory Moine) 

So there you go!

Armed with this great list of suggestions, am sure your bachelorette party will be vivid and lively!

Remember, if you need any further information regarding accommodation, itineraries or some awesome restaurants, do get back to us. We will surely help you out!

Until then, bye and take care!

- Anne

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