Vegetarian restaurants in Siem Reap

September 3, 2012

Going for a 12 day trip in Jan to Siem Reap. I need help with food - Veg.
I am traveling alone - Archeological.

September 3, 2012


Hey ! Siem Reap is popularly known for being the base for the Angkor Archaeological Park. And over the years it has developed as a major tourist hub. A promising place to experience the Cambodian way of life. I'm sure you're in for a fabulous time ahead.

As requested here are some vegetarian restaurants in town.


Siem Reap (Source: ND Strupler)

1. Chamkar

Chamkar is one of the most popular eateries in town. This cozy little veggie restaurant serves Cambodian Khmer cuisine. The menu consists of coconut and mushroom dip with Khmer baguette, sweet potato and tomato soup with coconut milk and Khmer cardamom, stir fried eggplant with loofah and holy basil and fresh fruit drinks. You can also sip on some organic wine, and a green tea latte. 

Recommended : Pumpkin curry.

Pumpkin Curry (Source: fabulousfabs)

Here's a review :

We were truly surprised by the originality and flavor of this place. The service was amazing, and the restaurant is located in a small but cozy little restaurant strip in Cambodia. The tamales were the most memorable dish among many good dishes. Definitely reocmended for vegetarian people and also for non vegetarians into a nice and different cuisine experience.

 (Source: TripAdvisor)

Location: The Passage, Old Market, Siem Reap

Contact: (+855)092733150

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-11pm. Sun 5pm-11pm

Price Range: Moderate.

2. Peace Cafe

Peace Cafe is another very popular vegetarian joint. Just like the name it is a tranquil cafe with a beautiful garden area with comfortable seating. The cafe serves a variety of vegetarian and vegan options like Asian curries, salads, soups, fruit juices, smoothies etc. 

Apart from the cafe there are a number of facilities like a meditation hut for yoga enthusiasts, bakery, fair trade shop and Eco training center. 

Peace Cafè, Siem Reap (Source: James Dennes)

Here's a review :

Had lunch here on recommendations. Delicious fresh salad and my husband had a vegie burger which he enjoyed. Friendly staff, relaxing environment and fantastic cold mixed juices...best I have had so far. Have a look at their little shop as well...great selection on offer. We were also given cold face washers too which was a lovely touch for a small cafe!

 (Source: TripAdvisor)

Add : Street 26, off River Road | 4 min from Old Market, Siem Reap

Call : 85592177123

Hours: Open Mon-Sun.

Price Range: Moderate.

3. Mother Earth

Mother Earth is a vegetarian restaurant serving Kosher, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern delicacies. The menu consists of Israeli falafel, hummus, babaganoush, khmer, salads and juices etc. 

Vegan Falafel Plate  (Source: SweetOnVeg)

Here's a review :

After weeks of rice with everything, a Middle Eastern meal can be a treat. If it wasn't for the three or four dishes containing egg, this place would be vegan. It's on ever-busy Sivutha Road, heading away from the Old Market/Pub St area and past the Central Market. About six shops before the Somadevi Angkor Hotel is Curry Walla; about six shops after the hotel is Mother Earth. It offers falafel sandwiches, a falafel plate, falafel salad, babaganoush, hummus, and a good variety of salads, including Israeli and eggplant. A filling meal is the combo plate featuring falafel, Israeli salad, hummus, cucumber pickle and a whole pita bread for $5. Most falafel dishes are $3 and up, salads $2.50 to $3.50 and Khmer (Cambodian) dishes $3. Fruit and veg juices are $2.50 to $3.

 (Source: HappyCow)

Add : A07 Sivatha Road, Siem Reap 166029

Call : 855 63-966-236

Hours: Open Sun-Fri 9am-9pm, closed Sat.

Price Range: Moderate.

4. Vitking House

Vitking House is a vegetarian restaurant run by a young Khmer couple. This beautiful garden eatery is filled with bungalows where guests can enjoy the lush green surroundings while seated on cushions on the floor. The menu consists of a basic vegetarian fare with salads, meals and juices. It is a popular joint frequented by college students. The food is delicious as well as light on the wallet. 

Recommended : Chinese noodles on hot plate, Vitking sandwich

noodles (Source: stu_spivack)

Here's a review :

During my short stay in Siem Reap from Jan 5 to 10, 2012, I tried all the vegetarian restaurants (According to Happy Cow, only three full vegetarian restaurants)in Siem Reap and found out that Vitking House serves the most delicious and cheapest vegetarian foods. My family and I ordered four dishes of food plus rice and they only cost us less than USD7.5 The environment there is quiet, easy to find, just slidely opposite Angkor High School and just bedise a university.

 (Source: HappyCow)

Add : Street 7 Makara, Wat Bo Village (at opposite of Angkor High School, Sala Komreuk Commune, Siem Reap District), Siem Reap 

Call : 012563673, 016776771

Price Range: Inexpensive.

Closing Notes

I hope you find these suggestions useful. Although your on an archaeological trip, if you have time to spare we can help you with things to see and nightlife in the town. We can also assist you with accommodation options if you like. Just let us know. 



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